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Hilary White, 2016: War on Contemplatives

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Springtime’s Over, Ladies: Francis’ Plans for the “New Conservative” Religious Orders

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The pope has issued “new guidelines” for contemplative nuns, and it has set off every one of my alarms, long, loud and terrifying as an air raid siren. It is possibly one of the most sinister things I’ve seen coming from Bergoglio thus far, but I think few people will understand how serious it is or could be. read more

Papal War Against Contemplative Nuns

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pope Francis vs Contemplative Orders

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(21 votes) Pope Francis vs Contemplative Orders

One aspect of Pope Francis’ character that seems little-explored by the Catholic and secular media alike is his apparent disdain for contemplative religious life – a facet of Catholic life that could be described as the most purely religious of all the Church’s undertakings. The world does not understand it or want it. Therefore, it is something of a thorn in the Bergoglian side, and he has repeatedly expressed his contempt for it. So when, in 2016 he issued a document on contemplative nuns, the faithful braced for impact. read more

An Inspiring Comment


FEBRUARY 16, 2014

I AM of the younger generation and a teenager, at that!

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is just a “fashion” now. Now, I’ve seen it all. It’s just as I thought, the Pope doesn’t like me because I want to be Catholic, to go to the Mass of All Time, the Mass my Patroness went to, because I want to see the Holy Faith shown in all it’s glory at the Latin Mass *with the doctrinal security*, of course, because I just want to carry the torch of the True Faith onward. read more

Motel 6 Announces New Employment Opportunities

The Occupied City 10/04/18 2015 GMT

Reporting by SFORZA Senior Editors Vi Tuperati, O. Clarissimo, Pietrogiovanni Masserati & Bob Woodward (courtesy, the Washington (Com)Post)

Msgr. Guido (“.38”) Speziale told select SFORZA editors earlier this evening that his little known office, La Via Secreto, a division of the recently consolidated Vatican Media conglomerate,was tasked by a highly influential cardinal to hire as many soon-to-become-political-refugees from America possible. The move is to bolster flagging PR efforts by the new “maxumum authority” Vatican Press in the wake of consecutive disastrous events in which the Bergoglian papacy has suffered traumatic image declines in worldwide polling. read more