Vatican to Address the Sex Abuse Crisis… Later

Vatican to Address the Sex Abuse Crisis… Later

Written by  Michael Matt | Editor – 9/12/18

Yeah, you're real sorry, aren't you, Guys?
Yeah, you’re real sorry, aren’t you, Guys?

This just in from the Vatican: “The Holy Father Francis, after hearing the Council of Cardinals, decided to convene a meeting with the Presidents of the Bishops Conferences of the Catholic Church on the theme of ‘protection of minors.’”

So, His Holiness needs his Cardinals to tell him it’d be a good idea to maybe address the massive sex abuse crisis in his church? Well, at least there’s something that looks like acknowledgement going on now. So, when does this meeting happen?

“The summit will take place at the Vatican Feb. 21-24, 2019.”

*flips table*

Are they joking? Next year?!  And here we thought Brother Blasé in Chicago was talking through his red hat. Apparently not:

They really can’t be bothered to move fast on this one.  Besides, the way the news cycles work, come February most people will have forgotten all about this.  So why “go down a rabbit hole” right now?  That “bigger agenda” is more important. Pope’s gotta canonize the rumored homosexual, Pope Paul VI. He’s gotta “talk about the environment”.  He’s gotta get the kids together for the…er…synod on young people.

And those sex abuse victims? Well, hell, they can wait! And that investigation into complicity can wait, too. Justice for wounded souls and vindication of good priests and bishops? That can totally wait!

popes emergency

Besides, it’s not as if the Holy Father is going to address the root of the problem anyway. He doesn’t even mention the rampant homosexuality in the clergy. So, why rush this thing?

Really, we’ve got to consider the possibility that this bizarre man was made pope, not because he’s smart, but precisely because he’s not. And he could thus be counted on to make a laughing stock of the papacy.

And it’s not just ‘rad trads’ who suspect this. Everyone who’s still breathing is, in fact, breathless over this monumental hubris in the Eternal City:

This is the work, not of mere mortals, but of Principalities and Power. This is a systematic attempt to destroy of the credibility and integrity of the papacy. Francis must resign now!

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2 comments on “Vatican to Address the Sex Abuse Crisis… Later

  1. Apologies, Holiness, but We’ll Be Washing Our Hair in February

    Written by  Jason Morgan | Remnant Columnist – 9/14/18

    Well, that didn’t take long.

    Just last week, amid worldwide shock and horror over revelations that Pope Francis the Last had actively conspired to cover up decades of sickening sexual abuse by people in high Church office, His Holiness, obeying the code of omertà to the letter, vowed to keep a lofty silence and not dignify the charges against him with a response.

    We should have known that Jorge Mario Bergoglio keeping quiet is about as likely as the members of “The View” joining the Navy SEALS. Apparently unable to keep his peace, the Holy Father has now given the world his grand, dramatic answer to Archbishop Viganò’s detailed bombshell report: a bishops conference to be held in Rome in February of 2019. After World Youth Day in Panama—which will undoubtedly feature Fr. James Martin, peddler of the homosexuality that is the root cause of the horrific molestation culture infecting the Church—the Pope will burn about 30,000 gallons of jet fuel to hurry back to the Vatican in time to convene a meeting about how to prevent sexual abuse in dioceses.

    Note to the bishops: Don’t go. It’s a trap.

    Let’s keep in mind that Pope Francis is the mastermind of the very problem he now proposes to solve. Bergoglio calling the bishops to Rome to tell them to be more open about abuse problems is the equivalent of NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria summoning his agents to Moscow to give them all a good talking-to about not spying so much. The bishops are not being invited to the Vatican to work towards ending criminal activity—they’re going to help Francis rehabilitate his image and get back in the good graces of the New York Times. (If Bill Clinton’s legacy is any example, the Times will probably go pretty easy on Francis. Perhaps Gloria Steinem can write the welcome-back op-ed?)

    Yes, bishops, as the hackers say, if you go to Francis’ party, then consider yourself “owned”. He needs you for the photo-op. Imagine it, His Majesty in regalia, doing his best Elder Statesman, frowning pensively for the cameras while he holds court with all of you props, appearing to fret over how to help all the people he is complicit in harming. Good grief. David O. Selznick would never have asked Vivien Leigh to engage in such cheap theatrics. There’s nothing in Canon Law that says you have to be a patsy. Good bishops, please give this invite a pass. Tell Francis that for the entire month of February you will be washing your hair.

    Francis has had a week to come up with a devious scheme and this is the best he could do. How the Jesuits have fallen. They can’t even do Machiavelli anymore. This latest plot from the wiliest Jesuit of them all is about as see-through as Saran wrap, but for the handful of folks who may still be willing to lend Bergoglio any credence, let me point out that the Vatican is where the evil of the day got going. No, not in 2013; in 1965. If Francis is really serious about solving the abuse problem, he’ll invite the bishops to stick around for a couple of years while the documents of Vatican II are repealed paragraph by paragraph.

    Otherwise, dear bishops, please just stay home. Plant a tree. Forge a document. Buy an organic soymilk latte. Sign the petition in support of women priests. But, please, don’t waste your time on this latest papal stunt.

  2. Francis to Bishops: Let’s Meet to Keep Hiding the Real Problem

    by Chris Ferrara – Fatima Perspectives #1233 – 9/13/18

    As Philip Lawler notes with appropriate disgust, in the midst of the newly erupted but always present homosexual corruption of the Catholic priesthood since Vatican II, Francis — himself implicated in the cover-up of the crimes of ex-Cardinal McCarrick — “has called the leaders of the world’s episcopal conferences to Rome, to ‘speak about the prevention of abuse of minors and vulnerable adults’…more than five years after the Pope announced his plan to set up a special commission to recommend plans and policies for ‘the prevention of abuse of minors and vulnerable adults.’”

    The abuse of minors and vulnerable adults. Notice how the scope of this ridiculous meeting, still five months away, to do nothing about a situation that has only worsened, five years after the creation of a commission that also did nothing, is carefully limited by language a lawyer could have drafted. There will be no discussion of the plague of sodomy between priests and “consenting” legal adults age 18 or over. That leaves plenty of room for actively homosexual priests to continue their activity.

    In short, this Pope has no intention of addressing what Lawler rightly calls “the influence of a homosexual network among the clergy” unless its activity involves an actual rape prosecutable under civil law. Even then, however, the cover-ups will continue as much as possible in the current climate of public scrutiny.

    Why is this so? My colleague Edwin Faust zeroes in on the one and only reason, given the hierarchy’s refusal to follow Church teaching by eliminating the homosexual corruption of the priesthood: “[T]he Catholic clergy and its hierarchy are in the hands of a homosexual cabal….” Accordingly, he concludes: “There is simply no way out of the present dilemma for the Catholic hierarchy except for an overthrow of the immemorial teaching on homosexuality. Then, it will be possible to condemn the abuse of power, i.e. using one’s position to obtain sexual favors, while accepting homosexual priests as normal.”

    Thus the meeting in February will not prejudice the ongoing project spearheaded by the intolerable Father James Martin — truly an element of the final stage of the current ecclesial crisis — of “mainstreaming” homosexuality in the priesthood according to this Pope’s own mantra, uttered concerning the flagrant homosexual he made head of his very household: “Who am I to judge?”

    Can anyone still seriously maintain, even after more than five years of this ruinous pontificate, that the Third Secret of Fatima in its integrity is merely a visual depiction of 20th-century events culminating in the failed attempt on the life of John Paul II in 1981? Who can still honestly accept this absurd “interpretation” of the Secret by none other than Cardinal Sodano, the corrupt former Vatican Secretary of State who covered up the homosexual predation of Father Marcial Maciel until the future Pope Benedict XVI put a stop to the cover-up?

    It was Pope Benedict who later famously declared at the outset of his mysteriously abbreviated pontificate: “Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.” The word wolves was doubtless carefully chosen, for it has a precise meaning in the ecclesial context, that being the enemies within who ravage the flock. And it was none other than Benedict who said of the Secret that it foretells what we now witness: “the greatest persecution of the Church comes not from her enemies without, but arises from sin within the Church, and that the Church thus has a deep need to relearn penance, to accept purification, to learn forgiveness on the one hand, but also the need for justice.”

    The current pontificate is a mockery of justice in the Church. But justice is coming. And the longer God allows it to be delayed by the scheming of corrupt churchmen the more terrible His sentence will be.

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