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Pope Francis Comes Up With “Moral Of Discernment”

Pope Francis Comes Up With “Moral Of Discernment” – 1/22/18 Pope Francis called “discernment” the special charism of the Jesuits while meeting Jesuits in Chile.

According to an article of Father Jonathan Marín Cano SJ on (January 19) Francis said that “discernment” was “especially” needed in the field of morality – as if discernment were not the basic tool of every science. He went on identifying “discernment” as the centre of his controversial document Amoris Laetitia.

The problem: Francis uses the term “discernment” not in its original meaning (“the ability to judge well”) but as an euphemism for “situation ethics” which is condemned by the Church because it allows for intrinsically evil acts like murder, pedophilia or adultery depending on different circumstances and personal intents and justifications.

Vatican Prepares Drowsy Church for Abolishing Celibacy

Vatican Prepares Drowsy Church for Abolishing Celibacy – 1/22/18 The prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Beniamino Stella, a blind partisan of Pope Francis, announced that the Vatican is “studying” ordaining married men to a part-time priesthood. Speaking in contradictions, he claimed at the same time that “celibacy is not under discussion”.

Stella makes his statements in an interview for Fabio Marchese Ragona’s book, “Tutti gli uomini di Francesco” (All the men of Francis). According to Stella, the abolition of celibacy would not only regard the Amazon region but also “some islands in the Pacific, and not only”.

As usual, when novelties contradicting the rule of Faith are introduced, Stella claimed that “one would restore a structure which already existed in the Church of the origins”, although many studies have shown that this is not true. read more

Where Are the Churchmen With Chests?

Where Are the Churchmen With Chests?

[And bishops with backbones?]

Cardinal [“Nellie”] Spellman with ex-prime minister Winston Churchill [the “British Bulldog”] in New York City in 1946

To have been the proverbial fly on the wall during a conversation, one good time would have been during dinner in the White House on September 2, 1943 when Franklin Roosevelt was hosting Winston and Clementine Churchill with their daughter Mary and the newly appointed ambassador to the Soviet Union, Averill Harriman. The other dinner guest was Cardinal Spellman, just back from a lengthy tour of overseas military units. read more

CanuckChurch Complains Because of Money – Not Because of Abortion

CanuckChurch Complains Because of Money – Not Because of Abortion – 1/22/18

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau requires organizations like the Church to sign off in favour of abortion if they want to receive money for funded students jobs in summer. Since this is about cash, priests and even bishops warn now of a “persecution” against Christians.

The blog Toronto Catholic (January 21) asks where the bishops were when Trudeau for years was advocating for abortion and gay-pseudo-marriage. According to the blog, the bishops remained silent and even campaigned for him. read more

FRANCIS WATCH: Rumors Mount, Mysterious Roman Conference

FRANCIS WATCH: Rumors Mount, Mysterious Roman Conference

From our friends at National Catholic Register:

Ed Pentin: One of the late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra’s last wishes — to have an international conference to examine ways to resolve the current crisis of division in the Church — will take place in Rome in early April, the Register has learned.

Details have yet to be officially released, but the conference is expected to explore the limits of papal infallibility as well as seek ways to overcome the division in the Church, exacerbated by what many see as pastoral and doctrinal confusion on key moral issues. read more



[The “springtime” of Vatican II continues in Ohio and Kentucky]

${$station} Logo Jan. 21, 2018   Michael Mason was a happy member of a Protestant church when he began studying the works of St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the great theologians of the Roman Catholic Church.

His studies led him to believe that the Catholic church offered a better, truer model for following Jesus Christ, so he and his wife, Jennifer, converted in 2013. They moved to the tri-state that same year, and Michael now teaches at a parochial school, Roger Bacon High School in St. Bernard.

“The Church breaks through the glass ceiling of evangelicalism to a deeper, more well-rooted Christian experience,” Mason, 36, said. read more

Preacher Wears Dog Mask

Preacher Wears Dog Mask

[This deacon is colloquially a dog (i.e. despicable) !] – 1/21/17 Twitter-User Kevin Acker published on January 20 the picture of deacon Anthony DiIenno preaching with the mask of a dog on his head. Acker commented: “Only in Philadelphia is this not a weird scene in Church.”

The picture was taken by Acker’s parents in the Catholic parish St Rose of Lima in Eddystone, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, USA.

The archdiocese is run by Archbishop Charles Chaput who is considered one of the best[!? or rather, “conservative”] bishops in the United States.

R.O.P. Ecumenism: Muzzie Tart Torches “Catholic” School She Attended

You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that.
[A real sweetheart, but who am I to judge?]
[R.O.P. – Religion of Peace]

Self-described ‘radical’ Muslim sets fires at Catholic college

By Leo Hohmann, Jan 20

A young woman of East African descent was arraigned in court Friday on charges of first-degree arson after she allegedly set a series of fires on the campus of St. Catherine University in retaliation for U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. read more

Here’s the Deal. Folks

The democrats in the Senate led by Shutdown Schumer are getting paid while our military men and women, border patrol and thousands of civil servants are having their pay withheld. Tell me that is not Schumer’s fault. His lieutenants even objected to a poster of him being responsible for the Shutdown being shown in the Senate while a similar poster of Trump has been visible for days. Tell me they’re not responsible for the Shutdown. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, save us. read more

Novena to Saint John Bosco Jan 22nd-Jan 30th

Novena to Saint John Bosco

See the source image

January 22nd-January 30th

Saint John Bosco, father and teacher of the young, in need of special help, I appeal with confidence to thee, Saint John Bosco, for I require not only spiritual graces, but also temporal ones, and particularly…

(add your personal intentions here)

Mayest thou, who on earth had such great devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Help of Christians, and who always had compassion for those who were suffering, obtain from Jesus and His Heavenly Mother the grace I now request, and also a sincere resignation to the Will of God. read more

‘Church won’t carry out crusade against removal of Catholicism from Constitution’

‘Church won’t carry out crusade against removal of Catholicism from Constitution’

Maltese archbishop Charles Scicluna says all religions should enjoy the liberty and freedom of belief in a secular state

[The “Springtime” of Vatican II’s Dignitatis humanae (Declaration on Religious Liberty) comes to Malta! – AQ moderator Tom] Matthew Vella 20 January 2018  

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said removing Roman Catholicism as Malta’s official religion would not affect the Church’s mission

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said removing Roman Catholicism as Malta’s official religion would not affect the Church’s mission

The Maltese Archbishop has vowed he will not carry out any “crusade” should Roman Catholicism be removed from the island’s Constitution as the official religion of Malta.

Charles Scicluna told Radju Malta host Andrew Azzopardi that the separation of church and state were positive developments for a country, and that he was in favour of a level-playing field for all religions. read more

Topping Up the Oxygen Tank at 35,000 Feet

Topping Up the Oxygen Tank at 35,000 Feet

Pro-Life Faculty at Notre Dame Address University President Fr. John Jenkins

Pope Francis goes into orbit

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Pope Francis goes into orbit

It has long been realised that Pope Francis is a little bored with Planet Earth, and does most of his good work (e.g. developing new Catholic doctrine, weddings, funerals, mass-ordination of journalists to the priesthood, etc.) while flying in the PopeJet. The fact that he is 35,000 feet above most of his flock gives him a “buzz” as well as an air of authority.The time has now come for him to leave terra firma entirely. The first plan was for him to fly round the world for ever in the PopeJet, but this would require regular in-flight refuelling. So the only reasonable answer is for Pope Francis to be the first Pope in Space!

“I now pronounce you Man and Wife – whoever you are!”

There has been much talk about making space travel available to all – well, to all who can afford it – mainly from Richard Branson, who hasn’t even managed to make train travel available to all. The Catholic Church is anxious to cash in on the Virgin brand, for obvious reasons, and the Pope has agreed to perform “the sacrament of your choice” for anyone who turns up at the PopeStation.

The papal flight to Chile was very productive, for, in addition to marrying/blessing the marriage of/regularizing the marriage of* Chief Trolley Commander Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriaga and Deputy Lifejacket Demonstrator Paola Podest Ruiz, who had spent 8 years vainly looking for a church, the Pope also conducted the funeral of a passenger who had died, or at least wasn’t at all well, before shooting his body out over the Andes. read more