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Pre-Vatican II educated Catholic male with 16 yrs Catholic schooling.

Obama Leaves Another Piece of Poop

This guy, Barack Hussein Obama, just won’t leave us alone. Now, we have learned according to the Colorado Springs Independent newspaper that the next Commandant of the United States Air Force Academy is BG Selectee Kristin Goodwin, a married (?) Lesbian with two kids (?). You can read the sorry details at:

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“Ben” is Responsible for “Frank”

Whoa! Back up the truck. What’s that you say? What about invincible ignorance? What about not judging others? What about impeccability in the Church?

C’mon folks, get real. This guy who went to Vatican II in a business suit and consorted with every manner of liberal theologian on the planet, both Catholic and non-Catholic – who told Archbishop Lefebvre that he could not give him a date-certain for a Bishop to lead the FSSPX and who presided over a Modernist takeover during his papacy – who authored “Summorum Pontificum” a motu-proprio without teeth – who resigned the “active ministry of the papacy” while retaining the trappings of the office – who took back the excommunications of the SSPX bishops but withheld “canonical jurisdiction” from the Society – who, in resigning the papacy left the door wide open for the election of “Frank” to the Chair of Peter- this man we are told by some may just be the victim of “invincible ignorance.”

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Your Wish is My Command

gpmtrad on April 24, 2017 at 10:38 AM said:
NIN, you raise interesting distinctions.
The point about not judging the interiors is most apt. It’s impossible to do so unless the subject is entirely, formally outspoken and details the blueprint for his audience.
What is written down, whether by authorship or responsible quotation, is matter for inspection and serious commentary. Unless it is, outright public acts ( obvious defections, public silliness, etc. ) notwithstanding, the auditor is merely playing Karnak the Magnificent.
(Since I can’t for whatever reason post photos on AQ, perhaps someone will find, copy and paste the appropriate Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon photo… : – ) )

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Do I Have PTSD?

I start this post by referring the reader to the above link which is an account by an eyewitness to a tragedy that haunts my memory. You see, I was a lowly 0-3 in the 366th CSG which was in support of the 366th TFW on the east-side of Da Nang AB in the ’67-’68 time frame. My duties were to develop plans and procedures to protect the base and its resources from hazards caused by disasters of whatever type from enemy attacks to major accidents and natural disasters. I had one assistant, an E-6 who helped me in my duties. An excerpt from my “OER” for that period stated that I was performing my duties at the most “disaster-active airbase” in Vietnam. At that time we were called :”Disaster Control,” later called “Disaster Preparedness” probably because we couldn’t “control” anything and had to depend on EOD, the Fire Dept, Security Police, and Crash Recovery crews to accomplish anything. Civil Engineering also helped enormously in providing materials and crews to build bunkers, revetments and aircraft shelters.

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He is not here, for he is risen, as he said.

Matthew Chap 28, verse 6: “He is not here, for he is risen, as he said. Come, and see the place where the Lord was laid.” Our Lord appeared in the flesh with His wounds clearly visible to over 500 people between His Resurrection and His Ascension to heaven. And, most dramatically He appeared twice to His disciples in the upper room, the second time to St Thomas: “Then she saith to Thomas: Put in thy finger hither, and see my hands; and bring hither thy hand, and put it into my side; and be not faithless, but believing.” (John Chap 20, v 27)

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Awakening the Sleeping Giant

The brutal Syrian dictator responsible for using chemical weapons upon his own people, including the horrific pictures shown of babies dying a tortuous death as shown by US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, has finally been shown that his actions will not be tolerated. With the Red Chinese Premier sitting at his side. President Donald Trump authorized US forces in the Persian Gulf to attack the Syrian airbase from which the chemical weapons had been launched. He even notified the Russians in advance so that they could protect themselves. But, the message was unmistakably clear::”Your actions in violation of international norms will not be tolerated.” It was also a message to the world community that President of the US will not longer “lead from behind” but if no other nation would respond, he could and would respond.

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Our Lord Confronts His Enemies

It is often said that we must be kind to those with whom we disagree and that is true to an extent. But how far does that approach take us in dealing with the apostasizers in today’s new-church? In considering this question it seems appropriate to see how Our Lord dealt with those who challenged both His Authority and His claim to be the Son of God in His interaction with the Jews.

Yesterday’s gospel for the Fourth Sunday in Lent (St. John, Chap 8, 46-59) is one of the most important in all Scripture and that is probably why it is most often ignored by the modernists and I include in that category the priests, bishops and cardinals of the new-church, the robber-barons who have stolen our faith, the faith of our fathers, and imposed on us false doctrines and dogmas. I should begin first by saying to the critics that St. John was an eyewitness to this confrontation between Jesus and the Pharisees and his words are true as he himself proclaimed. John 21, [24]“This is that disciple who giveth testimony of these things, and hath written these things; and we know that his testimony is true.”

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Supreme Court?

There’s a lot of talk these days about the U.S. Supreme Court and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to be Associate Justice of that court. There’s all sorts of claims about the rulings of this court, “those rulings being settled law”, etc. As Catholics, however, we know that there is only one real “Supreme” Court and that is the Court of Heaven with the Chief Justice being Our Lord Himself and the 12 “Associate” Justices being the 12 Apostles. In paraphrasing Scripture Our Lord told the apostles they would sit in judgment of the 12 tribes of Israel (His Church on earth). So, it seems apprpriate that we take all this nonsense about the US Supreme Court rulings as “settled law” with a huge dose of scepticism. And, Mr. Gorsuch himself should, if he is a professed Christian, identify himself more with the rulings of the real “Supreme” Court and its “Associate” Justices.

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Law and Legal Precedent – Pt II

It occurs to me that perhaps I should say more about this document, the Declaration of Independence, which along with the Constitution help lay the foundation for our country’s laws and jurisprudence. It says: “We find these truths to be self-evident” meaning that, first of all, we’re talking about truths, not theorems or propositions that we come up with, but truths which are self-evident. Where does that leave us in terms of “legal precedent?” Seems to me that it should be the first legal precedent to consider. Then it says: “that all men are created equal.” Interestingly enough it dispenses with the concept that we all just happened to be as a result of some “big-bang” chemical reaction as some have posited. It actually says we were created and thank God for that. ( I didn’t want to go through life thinking that I just evolved from a turnip-seed or some other lower life-form.) Further, it says: and they were “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” Whoa! Back up the truck. What’s this about a Creator? Do you mean a God, a Supreme Being, a Master of the Universe, A Person who not only created us but endowed us with certain inalienable rights among which the first listed is Life and which is inalienable, meaning no one, not even the mother, has the right to take away?

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Law and Legal Precedent???

With the Senate Judiciary Committee questioning President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court there are lots of questions pertaining to what the nominee perceives to be the correct interpretation of the Law and legal precedent. But, no one has asked the preeminent question which is: do you believe that the Creator has the final decision on any matter coming before the Court as indicated by the following: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuits of Happiness.” Even that preposterous senior member of the Judiciary who claims to be Catholic and, indeed, who has graduated from my alma mater (which at that time purported to be a Catholic college) has asked the preeminent question. What an embarrassment! This bloviating, gravel-voiced, hypocrite needs to retire.

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The Real St. Patrick

Yes, today we honor the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who converted Ireland from the enemies of the Faith into a Catholic nation. He used the shamrock to illustrate the profound mystery of our Faith – the Trinity. The question we must ask ourselves today is: Can Ireland still be called a Catholic nation? With all the parades, ceremonies, parties and celebrations (and quite possibly sinful behavior) involved – do we still honor St. Patrick? It is a question left up to the reader to answer.

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A Spiritual Life-Preserver

To anyone who wishes for a place where Traditional Catholicism is practiced without any if, ands and butts or a sede-mentality and who owes their loyalty only to the Faith, Doctrine and Dogma handed-down to us from the Apostles, whose ordinations are valid who decry any sort of “modernist tendencies” may I recommend the Servants of the Holy Family at for your perusal. Additionally you may wish to view my comments concerning them on the opening page of my website: as this group was for me a Spiritual Life-Preserver.

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Idiots, Agents of Satan or Being Blackmailed???

We have two guys (at least I think they’re guys) wearing the white cassocks of the papacy in Rome these days and one can justly ask the question: “Are they idiots, agents of Satan, or are they being blackmailed by enemies of the Church?” Idiots because in the end they know that the justice of Almighty God will wreak vengeance on their immortal souls; agents of Satan because they know that the final battle between Satan and God’s Church is in play and they choose to be on Satan’s side; or blackmailed by the “gay lobby” which equates sodomy and unnatural sex with “human rights.” God created a beautiful world and placed man and woman in a garden of Eden. We all know what happened and we should thank Almighty God for giving us innumerable “second chances.” Hopefully, with Lent fast approaching we won’t flub it up this time.

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Problems with the Gorsuch Nomination?

Not only will Neil Gorsuch have to deal with liberal, democratic senators in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee but he will have to deal with the avowed practices and beliefs of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, CO, and the Episcopal Diocese of America – that is, if he and his wife continue to worship at that location. One of the most stridently liberal Episcopalian Churches in the USA, St. John’s adheres to or promotes beliefs that the Ordination of homosexuals and/or women is OK, LGBTQ causes are just and Abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor – even the heinous practice of late-term Abortion. Now, I’m not making this up, folks, as this can be verified in any number of Google queries on the subject. So, our friend Neil has got his work cut out for himself and he will need all the prayers we can muster that he adheres to truly Christian beliefs regarding Life and the commands of its Creator. And, by the way, there are any number of Episcopalians who disagree with the direction their church has taken on these issues and who. like many traditional Catholics, feel disenfranchised by their own Church Leaders. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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“You’re On Notice!”

Thus saith the National Security Adviser, Lt Gen Flynn, to the imbeciles running the country of Iran who are responsible for the deaths of so many Christians and others in our time. And, the imbeciles laugh him off thinking that this Administration is like the last one – i.e., without teeth. But we have guided missile cruisers in the Persian Gulf who could at a moment’s notice launch cruise missiles to lay waste to Iran’s missile-launch facilities. So, go ahead and laugh you towel-headed creeps and await what we, when at a moment and place of our choosing, decide to punish you for your violation of international agreements. As our President has just said: “nothing is off the table.” And, oh yeah while you’re at it, watch what happens when your Persian-Gulf cowboys in their speedboats attempt to harass our vessels or those of our friends in international waters. You see, we are a peace-loving nation but our patience is not unlimited.

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