Documentation of the Affair Between Malachi Martin and the Wife of Robert Kaiser

by John Grasmeier
July, 2012

Not unlike cult victims, Malachi Martin’s supporters often resort to maligning anyone who “outs” him as anything less than the heroic  figurehead they’ve imagined him to be. As an author who has attempted to set the record straight on Martin, I can attest to this “kill the messenger” dynamic first hand. Another who can attest to it is former Time Magazine correspondent Robert Kaiser.

One can say many things about Robert depending on one’s perspective. Perhaps from the perspective of a traditional or conservative Catholic, one might consider him a hardened liberal who holds some extremely odd – perhaps even heretical – ideas about Catholicism.

One thing however, that is not on any record that this author knows of,  is evidence of Robert being a liar. Be assured that his detractors (i.e. Martin cultists) have looked high and low. Nothing yet. Sure, they’ll accuse him of fabricating an entire book out of whole cloth, a near impossible task. However, in all 304 pages, they’ve yet to document a single untruth. The world awaits.

Hence, notwithstanding any forthcoming evidence to the contrary, in writing his book, “Clerical Error,” it must be assumed that Robert is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The purpose of releasing these documents is not to titialate; you’ll find none of that. Though the docs will further debunk the Malachi Martin myth, that is not even the main purpose of releasing them.

The main purpose of releasing these to the world is to set the record straight and clear a man’s good name.

Letter to Robert Kaiser from Father John Courtney Murray S.J. (July 10, 1964) – It is important for the reader to have some background regarding this letter.

Some time before the breakup of his marriage, Bob Kaiser began to become suspicious of an affair between Martin and Kaiser’s wife Sue. To make a long story short, Martin exploited Kaiser’s suspicions, denying the relationship and accusing him of being a paranoid in need of pyschiatric help. Because of the status Martin enjoyed among his fellow liberal preists, he was able to convince them in joining him in an effort to have Kaiser seek professional help. Whether or not Kaiser actually was dealing with true pyscological issues  – beyond those that naturally go with a man’s family being decimated – can be debated. What can’t be debated is that Fr. Murray, who had previously doubted the affair, had become completely convinced that the affair did actually happen.

The letter touches on a few items relevant to the Malachi Martin saga. One being that although Father John Murray stands fast in his (non-qualified) assessment of Kaiser’s pyscological state, he apologizes to Kaiser and admits that it has been made clear to him that Martin and Mrs. Kaiser were indeed having an affair. He talks about the now infamous love letters from Martin to Kaiser’s wife, “Martin’s apostasy from the Society” and the fact that he doesn’t know where Martin and Kaiser’s wife are.

Letter from Father William Van Etten Casey (November 1, 1965) – This letter, written on College of the Holy Cross Stationary and signed by Fr. Casey was written to Archbishop H. E. Cardinale, the Vatican Apostolic Delegate to the United Kingdom. It’s purpose was to advocate for an annulment of the Kaiser’s marriage.

This one, needs no explanation or background whatsoever. All six pages speak for themselves.

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