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Thousands Marching In Boston

Well, without casting any aspersions on the marchers I can think of a better way of spending this August Day than on the steamy surrounds of Boston Common. It would be to spend the day at one of the magnificent beaches on the Cape with sunglasses, bathing attire and a cool drink at hand. Oh well, to each his own.

The Answer???

Please accept my apologies in advance if this post offends your sensibilities; I am outraged over what the terrorists are doing to us in the name of their god – whoever they claim that might be. You see, I have two sons: one of whom served in law enforcement for over 20 years and one who is serving as a firefighter-paramedic even now. They are charged with having to protect and/or rescue their fellow-citizens from the effects of what these deranged terrorists are doing.

I am retired now but in my 24 yr AF career I learned that one must “fight fire with fire” in order to put an end to what these deranged minds are plotting against us. And so I say, we must kill them before they kill us. We must use every tool available to us, including infiltrating their networks with our own informants and, in the event we find them in the act of terrorism, dispatch them quickly to their eternal home. In order to kill a snake one must cut off its head and we ought to begin doing that ASAP. read more

What’s So Funny?

What is wrong with the above picture? (taken from an article in Lifesite News entitled: “Pope Francis: ‘I do not feel that Cardinal Burke is my adversary’”) You can read the article at:
Should these two be laughing and kidding with each other considering the state of today’s Church and considering what the Pope has done to Cardinal Burke in terms of his position in the hierarchy? I don’t know – it just doesn’t seem right to me. read more

A Call to Action

Last Sunday. our priest made a Call to Action for those in attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass saying in effect: “We are in a War and we must act in accord with our Confirmation mandate to be Christian soldiers in light of what is happening to the Church these days.” He went on to say it’s not enough to merely attend Mass and receive the sacraments because the Church hierarchy has failed, largely, to answer the “Call to Battle” He recalled Cardinal Oddi (RIP) once telling him that everything he was doing was right but he couldn’t say so publicly because the rest of the cardinals would attack him. Those who recall Cardinal Oddi would know that he was one of the most conservative of the modern-day cardinals of the post Vatican II church. He went on to say that many of these cardinals visit their website regularly but remain silent during this widespead apostasy. read more

Regular Rules of Order???

John McCain is a US Senator who says he voted against the “Skinny” Obamacare repeal bill because he believes the Senate must act according to its regular rules of order. His vote against the bill doomed it to failure. But Republicans have a 52-48 majority in the Senate and if they had voted “en block” as the Democrats are wont to do under the slimy Sen. Schemer (intentionally misspelled), the bill would have passed.

But we are not living under “regular rules of order” and emergency measures are called for. With all due respect to the war-hero, ex-POW, who we are told has brain-cancer, those of us who like him have borne the burdens of war must ask: “What in the world is going on and who in heck is in charge?” read more

You’d Better Watch Your Step, Donald!

Throwing faithful Catholics like Spicer to the wolves, Donald, is only going to get yourself out of office as soon as possible. Promoting pro-abort, pro-LGBTQueer, pro-choicedeath Scaramucci to Communications Director is only the latest in bone-headed moves you have made using Twitter to sew dissent among those who supported you in the Campaign. Get real! Twitter is NOT your friend and Jeff Sessions is NOT your enemy. Are you in the throes of Alzheimer’s? Have you lost your mind? Resist the tendency to open your mouth when it should be kept closed. Act like a President, not a clown. read more

Is Modernism Evolving into Nihilism?

From the world-wide web we have this definition: “Existential nihilism is the philosophical theory that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, existential nihilism suggests that a single human or even the entire human species is insignificant, without purpose and unlikely to change in the totality of existence.” This concept also leads to the the idea of theological nihilism which I will describe as the denial of God and all of His attributes. In essence, then, atheism is the logical conclusion if this concept is pursued to its eventual end. read more

My Response to Kim_Jong_Nitwit

We won’t describe what action we might take in response to your latest provocation. The free world abhors your acting like a deranged child playing with the lives the of people of North Korea, indeed, of the entire Korean peninsula. But, rest assured, our response to a new provocation from you will result in the taking away of your toys. (Those of us familiar with our military capability know full-well what I mean. The media would like to picture our nation as a paper tiger but that does not apply to our current leadership or the tools at our disposal.) read more

And the Problem Is…

“The (Dubia) Cardinals begin their letter to the Pope by renewing their “absolute dedication and our unconditional love for the Chair of Peter and for Your august person, in whom we recognize the Successor of Peter and the Vicar of Jesus: the ‘sweet Christ on earth.’”

You see, my friends that this treatment of Jorge Bergoglio has accomplished nothing. So, where do they go from here?

Now I know that his manner of closing is customary in correspondence with the Papacy and I do not criticize its intent in that regard. But I wonder what it accomplishes, if anything, but to embolden His Humbleness to make even more dramatic and dangerous moves towards Modernism and away from Absolute Truth. To compare Jorge Bergoglio with “Jesus: the sweet Christ on earth” is tantamount IMO of utter blasphemy. Would it not be better to close their request with a simple: “We await your response for the hour is late and the clock is ticking.” read more

Feast of Corpus Christi

Of course, today this feast is celebrated in the Latin Church but there are many who are unable to do so and the Church provides for them the option to attend and celebrate this Feast on Sunday, June 18th. But my point is not to argue the matter of when it should be celebrated but to concentrate on that one aspect of the Feast that today seems to be hardly mentioned. That is the meaning of the term and how it is played out in the post-Vatican II Church. It means Body of Christ but not only His own body but the “Body” of the Church which He founded and its fractious reality in modern times. Where is the “Unity” of that Body? Why is it not prevalent in all of our Churches? Who is responsible for this? After all we are members of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, are we not? read more

The Animus Question

Does former FBI Director Comey have a hidden animus against the President of the US and does this animus color his answers to questions about the conversations he had with the President?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey. do you like President Trump?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, what did you mean when you referred to the “nature of the man” as being one of the reasons why you made detailed records of your conversations with him – while you did not make such records of conversations with any previous presidents or members of their Cabinet? read more

Vladimir, Oh Vladimir, Who Art Thou?

I know, the title is a take-off on the Shakespearean line: “Romeo, Oh Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? My apologies to all; just can’t seem to get my imagination running on all cylinders today. Anyway, let’s see how far I get with this question and the follow-ups.

Is Vladimir Putin a friend or foe? Is he the guy who is nothing more than a KGB agent out for the destruction of western democracy and freedoms? Is he the brutal villain who has killed thousands of innocent people in his expansionist tendencies in the Crimea? Or is he the guy who I saw light a candle in an Orthodox Church and bless himself with the sign of the cross in the Russian tradition? Who is Vladimir Putin? read more

Jay Sekulow

Once in a while a person appears on TV who seems to have it right. A few miutes ago I listened to Jay Sekulow saying if he were on the congressional committee interviewing Comey on Thursday, he would pin Comey down and ask him: “Do you believe that laws were broken during your tenure and, if so, why did you fail to report such crimes to the Dept of Justice as required by federal law?” My opinion is Comey would invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer. (That applies not only to the current accusations against the Trump Administration but to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.) Problem is – Sekulow is not on the committee and I don’t believe anyone on the committee will have the guts to pin Comey to the wall. read more