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Pre-Vatican II educated Catholic male with 16 yrs Catholic schooling.

And the Problem Is…

“The (Dubia) Cardinals begin their letter to the Pope by renewing their “absolute dedication and our unconditional love for the Chair of Peter and for Your august person, in whom we recognize the Successor of Peter and the Vicar of Jesus: the ‘sweet Christ on earth.’”

You see, my friends that this treatment of Jorge Bergoglio has accomplished nothing. So, where do they go from here?

Now I know that his manner of closing is customary in correspondence with the Papacy and I do not criticize its intent in that regard. But I wonder what it accomplishes, if anything, but to embolden His Humbleness to make even more dramatic and dangerous moves towards Modernism and away from Absolute Truth. To compare Jorge Bergoglio with “Jesus: the sweet Christ on earth” is tantamount IMO of utter blasphemy. Would it not be better to close their request with a simple: “We await your response for the hour is late and the clock is ticking.” read more

Feast of Corpus Christi

Of course, today this feast is celebrated in the Latin Church but there are many who are unable to do so and the Church provides for them the option to attend and celebrate this Feast on Sunday, June 18th. But my point is not to argue the matter of when it should be celebrated but to concentrate on that one aspect of the Feast that today seems to be hardly mentioned. That is the meaning of the term and how it is played out in the post-Vatican II Church. It means Body of Christ but not only His own body but the “Body” of the Church which He founded and its fractious reality in modern times. Where is the “Unity” of that Body? Why is it not prevalent in all of our Churches? Who is responsible for this? After all we are members of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, are we not? read more

The Animus Question

Does former FBI Director Comey have a hidden animus against the President of the US and does this animus color his answers to questions about the conversations he had with the President?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey. do you like President Trump?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, what did you mean when you referred to the “nature of the man” as being one of the reasons why you made detailed records of your conversations with him – while you did not make such records of conversations with any previous presidents or members of their Cabinet? read more

Vladimir, Oh Vladimir, Who Art Thou?

I know, the title is a take-off on the Shakespearean line: “Romeo, Oh Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? My apologies to all; just can’t seem to get my imagination running on all cylinders today. Anyway, let’s see how far I get with this question and the follow-ups.

Is Vladimir Putin a friend or foe? Is he the guy who is nothing more than a KGB agent out for the destruction of western democracy and freedoms? Is he the brutal villain who has killed thousands of innocent people in his expansionist tendencies in the Crimea? Or is he the guy who I saw light a candle in an Orthodox Church and bless himself with the sign of the cross in the Russian tradition? Who is Vladimir Putin? read more

Jay Sekulow

Once in a while a person appears on TV who seems to have it right. A few miutes ago I listened to Jay Sekulow saying if he were on the congressional committee interviewing Comey on Thursday, he would pin Comey down and ask him: “Do you believe that laws were broken during your tenure and, if so, why did you fail to report such crimes to the Dept of Justice as required by federal law?” My opinion is Comey would invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer. (That applies not only to the current accusations against the Trump Administration but to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.) Problem is – Sekulow is not on the committee and I don’t believe anyone on the committee will have the guts to pin Comey to the wall. read more

Blowin’ My Top

With due respect and begging the indulgence of our esteemed leader I feel obligated to respond to the latest terrorist attack in London, UK. Today is the Feast of Pentecost and if ever we need the “fire” of the Holy Spirit, it is now.

When we will realize that our battle is not with earthly forces but with the powers of darkness. Darkness which tells us all that terrorists need is jobs or that we don’t need to know the backgrounds or agendas of illegal immigrants and we don’t have the authority to impose restrictions on illegal immigration because some “Judge” says so. When are we going to get a Fox – News – Alert which informs us that our Anti-Terrorist Task Force is about to enter the hideout of confirmed terrorists and destroy not only their illegal cache of weapons but themselves if they resist? When we will utilize the talents of our mobilized law enforcement agencies to infiltrate these terrorist cells and use the information gained to prevent rather than moan about what they have already done? When we will have a leader in office such as General Jack Keane who will tell it like it is in terms of fighting terrorism at home and abroad? And, here is the kicker, folks, when will the Dept of Justice issue indictments to all of the weak-kneed, liberal politicians who have demonstrably demonstrated their failure to comply with their oath to support and defend the Constitution? I’m thinking about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and all the rest. They belong in jail folks not speaking their lies before our microphones. And while we’re at it how about those so-called Judges who do the same with respect to the Constitution. We have the right to see all these culprits who have blood on their hands in Jail for the rest of their lives. read more

Memorial Day – 2017

I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity this day to salute those who have given their lives in defense of our country. I think specifically of those with whom I served in Vietnam. Those of us who were lucky enough to come back to our families know full well what it meant to not have that opportunity – the broken lives that the War engendered. And, it haunts us that today lives are still being lost in undeclared wars against the forces of Evil in the far-flung corners of the globe. What does it take for us as a people to realize that we cannot allow Evil to flourish in our land and expect good fortune to be generated elsewhere? read more

Truth – What is Truth?

Not to paraphrase or quote Pontius Pilate on this subject but to comment on the media fiasco that is taking place on the subject allow me to point out some things that people may not be aware of. First of all, the key to this matter is the attempt by Democrats to destroy the Trump Administration with allegations of impropriety and dishonesty in their interactions with the American people. That’s what this is all about – an attempt by the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Susan Rice, Uma Abedin, John Podesta and others to cover their own tracks by accusing the Trump Administration and, now the President himself, with disclosing “classified information” to the Russians. read more

Am I A Zombie Catholic?

I see the Faith in which I was formed diminished, indeed ridiculed by some wearing the robes of authority in the Church today. I will not name names – those people know who they are. But, I want to share with you my perspective of what is happening in the world and the Church today.
First, regarding the Faith, allow me to recount the manner in which I was formed. I had a totally Catholic education through college prior to 1962. I saw the Traditional Latin Mass replaced with a fabrication, a banal product of the moment, and the Baltimore Catechism relegated to the dustbin. I saw lay people receiving communion in their hands – the very Body and Blood of Christ which I as an altar boy was schooled to honor and protect down to the very last particle lest it be trodden upon by the masses. I saw priests and nuns, some of whom had previously been my teachers, discard their vows and habits become secularized and even get married. I saw the pastor of the church I attended as a boy convicted of sexual abuse of a minor and the church closed in the late 80s. Another pastor of a church I attended during the summer months on Cape Cod was alleged to have sexually abused hundreds of minors prior to his retirement. I saw the bishop of my current diocese (now bishop emeritus) refuse my request for the Traditional Latin Mass in the late 80s and reject the valid ordinations of the priests with roots in the SSPX and also refuse them canonical jurisdiction and recognition, which to this day is the policy of his successor who has posted a “Declaration” against them on the official diocesan website. The declaration can no longer be found on the website as of this date but I have saved it in pdf form in my personal files. So far as I know, the declaration remains the policy of the local Ordinary. (This happens because these priests refuse to follow the novel liturgical practices, especially the novus ordo missae, imposed on the masses since the close of Vatican II.) read more

You’re All A Bunch of Murderers!

Whoa! Back up the truck! Who you talkin’ about. dude? I’m talkin’ about you, you LGBTQ-WXYZ-ers and Congressmen and Senators who vote to fund the murdering, that’s right Murdering, taking the life of innocent babies in the womb. And, most particularly, those who continue to call themselves “Catholic” and who summarily disregard the Fifth Commandment of Almighty God: “Thou shalt not kill!” Those pharisaic priests, bishops and cardinals and, quite possibly the pope himself who refuse to punish you for your actions or, maybe more appropriately, your lack of actions in defense of the Natural Law, the US Constitution, the Catholic Faith and human life. Even at the top of the secular government, we have the President bowing to demands of the liberal Left and refusing to defund Planned Parenthood – who use our tax dollars to take innocent Life. read more

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Separating the wheat from the chaff – in other words telling it like it is and not as the papal document, AL, says or, at the very least, implies.

We have a couple who are “attached” to the new liturgy which is the only liturgy they have known for the last 50 years. Let us call them Dick and Jane. Jane is married with two kids to a man who has no interest in marriage, per se, but is more interested in his work which consumes most of his time and energy. Jane is trying to be a good mother and wife but is feeling increasingly alienated from her husband. She meets Dick, a divorced man whose wife divorced him and ran off with another after bearing him two sons. They fall in love and decide to live together as man and wife, Jane’s husband could care less as his real “spouse”, if you will, is his business. In the meantime Jane and Dick are really turning it on in the bedroom and getting along famously. read more

Obama Leaves Another Piece of Poop

This guy, Barack Hussein Obama, just won’t leave us alone. Now, we have learned according to the Colorado Springs Independent newspaper that the next Commandant of the United States Air Force Academy is BG Selectee Kristin Goodwin, a married (?) Lesbian with two kids (?). You can read the sorry details at: read more

“Ben” is Responsible for “Frank”

Whoa! Back up the truck. What’s that you say? What about invincible ignorance? What about not judging others? What about impeccability in the Church?

C’mon folks, get real. This guy who went to Vatican II in a business suit and consorted with every manner of liberal theologian on the planet, both Catholic and non-Catholic – who told Archbishop Lefebvre that he could not give him a date-certain for a Bishop to lead the FSSPX and who presided over a Modernist takeover during his papacy – who authored “Summorum Pontificum” a motu-proprio without teeth – who resigned the “active ministry of the papacy” while retaining the trappings of the office – who took back the excommunications of the SSPX bishops but withheld “canonical jurisdiction” from the Society – who, in resigning the papacy left the door wide open for the election of “Frank” to the Chair of Peter- this man we are told by some may just be the victim of “invincible ignorance.” read more

Your Wish is My Command

gpmtrad on April 24, 2017 at 10:38 AM said:
NIN, you raise interesting distinctions.
The point about not judging the interiors is most apt. It’s impossible to do so unless the subject is entirely, formally outspoken and details the blueprint for his audience.
What is written down, whether by authorship or responsible quotation, is matter for inspection and serious commentary. Unless it is, outright public acts ( obvious defections, public silliness, etc. ) notwithstanding, the auditor is merely playing Karnak the Magnificent.
(Since I can’t for whatever reason post photos on AQ, perhaps someone will find, copy and paste the appropriate Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon photo… : – ) ) read more

Do I Have PTSD?

I start this post by referring the reader to the above link which is an account by an eyewitness to a tragedy that haunts my memory. You see, I was a lowly 0-3 in the 366th CSG which was in support of the 366th TFW on the east-side of Da Nang AB in the ’67-’68 time frame. My duties were to develop plans and procedures to protect the base and its resources from hazards caused by disasters of whatever type from enemy attacks to major accidents and natural disasters. I had one assistant, an E-6 who helped me in my duties. An excerpt from my “OER” for that period stated that I was performing my duties at the most “disaster-active airbase” in Vietnam. At that time we were called :”Disaster Control,” later called “Disaster Preparedness” probably because we couldn’t “control” anything and had to depend on EOD, the Fire Dept, Security Police, and Crash Recovery crews to accomplish anything. Civil Engineering also helped enormously in providing materials and crews to build bunkers, revetments and aircraft shelters. read more