Member Code of Conduct

Here we play by BBGR or “Big Boys and Girls Rules.”

You won’t find any long, detailed user agreements or posting guidelines to be referred to chapter and verse.

If you are capable of logging on to this site and posting coherently, you should understand that you must avoid doing anything illegal, actionable (“tort”) or immoral. Further, this is a Catholic site frequented by Catholic faithful and clergy. Avoid posting anything that could be perceived as un-Catholic, anti-Catholic, non-Catholic etc.

If you’re new, it is wise to take some quiet time to get to know the environment, the people and particular “culture” before posting.

If you’ve been given author privileges, please respect the source, do not violate copyright and read our posting guidelines.

Conduct yourself as you do in real life – as a well-mannered adult would while visiting a home or church or while out to dinner with acquaintances – and you will get along just fine.

Blessings – Managenent