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Disclaimer: I’m not a theologian and certainly am no expert in the subject which follows. All I can say is it seems to me that there is a split in the Church with respect to religious fraternities founded by or growing out of the one founded by Archbishop Lefebvre. I simply do not understand why there is such a situation today with the news we receive from Rome these days. Is not a united front necessary in the current “state of necessity.”

We are told that the Fraternity of St. Peter began with priests formerly with the FSSPX. Those priests, I believe it was 12 in number, were unwilling to continue with the FSSPX, we are told, because of the illicit Consecration of Bishops by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988. The FSSPX is firmly against celebrating the new mass; the FSSP must say the new mass, if so directed by the local bishop in whose dioceses they are authorized to minister. Both organizations claim to be firmly committed to following Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief. However, the FSSP claims to have authority and jurisdiction whereas the FSSPX has to operate under the concept of “ecclesia supplet.” read more

The Restoration – One by One

Here is one way to restore the Church in our time – one by one. It is simple. A bishop can take a group of traditional priests who take their solemn vows seriously, give them the faculties and jurisdiction unjustly withheld from them for years, and establish them as the sole source of doctrine and worship in his diocese. All other groups in the diocese will have to petition to be included in this chain. Not possible you say? Not if the bishop is one of the abusers himself. Not if he doesn’t have the, ahem. masculinity to act. Not if he is one of the 1100 infiltrators of Bella Dodd and the Communist Party of the USA. Not if he views his priesthood/bishopric as merely a means to an end, like his own aggrandizement. Not if he doesn’t view his job as providing the means of salvation to the sheep in his diocese. read more


A note to Bradley Kim, defensive back on the AF Academy Football Team who announced that he is changing his sexual orientation. Apparently, Cadet Kim, you place no value in our Christian heritage or the Bible itself, nor, for that matter, do the LGBTQ-apologists in leadership positions at the Academy and indeed the United States Air Force itself. So, let me give you the advice they should have given you: Do the honorable thing and resign rather than besmear the image of the thousands who have served their country as Christians; that’s right Christians, a name for which you apparently feel no dishonor in ridiculing. read more

A “Penny” Catechism for Millennials

First, Does the order in the universe bespeak of an intelligent Creator or is it just a happening by chance? if you believe in “chances” then I wish you luck in the lottery? We call this Creator, Almighty God. He appears in three different forms, called Persons: Father. Son and Holy Spirit. All three Persons share the same Godhead. They are All-present, All-knowing, All-powerful and All-merciful. This Creator-God, which we also call the Trinity, rewards good and punishes evil. He does this at the time of one’s Death – one of the Four Last Things – Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. This is the answer to those boneheads in the world who spend their lives doing evil, Guess where they’ll end up for all-eternity? Remember, this God is All-knowing and his memory is like unto an elephant in that He never forgets. read more

Is The Fight Over?

It seems to me that the SSPX exists and has power of governance (and faculties) due to a state of necessity in the Church due to the errors that have crept into the Church in modern times (ecclesia supplet). Archbishop Lefebvre was clear in that he was not establishing a new church (the bishops he consecrated were NOT to hold positions of leadership in the Society but to ordain priests) and he was conforming to existing doctrine and dogma proclaimed in the Magisterium for centuries. With its new leadership is the SSPX now saying that a state of necessity no longer exists and that they can simply fold into the Church with its existant errors and confusion? Is the fight over? Has the very reason for the existence of the SSPX faded into obscurity? I certainly hope and pray this is not the case. It also seems to me that the state of necessity not only still exists but has grown ever more intensely due to what is emanating from the papacy these days – manifest heresy! read more

Are You Catholic? Do Not Be Duped.

Are You Catholic? Really? I’ve been a Catholic for my entrie life – soon to reach 77 years God-willing. I was educated in Catholic schools from elementary schools to college. I was trained in the Faith through the Baltimore Catechisms (1,2,& 3) and the Theology presented in books by Frank Sheed. Then Vatican II happened. I was devastated but I knew that Truth is not relative to the times in which we live. I knew that the Mass in which I had served as an Altar Boy was the true Mass, so proclaimed in perpetuity by Pope St. Pius V in the year 1570. I knew that the Host consecrated in that Mass was truly the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I and my family began a trek to find that Mass celebrated in a diocesan church where we lived. Sadly, the Masses where Traditional Catholicism was practiced were few and far between. read more

Let’s Stop the Nonsense

The following is what the “Angelic Doctor”said about making choices and it should be the rule for any practicing Catholic, even one nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice:

AQUINAS, Thomas 1224-75,

Summa Theologica (1274)

“To disparage the dictate of reason is equivalent to condemning the command of God

“[Conscience] is the reason making moral judgements or choice values.”

No evil can be desirable, either by natural appetite or by conscious will. It is sought indirectly, namely because it is the consequence of some good” read more

Calling Out Durbin

A lecture from this incredible hypocrite who continues to call himself Catholic has just revealed that we should also pray for the young people trapped at our borders due to the failed immigration policies of the Trump Administration. This, despite his record of having voted essentially for Abortion-on-Demand – even, God help us, for infants in the womb or birth canal. Respect for human life, Durbin, starts with the Fifth Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” This applies to innocent human life not the life of someone trying to take our lives or the lives of our loved ones. Your continued support for the Abortion-on-Demand crowd marks you as a hypocrite, pure and simple. read more

It’s As Easy as 1 – 2- 3.

1.There is but One God: All-Good, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Merciful, All-Just, and All-Present who created the universe and keeps it in existence.
2.This God established His Church on earth, the Roman Catholic Church through which fallen Man can be saved with firm belief in its existence.
3.The Enemy of God, Satan, prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls but God will be with His Church until the end of time.

Now, some will say the foregoing is Fantasy but the answer is: what do you believe? Is the foregoing not logical to be believed? Did not some of the greatest intellects like Thomas Aquinas and Augustine profess such beliefs and write extensively to defend them? Are you setting yourself up as their equal intellectually? What do you think happens when a person dies as we all must one day? Well, I’m not going to criticize you for what you believe; that’s between you and the God who created you. I would suggest however, that you investigate the beliefs outlined in the Baltimore Catechisms – 1, 2 and 3 and see if they might apply to you. God bless you. read more

A Message to Disenfranchised Catholics

OK, we understand the predicament in which you find yourself in these times. You were taught that salvation was to be found in the Holy Roman Catholic Church – that other religions were not legitimate paths to salvation. In fact, the Catholic Church had rules and regulations found in the Catechism which regulated human conduct and that there was such a thing as “sin” which had to be confessed to a priest in order to receive Holy Communion worthily – that Communion being in the form of a wafer or host which although in the form of bread was changed in the Consecration of the Mass into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. As such, it was treated with the greatest of respect and handled only by ordained ministers of the Church whom we call priests. read more

Good Ol’ Boys Network

The Good Ol’ Boys Network is alive and well in Washington, DC. FBI Agent Strzok is being “interviewed” by the Senate Judiciary Committee but not “under oath.” Are you kidding me? And, to top it off we can’t be privy to the “interview” as it is not being broadcast on TV. This why the American people distrust their government and why Donald Trump was elected. Drain the swamp and start with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Big Lie

What is it? That Catholics formed in the Faith before Vatican II and the institution of the “new Mass” are “outside the Church.” Those who stubbornly adhere to the doctrines and dogmas in effect in 1962 are now somehow the rigid, dogmatic prometheans castigated by Pope Francis and held in disdain by priests and bishops of the “newchurch” – the one invented in the minds of the liberal progressives at Vatican II.

But the lie is what it is, to coin a phrase, and it will stand as a testimony of how far the Church has fallen in less than half a century. We even have the prospects of married clergy and female priests and bishops on the horizon in the “newchurch” – not to mention open homosexuals promoting their obscene lifestyles in what formerly were “sacred places.” read more


With all the disgusting and embarrassing news concerning the newchurch and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles being but one example of many, one wonders why anyone would consider joining the Catholic Church? Well, we do know that there are many traditional Catholic venues out there – albeit without the so-called jurisdiction of newchurch prelates. So, I would advise anyone considering joining the Catholic Faith to contact these venues, of which the SSPX is only one example. These are modern-day catacombs where the true Faith handed down from the apostles is practiced and believed. read more


Today in the US we are celebrating a day on which many Americans died in service of their country. That’s fine, and it shows respect for what they did. I will always remember those of my comrades who died Vietnam and elsewhere even though our nation’s leaders at the time seemed unable to grasp what is the essence of War – that is, to use overwhelming force to kill the enemy before he kills us. Remember Japan in WW II?

But what I want to say in this post is that there is another group of human beings that should have an even greater Memorial. That is, the millions that have been killed – had their lives snuffed out before they even had a chance to breathe free. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about the victims of what is euphemistically called: “A Woman’s right to Choose.” What sort of Memorial do they deserve? read more


A good segment of our young people pride themselves on being “logical” to the extent that they defy any sort of belief in spiritual things – especially belief in a God who created the universe and keeps it in existence and Who rewards the Good and Punishes the Evil. They say there is no “life after death” and that when a person dies he/she is thrust into the unknown – ever to be forgotten in the dark pages of human history. Human Life, they claim, came from something like the “Big-Bang” Theory of planetary dynamics. read more