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Prayer Requested


For John G., from Western NY, age approx. 70, in hospice with cancer. Very devout, exemplary Catholic. His priest offered Mass in his room for him. John is a friend of one of my closest friends. Thank you. 🙏

Obedience to “Religious” Politicians?

Looking at Dr. de Mattei’s paper, given yesterday in Rome, it is difficult to not accept that, from Bergoglio to the last of all but a few bishops worldwide, the Catholic Church is currently run not merely by material heretics but by men who literally hate Her, as well.

Thus, to whom must religious obedience direct itself amidst such savagery?

Chicago’s St. John Cantius power play is one example of how ideologues posing as religious leaders can destroy a good pastor and leave him and his devout flock powerless to seek redress. Once a model of pre-Vatican II rectitude and justice, the current conciliarist-run investigatory and juridical bodies have become Star Chambers with unchecked capacities to intimidate and ruin any cleric not ” sufficiently progressive.” read more