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Prayers for individuals, loved ones and serious pressing issues.

Feast of the Annunciation Novena. Mar 16-24

I greet thee, ever-blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Throne of Grace, miracle of Almighty Power!
I greet thee, sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity and Queen of the Universe, Mother of Mercy and Refuge of sinners.

Most loving Mother, attracted by thy beauty and sweetness, and by thy tender compassion, I confidently turn to thee,
miserable as I am, and beg of thee to obtain from thy Dear Son the favor I request in this novena:

Mention you request here

Obtain for me also, O Queen of Heaven, the most lively contrition for my many sins and the grace to imitate closely those virtues which thou practiced so faithfully, especially humility, purity and obedience. Above all, I beg thee to be my Mother and Protectress, to receive me into the number of thy devoted children, and to guide me from thy high throne of glory.

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Champion of Life Msgr. Vincent Foy Passes Away, RIP

by Church Militant • March 13, 2017

Monsignor Vincent Foy, longtime champion of Humanae Vitae and defender of the unborn, passed away Monday night from natural causes. He was 101 years old.

The Canadian priest was a lone voice in the wilderness in the 1960s and beyond when dissident theologians were pushing for the Church to relax its strictures on birth control.

Foy led the orthodox charge at the meetings leading up to the infamous Winnipeg Statement, the Canadian bishops’ official declaration of dissent against Humanae Vitae. In spite of his best efforts, he was thwarted by the machinations of his own bishop, Phillip Pocock of Winnipeg, who quashed opposition and helped ram through their document sanctioning dissent on Church teaching on contraception.

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Dr. Joseph Nicolosi: “Homosexual behavior is always prompted by an inner sense of emptiness”

by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D. • ChurchMilitant • March 10, 2017

ENCINO, Calif. – Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a pioneer in gay reparative therapy, has passed away, succumbing to complications from the flu. He was age 70.

Nicolosi practiced as a licensed psychologist in California, and was a founding member and president of the North American Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), whose goal is to help same-sex attracted clients overcome unwanted homosexual desires.

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Lenten devotion 30 day Pieta.

It has long been a custom in the Church to say this prayer of petition on 30 consecutive days. It is also recommended as a Lenten devotion as well as for all Fridays of the year.

Ever glorious and blessed Mary, Queen of Virgins, Mother of Mercy, through that sword of sorrow which pierced thy tender heart whilst thy only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, suffered death and ignominy on the Cross; through that filial tenderness and pure love He hast for thee, while from His Cross He recommended thee to the care and protection of His beloved disciple, Saint John, take pity, I beseech thee, on my poverty and need; have compassion on my anxieties and cares; assist and comfort me in all my infirmities and miseries. Thou art the Mother of Mercies, the only refuge of the needy and the orphan, of the desolate and afflicted.

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March – month of Saint Joseph

Taken from:
Lots more beautiful prayers and devotions on that site.

30 Day Novena to Saint Joseph

In honor of the years he spent with Jesus and Mary.
[For Any Special Intention]

Ever blessed and glorious Joseph, kind and loving father, and helpful friend of all in sorrow! You are the good father and protector of orphans, the defender of the defenseless, the patron of those in need and sorrow. Look kindly on my request. My sins have drawn down on me the just displeasure of my God, and so I am surrounded with unhappiness. To you, loving guardian of the Family of Nazareth, do I go for help and protection.

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20 Pious Practices for Lent: What Should I Give Up for Lent?

As such, let us consider the following 20 PIOUS PRACTICES FOR CATHOLICS TO PRACTICE DURING LENT:

1. Abstain from Meat

We should all know that Catholics are required to abstain from all meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all the Fridays of Lent. This is the minimum requirement and violation of this law is a mortal sin and, if you die without Confession and Contrition, for this sin your soul will be damned.

Yet, certainly we can do more than the simple minimum practice for Lent? Traditional Catholics will still fast and partially abstain from meat on all weekdays of Lent unless a 1st Class Feast falls during the week (e.g. 1st Class Feast of St. Joseph on March 19). By partial abstinence, a person is allowed to eat meat only at the major meal.

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Chris Ferrara’s Phone Call From John Vennari


by Christopher A. Ferrara

As this column appears, John Vennari, my dear friend of twenty years and a comrade-in-arms in the traditional Catholic press, is reaching the end of his battle against colon cancer. He called me yesterday to say goodbye — the selfless act of a courageous Catholic who is fighting the good fight and keeping the Faith to the end.

John has been able to receive all the helps of the Church to prepare him for eternity, including those that remit all temporal punishment for sin. Even if God does not grant the great miracle of a cure, John has already been granted the incomparable grace of a well-provided death. We should all pray to be so blessed when our time comes, as it will very soon in the scheme of things.
In his humility, John has requested “prayers for my Purgatory.” We must, of course, perform that spiritual work of mercy for our friend and fellow Catholic. But if John is indeed about to pass from this world into the next, there is every reason to hope that the helps he has been so blessed to receive will hasten the day when he will hear those glorious words of Our Lord, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” and enter that realm where “God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away.”

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Two Prayer Requests – Local Reader Needs Help, Support Trump Against Wiccan Curse

Two Prayer Requests – Local Reader Needs Help, Support Trump Against Wiccan Curse

February 23, 2017
Posted by Tantumblogo

Not me for a change. Reader and longtime helper of this blog MJD is having severe breathing problems that impacting her ability to sleep, among other things. Please pray that doctors may diagnose the cause, which has been elusive, and devise a more effective treatment.

More generally speaking, apparently there is an effort afoot by pagan witches worldwide to curse President Trump. The Nineveh 90 group sent out an e-mail to all the thousands who signed up for that effort of prayer and penance to spiritually support the president through prayers and spiritual warfare tomorrow, Feb. 24 2017, the day the curses/spells are supposed to be unleashed. You are especially encouraged to pray the Chaplet [see below] or the Novena [see ] of the Holy Face. More from Fr. Richard Heilman:

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Now Pro-life Catholic ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v. Wade Dies, RIP

Norma McCorvey has passed away at age 69

by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D. • ChurchMilitant • February 18, 2017

KATY, Texas – Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion, passed away quietly Saturday at the age of 69.

Finding herself pregnant with another child in 1971, McCorvey had never actually wanted an abortion. But an ambitious feminist attorney named Sarah Weddington made McCorvey the posterchild for the abortion lobby, using her case to argue not only that Texas’ pro-life laws should be overturned, but that all such laws throughout the United States should be declared unconstitutional.

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Michael Novak, Rest in Peace

Michael Novak, Rest in Peace

Novak, who died earlier today after a battle with cancer, had an illustrious career as an author, scholar, and educator that began during Vatican II and continued until his final days.

[He was originally a left-wing Catholic and socialist as well as a dissenter from Humanae Vitae but eventually repented of such and became one of the first neo-Catholics]

February 17, 2017
Jay Richards

Michael Novak, who died Feb. 17 at age 83, is pictured in an undated photo. Novak was a groundbreaking author, philosopher and theologian. Since last August he had been a faculty member at [Ave Maria University and] The Catholic University of America’s Tim and Steph Busch School of Business and Economics in Washington.

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Prayer Request from Mother Miriam, O.S.B.

Prayer Request from Mother Miriam, O.S.B.


Dear Readers, it was my privilege today to speak with Mother Miriam, Foundress of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope [a traditional order which the new AmChurch Bishop of Tulsa recently expelled from his diocese]. The interview will be published here by early next week. In our conversation, I learned that Mother’s biological sister, Susan, is battling an extremely aggressive cancer. Your prayers for her would be most welcome. As an aside, through God’s providence Susan was received into Holy Mother Church last Easter.

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Catholic Prayer Warriors for Children

You are invited to join if you are so inclined.
We are Catholics who are concerned about the health and salvation of all children.
We pray for them and teach them our Catholic Faith.

We pray novenas, aspirations, special requests and the rosary.

While it will be for the health and salvation of all children,
you are free to add something like especially for my own children, for all sick children, etc. to the intention.
You are also free to privately add other intentions not related to the main purpose of this site.

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