FrankenPope Preaches For 17 Minutes That a Homily Shouldn’t Last More Than 8 Minutes

FrankenPope Preaches For 17 Minutes That a Homily Shouldn’t Last More Than 8 Minutes – 9/16/18

On Saturday, Pope Francis made a day visit to the southern Italian island of Sicily.

He garnered big applause when he said in his homily that that a homily shouldn’t last more than 8 minutes: “A 40 minute homily? No.” But Francis’ own homily lasted 17 minutes.

Francis further suggested that the whole Mass should last about 40 minutes implying that it is good not to spend too much time in church.

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11 comments on “FrankenPope Preaches For 17 Minutes That a Homily Shouldn’t Last More Than 8 Minutes

  1. The FrankenMaster is obfuscating with aplomb. He’s going to douse us with shinola and never let the fag problem rise above simmer. And the bishops will go along with it. Burke might write a second “dubia” so folks will send money to the “conservatives.”

    Teach your sons how to fit a pie tin in their pants. This won’t be over for another 20 years, at least.

  2. Long term, the overriding realities argue in your favor, Cyprian. I know of no “silent battalions” of chaste, holy men just waiting in the wings to take over as crusading, latter day St. Peter Damians or St. Pius Xs.
    Bluntly, the priesthood and episcopacy have not been merely decimated over the last century. They have been all but eradicated. There are virtually handfuls, if that, of priests outside of the SSPX, FSSP, ICK, etc. with anything remotely resembling authentic faith, formation or capacity to effect more than local souls blessed by their availability.
    It is not unreasonable to estimate that, of some 400,000 ordained priests in the Church today, worldwide, perhaps only 5 to 7% have the zeal, background and guts to provide sterling leadership and authentic priestly service. And the “trad” societies probably don’t amount to more than 8 to 10% of that total population.
    If everything went better than could be hoped for, say a Cd. Burke or some other “conservative” (but still definitely pro-V2) replaced Francis and seminaries began to be overwhelmed by aspirants intent of a new counter-Revolution, an heroic crusade to rebuild from the ashes, just how soon could substantive results be expected?
    Given the mounting apostasy globally and with no reason to expect it will abate or lose momentum, I would wager 200 years, minimum.

  3. Addendum: The root problem, as always, goes back to the comment by Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, STD, peritus to Cd. Ottaviani before and during Vatican II, that since St. Pius X, the Church has only experienced more and more “tolerant” popes who appointed more and more stupid men to be bishops. We are now in the 103rd year of decline and that is not going to be remedied by any “quick fix” Pollyanna strategies.

  4. And the Holy Father saw no contradiction? The homily should generally not run much longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Longer than 25 minutes is pushing it.

    Protestants who trimmed back the sacraments considerably go in for the asceticism of lengthy sermonizing and preaching with the Billy Graham and Joel Osteen types filling up stadiums to endure hours of repetition to find out the preacher is unnecessary since Jesus and faith alone will save them. Even Pope Francis does not demand such ultramontanist attention from fans and followers.

    Keep it simple. Go easy on the politics and anything that requires a Ph.D. in economics to follow or correct. If your pastor wants to write a dissertation on the economics of banana plantations, jungle politics of military juntas, and Marxist revolutionary movements, he should apply to a liberal graduate school and find some seminar buddies with similar left-wing interests. Also, never willingly go into the church basement for the slideshow.

    • “…endure hours of repetition to find out the preacher is unnecessary since Jesus and faith alone will save them”

      • I agree. Prof. Howl is a prince among men!

        • It is not a secret among those born into Catholicism that certain Jansenists who seek priestly power have sadistic tendencies and that among these the extra long sermon is one of their preferred instruments of torture on Sunday mornings. That some Protestants share in this ascetic practice is evidence of the broad reach of the heresy of Jansenism.

          On the other hand, those who are not sure of their commitment to the Christian faith may need more lengthy oratory and semonizing in the 45 to 60 minutes range. Fortunately, in the old days the Catholic Church had “mission night” for these ascetics.

          My best recollection is that the sermon as a harangue to air the priest’s personal opinions on a wide variety of secondary and tertiary matters of speculative opinion and prudential judgment on this-worldly ideological debates began around the time of the Vietnam war. After the U.S. withdrawal from Southeast Asia in 1975, crazy left-wing modernist priests discovered Marxist Liberation theology from Latin America as a useful topic for their emotivist outbursts which picked up in hysteria during the Reagan years.

          The parish social of coffee and donuts after Mass seemed to come to an end in the Vietnam era because many parishioners were to angry to talk to the priest after Mass BECAUSE of the political sermon. There should be a study of the impact of this on parish life.

  5. Some sermons recorded for posterity by scribes, going back to the earliest centuries, must have taken much more time than what passes for “ideal,” today.

  6. In the main, ten or fewer minutes isn’t a bad norm. Longwindedness is usually a sure sign of hasty, rather thoughtless preparation. Which is why great writers spend 60-90% of their time editing and revising an original work before sending it to the publisher.

  7. Also, since neither a sermon or even distributing Communion are required in any Mass (each is a concession and not mandated), a 25 minute Low Mass fulfills obligations under Church law. Each can be offered prior to or after the Leonine prayers. Some priests actually do just that.

  8. Is it even possible for His Hypocrisy to actually practice what he preaches?
    Sin Makes You Stupid.
    Which means, of course, that His Hypocrisy is an extremely great sinner.

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