“Bergoglio Replaces Catholicism with a Secular Humanism”

“Bergoglio Replaces Catholicism with a Secular Humanism”

en.news – 9/16/18

“Bergoglio replaces Catholicism with a secular humanism”, the philosopher Marcello Pera, a former president of the Italian Senate and personal friend of the former Benedict XVI, told LaFedeQuotidiana.it (September 15): “Such a step could lead into a schism”, he added.

According to Pera, Francis intends to treat the Viganó revelations like the Dubia and not answer them. Pera calls this “a delaying tactic that, instead of bringing serenity and clarity, helps to generate disconcert and confusion.”

Pera comments, “I have the feeling that the Pope is confident in that wing of the [liberal] press that is always on his side. He knew that he would be defended a priori by some important [anti-Catholic] newspapers.”

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One comment on ““Bergoglio Replaces Catholicism with a Secular Humanism”

  1. The modernist heresy from the Spirit of Vatican II, with its class-based Liberation theology and situation ethics, is essentially a neo-Marxist type of secular humanism barely distinguishable from the political ideology of the progressive Left, as Cardinal Cupich of Chicago so awkwardly put it the Pope needs to focus on climate change and immigration, as if these are the main issues of the Christian faith. When the modernist clergy substituted “Social Justice” for the Catholic faith, they adopted the agenda of the secular Left. Is it really hard to understand why modernist clergy abandoned traditional sexual morality when they believe that Christianity is really about left-wing politics and economics?

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