Malachi Martin Files

How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking – This entire article by Joe Roddy (LOOK Magazine, January 1966) is relevant, but the sections highlighted specifically refer to Malachi Martin and his role during the Second Vatican Council. The piece touches on Martin’s work for the American Jewish Committee and his threatening of Council Fathers in order to get them to go along with the liberal’s version of Nostre Aetate – the revolutionary VII document dealing with how Catholics are to relate to Jews in the modern world.

This article is also one of the earliest published references to Martin’s adulterous affair with the wife of Time Magazine correspondent Robert Kaiser.

Martin interviewed in the Cincinnati Enquirer – In this article from 1973, Martin relates to reporter Ben Kaufman how he blackmailed reluctant fathers of the council into going along with liberal and Jewish vectors on Nostre Aetate.  This is the second written account of such, the first being Joe Roddy’s article – How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking – eight years earlier. What makes this account important is that it comes straight from Malachi Martin himself years after the fact.

Malachi Martin’s Double Agent Status Documented – Regarding Martin’s activities during the Second Vatican Council, this is the proverbial smoking gun – hard documents obtained from the New York Public library. Indisputable proof of the various pseudonyms Martin used. Documentation of the Swiss bank account opened on Martin’s behalf by the American Jewish Committee. Memos showing Martin getting referred by his publisher to the American Jewish Committee and various left wing and Jewish media organizations. More evidence, if any is needed, that Joe Roddy’s article was spot on.

Malachi Martin’s Adulterous Affair Documented – Unless you’re willing to completely suspend logic and believe that these well-known preists were fabricating complicated stories out of whole cloth, during his time at the Vatican, Malachi Martin had an affair with the wife of Time correspondent Robert Kaiser that tore apart the young Catholic family.

Malachi Martin was not an Exorcist – After writing his book on exorcisms, Martin suddenly began claiming that he was an actual exorcist. However, an overwhelming amount of evidence shows that he could not have possibly performed even one single legitimate exoricism in the Diocese of New York or anywhere else.

Malachi Martin’s Actions Against the Church During the 1960s – In timeline format, this article is a summation of many of Martin’s underhanded activities during and after his work on the Second Vatican Council. Covered are Martin’s many pseudonyms, the paid work he performed for the American Jewish Committee and the prayer he fabricated and attributed to John XXIII.


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