“Social Justice Warrior Christianity” Is A Demonic Deception

“Social Justice Warrior Christianity” Is A Demonic Deception


Please listen closely to this talk by Venerable Fulton Sheen as he expounds upon the need for personal holiness and the sacraments. Starting at 14:30 he said, “sometimes we can cover up our want of individual justice by a great love of social justice.” Then he expounded on Judas’ conduct when the woman poured oil on Jesus’ feet. He was robbing the apostolic purse and that is how he covered up his sin. read more

Time to Reassert the Church’s Spiritual Role

Highway to Hell? Hell, No! (AC/DC Guitarist)

 Saturday, November 18, 2017
Highway to Hell?  Hell, No! (AC/DC Guitarist)

“Implacable, immutable, irreplaceable”, alliterate fans of the late Malcolm Young of AC/DC.  In the wake of his death, tribute after glowing tribute are surfacing on the web:

From TheGuardian.com: The “driving force” behind rock band AC/DC, Malcolm Young, has died, aged 64.

Young devised many of the band’s best-known guitar riffs, marking out tracks such as Back in Black, Highway to Hell and You Shook Me All Night Long and establishing them as one of the biggest rock acts of all time. Read The Guardian’s full tributeHERE

The Rolling Stones: “As rhythm guitarist for the legendary rock band, Malcolm Young served as an indispensable foil to Angus Young’s arena-stuffing riffs.” read more

Dictators of Mercy

Dictators of Mercy


by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 20, 2017

Joseph Tobin (left) and Blase Cupich (right), both elevated to the status of Cardinal by Pope Francis, are reliably pro-“gay”, pro-Holy Communion for public adulterers, and pro-open borders immigration policy. They are also proponents of the insidious “seamless garment” canard that reduces the sanctity of human life at all stages to an issue no more important than the number of immigrants admitted to the United States.

In a sign of hope for the largely decadent Church in America, Cupich was defeated in his bid to become head of the USCCB’s committee for pro-life activities, which he would promptly have neutralized by converting it to a “seamless garment” operation. The American bishops, breaking with protocol, elected, not the usual cardinal for that post, but Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, who, as the Modernist organ Crux magazine laments, “is more aligned with a traditional view that concentrates on abortion.” That is, the traditional view that preventing the murder of innocents is paramount over trendy liberal “social justice” concerns. In other words, the Catholic view. read more

The radically different beliefs of Fr. James Martin and Fr. Weinandy highlight the crisis in the Church

The radically different beliefs of Fr. James Martin and Fr. Weinandy highlight the crisis in the Church

Doug Mainwaring

November 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The first Saturday in October proved to be a day of sharp contrasts: I spent the morning in Washington, DC’s historic Holy Trinity Church, listening to Fr. James Martin, SJ, speak about his pro-LGBT book, Building a Bridge. The evening was spent on the other side of town at venerable Capuchin College, where I was privileged to be at Mass and dinner with Fr. Thomas Weinandy, OFM, cap., as he celebrated fifty years as a Capuchin. read more

“Illegal” pro-life posters and a tribute mobile-billboard in Rome

[“Illegal” pro-life posters and a tribute mobile-billboard in Rome]

Pro-life advocates cover Rome with thousands of posters exposing abortion

State the posters: ‘One child killed every five minutes. Since 1978 more than six million killed by abortion. Let us also remember these dead.’

Diane Montagna

ROME, November 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The Eternal City was blanketed with thousands of posters depicting the horror of abortion on the weekend as an unknown group of pro-life activists sought to reawaken Romans to the evil of abortion, nearly 40 years after it was legalized in Italy on May 18, 1978. read more

U.S. bishop defends pro-LGBT priest speaking at Catholic college as thousands protest

U.S. bishop defends pro-LGBT priest speaking at Catholic college as thousands protest

Doug Mainwaring

DALLAS, Pennsylvania, November 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A U.S. bishop is defending a local Catholic university’s invitation to a pro-homosexual priest to have him speak at its winter commencement in the face of almost 20,000 Catholics having signed a petition asking that the invitation be cancelled.

Scranton Bishop Joseph C. Bambera is defending Jesuit homosexualist Fr. James Martin’s speaking engagement at Misericordia University’s winter commencement on December 17, saying that the priest’s latest book condoning homosexuality was “written with the full consent of his religious superiors and in conformity with Catholic Church publishing guidelines.” read more

Opie Dopie Priest Claims „John Paul II Saw Muslim Hordes Invading Europe“

Opie Dopie Priest [Claims] „John Paul II Saw Muslim Hordes Invading Europe“

[When? Where? Rather JP2 was the first “Pope of Islam” – visiting mosques on two seperate occasions and kissing a Koran presented to him in the Vatican by a visiting delegation of Iraqi religious officials, including the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch, who said the photo of that gesture shown repeatedly on Iraqi television showed the Pope had a great respect for Islam]


John Paul II had a vision about Islam according to Opus Dei Monsignor Mauro Longhi, 68, a former official in the Congregation for Clergy. From 1985 to 1995 Longhi used to accompany John Paul II during his holiday in Abruzzo. Longhi is convinced that John Paul II was a visionary. read more

“Don’t Look Now”: Notre Dame provides free abortions for employees!

“Don’t Look Now”:  Notre Dame U provides free abortions for employees!

William Dempsey

NOVEMBER 19, 2017

You thought at least Notre Dame would draw the line at surgical abortion? Wrong.

NOTRE DAME, IN — Last week we reported how Notre Dame has decided to do voluntarily precisely what it insisted to the courts repeatedly it could not do in good conscience — allow its health care contractors to provide free abortifacients and contraceptives to its students and employees. We return to this below. But first, we disclose a change that the university is making respecting abortion in its Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plan for employees that is even more serious.

Under the Notre Dame plan, an employee may contribute up to $2,600.00 a year to the FSA account and receive from it reimbursement for qualified medical expenses. Those contributions are not taxed as income to the employee, and “an employer may limit which expenses are allowable under their FSA plan offering.” read more

Pope Benedict XVI and the Great Reveal?

Pope Benedict XVI and the Great Reveal[?]

[Question mark added by AQ poster]

Prominent Scientists and Catholics Call for Reforms of Pontifical Academy of Science

Prominent Scientists and Catholics Call for Reforms of Pontifical Academy of Science

Statement Denounces Population Control Enthusiasts at Vatican Events


Statement 02

ROME, ITALY – A 12-page statement was issued today, calling on the Vatican to reform its administration of the Pontifical Academy of Science (PAS) and the Pontifical Academy of Social Science (PASS) due to the influence of population control advocates at academy events.  The statement, which was signed by several prominent scientists and lay Catholic leaders in the pro-life community, spotlighted several matters deeply concerning to both science and the integrity of Catholic moral teaching. read more

Fr (James Martin) Brown investigates

Fr (James Martin) Brown investigates

The latest on Pope Francis’ “Who am I to judge” concerning Msgr. Battista Ricca

[The latest on Pope Francis’ “Who am I to judge” concerning Msgr. Battista Ricca]

From Sandro Magister’s “‘I Therefore Order the Following.’ Francis Bets on the Nuncios, Including the Black Sheep“:

Curiously, moreover, Pope Francis has not even been afraid [to continue] to associate with himself – and to keep him very close among the persons of his most trusted inner circle – a diplomat called back to Rome in 2004 for previous immoral behavior at the nunciatures of Algeria, Switzerland, and above all Uruguary: Monsignor Battista Ricca, director of Casa Santa Marta, “prelate” of the Institute for Works of Religion, and still in service at the secretariat of state with the elevated rank of nunciature advisor first class. read more

Situation Ethics & Objective Truths

There are those who though nominally Catholic insist on putting forth the proposition that there are no objective truths and everything I do is governed by the axiom of “if I didn’t believe an action to be sinful, then there is no sin.” This, of course, flies in the face of what we were taught in the primary grades of Catholic schools in the days when those schools were truly Catholic and the nuns teaching us were themselves truly Catholic. Now, if I remember correctly the nuns told us we were responsible for knowing what acts were sinful and, if we were in any way doubtful, there were the Baltimore catechisms to instruct us (there is also this “ruler” in my hand to help you, wise guy). But, they also told us that the Natural Law was inscribed in the hearts of every human being by Our Lord Himself and therefore we knew certain acts that by their nature (and ours) were sinful such as the taking of an innocent human life. read more

Vatican questions reports on homosexuality and abuse at Italian seminary, orders new investigation

Vatican questions reports on homosexuality and abuse at Italian seminary, orders new investigation

[The Vatican is engaging in CYA (not for “changing your attitude”) by denying the accusations and “reviewing the situation”]

Catholic World News – 11/20/17

Italian media reports alleged that the Diocese of Como, Italy, ordained a seminarian who had demanded homosexual relations with a younger seminarian under his authority. The diocese stated that a positive evaluation from authorities in Rome factored into the decision to ordain the older seminarian. The Vatican Press Office questioned the reports but said that “a new investigation is underway, to shed full light on really happened.” read more