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Calls to the West for help (in one form or another) from third-world countries in different spheres of influence

[Calls to the West for help (in one form or another) from Catholic bishops of third-world countries in different spheres of influence]

[Nicaragua and Venezuela are in Latin America and thus in the US’s sphere of influence.  Under the Roosevelt (Teddy not FDR) corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, America could send in the 82nd Airborne Division (and/or whatever else is available) to those places to “put pressure” on the respective Ortega and Maduro regimes.  Nigeria is in Africa and thus in the sphere of influence of the Western European countries that were the former colonial masters of many countries there.  When a former French colony is in trouble, France usually send in a French Foreign Legion or paratroop unit.  Nigeria is a former British colony, and the UK has intervened in conflicts in some of its former colonies – in the last 30 years mostly in the Middle East (especially Iraq) and usually with the US and other NATO countries.] read more

Get priests out of sacristies—and into confessionals

Get priests out of sacristies—and into confessionals

[The “army of young priests” that Bishop Barron advocates for his “new type of evangelization” would most likely turn out to be traditional priests evangelizing with traditional liturgy and doctrine!]

By Phil Lawler | Jul 19, 2018

Bishop Robert Barron, who is widely regarded as one of the leading Catholic experts on evangelization, sees a problem with a parish-based approach. It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate parishes. “I love the parish and believe in its importance passionately,” he assures us. The problem, however, is that people aren’t coming to the parishes; the churches are empty. And even among the dwindling ranks of the active parishioners, only a small proportion participate in the parish programs that promote evangelization. read more

A book about the McCarrick scandal? It’s already written

A book about the McCarrick scandal? It’s already written

By Phil Lawler | Jul 20, 2018

“Why don’t you write a book about the McCarrick scandal?” my friend asked me. I answered: “Because I already did!”

True, The Faithful Departed doesn’t focus specifically on Cardinal McCarrick. But what this latest scandal has shown—the failure of the American bishops to hold each other accountable—was a major theme of that book, which was published ten years ago.

Here’s a sample of what I wrote a decade ago. Again it wasn’t written with the McCarrick case in mind. But it applies nicely, don’t you think? read more




Scottish Pro-Gay Priest Takes Down Post After Backlash by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •  •  July 20, 2018

Fr. Paul Morton rebukes fellow priest for refusing to push LGBTQUEER agenda

GLASGOW, Scotland ( – A gay-friendly priest in Glasgow, Scotland received so much backlash to a pro-gay letter that he had to take it down.

Father Paul Morton of St. Bride’s Church in Cambuslang, southeastern Glasgow, published a lengthy letter on his parish’s Facebook page Wednesday rebuking fellow Glaswegian Fr. Mark Morris, fired from Glasgow Caledonian University for offering a “Rosary of reparation for the gross offense to God which is Pride Glasgow.” read more

As McCarrick spotlight grows, is revoking honors sensitivity or whitewash?

As McCarrick spotlight grows, is revoking honors sensitivity or whitewash?

Christopher White – Jul 20, 2018

In light of the McCarrick case, Catholic institutions struggle with the appropriate response to past awards and honors given to prelates accused of sexual abuse.

NEW YORK — Earlier this month, Fordham University announced that its Board of Trustees had voted to rescind an honorary doctorate awarded to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, following revelations that the former Archbishop of Washington had molested an altar boy nearly 50 years ago as a priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

On Thursday, the New York Times reported on another allegation against McCarrick, this one involving alleged sexual abuse of a minor. The person making the charge is identified only by his first name in the Times account, yet the story also indicates he’s filed a police report in Loudon County, Virginia. read more

Another man says Cardinal McCarrick abused him – starting at age 11

Another man says Cardinal McCarrick abused him – starting at age 11

July 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Another man has come forward to say Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually abused him starting when he was 11, allegations the New York Times is calling “the most explosive yet” against the retired liberal cardinal.

On Thursday, the Times published the testimony of a man named James, who “asked that his last name be withheld to protect a sibling.” McCarrick was removed from public ministry last month over a credible allegation he molested an altar boy decades ago as Archbishop of New York. This is the second allegation of McCarrick abusing a minor; priests and seminarians say he abused them when they were adults. read more

Jesuits of the Antilles (Caribbean) Province condemn priest in Dominican Republic for supporting pro-abortion bill

Jesuits [of the Antilles (Caribbean) Province] condemn priest in Dominican Republic for supporting pro-abortion bill

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, July 20, 2018 ( – The superior of the Jesuits in the Dominican Republic has issued a statement rejecting the declarations of a Jesuit priest in his jurisdiction who recently joined a campaign to decriminalize abortion in that country.

In response to an inquiry regarding recent declarations by the Jesuit priest Mariano Serrano Marte supporting a bill to decriminalize abortion under several different circumstances, the Jesuits of the Province of the Antillas sent a press release to LifeSiteNews signed by the superior, Fr. Javier Vidal, repudiating Serrano’s position and affirming the Catholic Church’s uncompromising defense of the right to life. read more

The gaying (nay, sodomization) of Fox News  

The gaying sodomization of Fox News

[Especially by its faux (libertarian) “conservatives” and faux (cafeteria) “Catholics”!]


WASHINGTON, D.C., July 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Once regarded by conservatives as the country’s sole red, white and blue national television news network, Fox News is increasingly showing its rainbow colors.

While the network still appeals to conservatives and takes plenty of flak from liberals, there has been a decidedly pro-gay uptick in on-air talent, editorial content and signaling. read more

25 Years And Counting

25 Years And Counting

[“I never want to retire – I’d rather die with my boots on” or “They’ll have to carry me out with my boots on”!] 

Bill Donohue – July 20, 2018

July 1st marked my 25th anniversary as president and CEO of the Catholic League. It’s been a great run, and I am not about to pack it in. On July 18, I turned 71. Fortunately, God gave me pretty good health and a whole lot of energy.

When I took over in 1993, the league was in financial and organizational ruin. I told the board of directors to give me plenty of rope—don’t try to micromanage me—and if I didn’t produce, then they should yank me. Fortunately, they granted me the authority, and matters quickly turned around. read more

Ryszard Legutko’s Critique of Western Liberalism

Ryszard Legutko’s Critique of Western Liberalism

For quite some time now, American intellectuals have taken a particular interest in Poland. During the Cold War, the Polish people’s resistance to communism was held up as an example of fidelity, and Pope John Paul II’s leadership of the Church was taken to be a quintessential example of the Polish spirit. The honeymoon is now over, however, for even in traditionally pro-Polish circles there is an increasing discomfort with Poland’s unabashed celebration of her national identity, tenacious defense of sovereignty, and reluctance to be properly assimilated into the European Union. Yet given the reality of twenty-first-century politics, we might raise the question of who should be learning what from whom. Those of us who feel at home and comfortable with the direction the twenty-first-century Western elite has taken may feel free to lecture the Poles about their need to embrace the liberal democratic order.

Those of us who deem mob harrassment of politically-incorrect speech and the war on family to be features rather than bugs might do well instead to listen to Poles like Ryszard Legutko—a professor of philosophy, official in the late President Lech Kaczynski’s administration, and former anti-Communist dissident. Many are familiar with Legutko through his indispensable book The Demon In Democracy, a work that is worthy of sustained attention. As a matter of fact, though, Legutko’s widely-known comparison of liberal and Marxist attitudes is simply a continuation of themes raised in earlier essays, such as “What’s Wrong With Liberalism? read more

FrankenPope Accepts Resignation of Suspected Sodomite Suffragan

FrankenPope Accepts Resignation of Suspected Sodomite Suffragan

[NuVatican gives no reason for his resignation!] – 7/20/18

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Juan Pineda Fasquelle, 57, of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on July 20.

Pineda is at center of allegations of homosexual abuse and financial misconduct in his archdiocese.

He is a protégé of his personal friend, Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, who is member of the Council of Cardinals and a protégé of Pope Francis.

The fact that Pineda’s resignation was made public on a Friday in the midst of summer holidays, is an attempt of the Vatican to hide the scandal. read more

Archbishop Chaput signs lay-led declaration in support of Humanae Vitae

Archbishop Chaput signs lay-led declaration in support of Humanae Vitae

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, July 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput is personally signing on to a laity-led effort to officially declare support for Humanae Vitae.

The Humanae Vitae at 50 Declaration affirms the teachings in Blessed Pope Paul VI’s landmark encyclical on contraception and human lifeand offers commitment “to the fullness of its truth and natural beauty.”

The archbishop agreed to lend his name to the declaration Wednesday, LifeSiteNews has learned. read more