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An Inspiring Comment


FEBRUARY 16, 2014

I AM of the younger generation and a teenager, at that!

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is just a “fashion” now. Now, I’ve seen it all. It’s just as I thought, the Pope doesn’t like me because I want to be Catholic, to go to the Mass of All Time, the Mass my Patroness went to, because I want to see the Holy Faith shown in all it’s glory at the Latin Mass *with the doctrinal security*, of course, because I just want to carry the torch of the True Faith onward. read more

Motel 6 Announces New Employment Opportunities

The Occupied City 10/04/18 2015 GMT

Reporting by SFORZA Senior Editors Vi Tuperati, O. Clarissimo, Pietrogiovanni Masserati & Bob Woodward (courtesy, the Washington (Com)Post)

Msgr. Guido (“.38”) Speziale told select SFORZA editors earlier this evening that his little known office, La Via Secreto, a division of the recently consolidated Vatican Media conglomerate,was tasked by a highly influential cardinal to hire as many soon-to-become-political-refugees from America possible. The move is to bolster flagging PR efforts by the new “maxumum authority” Vatican Press in the wake of consecutive disastrous events in which the Bergoglian papacy has suffered traumatic image declines in worldwide polling. read more


If you have been visiting your favorite chiropractor more frequently in recent months for whiplash therapy, you’re not alone. Long intervals of incessant Sturm und Drang, punctuated by brief episodes of hopeful enthusiasm, can do a real number, physically and psychically, on anyone.

Hilary White’s shrug when asked about the Rome conference last weekend was the proper one for Catholic Realists in this endless war against the diabolical and all human absurdity.

Our time will likely never see much other than temporary reprieves from the plunge into insanity by church and state. A moderated burst of enthusiastic hopefulness is, of course, needed lest we all end up at Bellevue. However, if we remind one another that what little we can do to hand on Tradition, to the generations yet to come, does have its reward in the Great Beyond, then we at least remain grounded in Reality. Most liberals will never know, because they could not care less, the comfort found in having any sense of purpose beyond immediate gratification of whatever disordered appetite they are seeking to indulge. read more

New German Catechism Project?

AQ’s crack Heretical Foreign Pubications Div. has just learned of an extra super secret “Kata-Schism” project about to be released in time for 535th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther in select German dioceses. The idea is to have it written up by young German Catholics who have interviewed their local bishops.

AQ’s HFP Div. obtained a draft of one of these exchanges, between 15 year old Rudi Hopenpray and his diocesan leader, Bp. Vielhipundmodischer.

Herewith, a sample of what German kinder may be memorizing…
______________ read more

DRAGNET In Deutschland

My name’s Friday. My partner, Bill Gannon, and I were aboard an Al Italia 747 out of Buenos Aires, direct to Rome, when the stewardess asked if I would accompany her to the cockpit. She said an urgent message had just been radioed to the flight crew and the chief pilot needed to talk with me. I followed her to the front of the plane.

“Good afternoon, Sergeant. I’m Capt. Hiram Klouds. My friends call me Hi. I hope you are enjoying your flight?”

“I am, Captain. And my partner loved the antipasto your crew served before lunch. May I ask how I can be of service?” read more

1st Anniversary: John Vennari, RIP

Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine
Et lux perpetua luceat ei
Requiescat in pace Amen +

It was one of the few honors of my own otherwise miserable excuse for a life to know John. He was everything his much closer friends said of him a year ago, and a great deal more. I will only recall on this post one particularly fond series of occasions of which I am sure John will not mind my disclosure.

Some years back a magnificent Jesuit, an authentic disciple of St. Thomas Aquinas, offered the True Rite daily and by grace I came upon it. John and his beautiful family assisted at it and it was in brief chats following the Mass that he and I developed our friendship. read more


My partner, Bill Gannon, and I were at the Buenos Aires airport when we got the call from our Captain back at LAPD.

“Sergeant, I need to ask you two to go to New York City before you head back to Rome.”

“How’s that, Sir?”

“I just got a call from the Commish at NYPD. He’s had a tricky personnel brush fire flaring up since St. Patrick’s Day. He’d appreciate an hour with you.”

“Sure thing, Captain. What’s the beef?”

“From what I could make of it, NYPD has a lot of Irish cops. Most of ’em still show up for Mass most Sundays. They’re sore about how the Archbishop there has gummed up the works and let poofsters overrun what they consider THEIR own parade.” read more