Archbishop Vigano: a Hero, Welcome to come to Oklahoma

Friday, September 14, 2018

Archbishop Vigano: a Hero, Welcome to come to Oklahoma

[Persona eius hic non “persona non grata” (his person is not unwelcome here)!]

This guy is such a brave hero.  He knew when he released his report he would be hunted down by the liberal media and liberal powers-that-be in the Vatican, and even scrutinized at first from all quarters.

Yet, the press is reporting he has gone into hiding.  An unofficial hunt for him was initiated from behind Vatican walls, to answer for his report.

Well, we Okies are known for our down-to-earth common sense, and can clearly see that Vigano is a good man and did the righteous thing, on behalf of the children.  Our two Tulsa bishops even recently supported his exposure of the pedo Clerical Cabal, calling for an investigation at the Level of the Vatican/Francis.

So Archbishop, email me if you need a place to stay.  My wife is an excellent cook.  And I know our Bishops here will welcome you.  Perhaps even take a sabbatical within the walls of traditional Clear Creek Abbey here.
Cardinal Burke himself does from time to time.

What I admire most in this Bishop, in the stand he is taking, is his indifference to how he will be treated.  For him, the integrity of God and the Church is what matters.  Let the chips fall where they may.

God bless Archbishop Vigano!!  He is a hero we must support.  A lighthouse in the darkness, yet now a lightning rod targeted by the Rot in the human element of the Church.

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