Dossier Edition (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Your Catholic Week in Review (Dossier Edition!)

Michael Hichborn – 9/15/18

Just in case you haven’t seen the latest, here is the Lepanto update on which states have released reports (red), are pursuing investigations (yellow), are considering investigations (orange), and which ones have press inquiries asking if these states will be investigating their Catholic dioceses (green).


This new set of investigations comes in the wake of an explosive revelation,that the 300 page dossier that was delivered to Pope Benedict XVI just before his shocking resignation (quite literally, as lightning hit the dome of St. Peter Basilica the day of the announcement) was announced to the Catholic faithful is now in the hands of the European press.

More from our friends over at Church Militant, who to date have done yeoman’s work exposing the rot (and being the subject of much abuse) within Catholic circles:

Among those implicated in the dossier is none other than Cdl. Kevin Farrell, prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, who has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing of former housemate Abp. Theodore McCarrick’s homosexual predation, although they lived together on the same floor of the same house for six years in Washington, D.C. 

“Farrell was appointed auxiliary bishop of Washington precisely because it was McCarrick who wanted him as a deputy,” Fagnani reports in a September 4 article focusing on a “Farrell dossier.” “The two were part of the ‘magic circle’ of Pope Francis.”

Readers will remember that news of this dossier is not new — in fact, it was central to the Vatileaks scandal in 2012, with documents that not only intimated a plot against the life of Pope Benedict XVI, but exposed corruption inside the Vatican itself.  The whistleblower?  None other than Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano who is currently hiding for fear of assassination by elements seeking to silence him once and for all.

Pope Francis is no stranger to this practice of silencing critics.  

Katherine Rodriguez over at Breitbart uncovered a four volume set of documents where then-Cardinal Bergoglio was discovered to have built a ‘kompromat’ file against victims of sexual abuse in order to discredit and prevent them from making allegations against homosexual clergy.  This 2,600 page collection of compromising information bears striking resemblance to the efforts of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s staff at the Archdiocese of New York to silence and shame Church Militant’s Michael Voris back in 2016.  Needless to say, it didn’t work.

Of course, after a week of Pope Francis warning his critics to “silence” and stating that the motives of faithful Catholics stem from “the Great Accuser” rather than through a love of the Magisterium, who this culture of silence is designed to help?

Certainly not the victims of clerical abuse.

Sources indicate that the contents of this explosive dossier may be made public in the near future.  For those of us watching from our living room chairs and reading about this in the Catholic media, one has to wonder whether this dossier — designed to warn Pope Benedict XVI of the conspiracy in the Vatican — was in the end used by Pope Francis as a vetting tool.

A horrifying thought.  Yet as the fallout from McCarrick’s circle of enablers — Wuerl, Dolan, O’Malley, Tobin, Farrell and Gomez — continues to engulf American Catholicism, one can’t help but think that this ‘kompromat’ became very useful to a man whose practice in Buenos Aires made him all too skilled.

Of course, with all the news going on with the Vatican, that doesn’t mean that Lepanto has missed its core mission of researching Catholic charities operating right here in the United States.  Which is why we are PROUD to give you our new Catholic Charities Database!

Click Here to View Our Catholic Charities Database!

Feel free to kick the tires on this database.  Each organization we have research has been graded, and each one has a full report outlining whether or not they meet the standards of the Catholic Magisterium on four key metrics:

  1. Does this organization facilitate abortion?
  2. Does this organization facilitate contraception?
  3. Does this organization facilitate homosexuality?
  4. Does this organization facilitate Marxism?

As with all of these organizations, the Lepanto Institute not only strives for accuracy, but in instances where Catholic charities are at stake, we present these findings privately asking for either an explanation or correction.  If no correction or explanation is forthcoming, it is only after a lengthy discernment period before the evidence is presented to the public in a factual, clear, and direct fashion.

We believe this process to be fair not only because it is what Scripture commands, but because we are not in the business of scandal mongering in the slightest.  Rather, our aim is to ensure that Catholic institutions are authentically Catholic and operating faithfully and in the manner which they present themselves to the faithful — as Catholic charities.

As always, Lepanto performs this service entirely reliant upon our Blessed Mother and the charity offered by Catholics just like yourself.  So if you find this mission worthwhile, please prayerfully consider supporting Lepanto’s mission with a 100% charitable contribution straight away (and thank you!)

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