FrankenPope links sexual abuse in Chile, Ireland, United States to ‘elitist,’ ‘clericalist’ Church

[Not in Rome where there is no ‘elitist,’ ‘clericalist’ Church (or “Namby-Pamby N.I.M.B.Y.”)! – AQ Tom]
Catholic World News – 9/14/18
Editor’s Note: “This drama of abuse, especially when it is widespread and gives great scandal—think of Chile, here in Ireland or in the United States—has behind it a Church that is elitist and clericalist, an inability to be near to the people of God,” the Pope told Jesuits during his recent apostolic visit to Ireland. “Elitism, clericalism fosters every form of abuse … Forever in the Church there have been authoritarian bishops and religious superiors. And authoritarianism is clericalism.” The Pope also expressed concern about the lack of Jesuit vocations.
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7 comments on “FrankenPope links sexual abuse in Chile, Ireland, United States to ‘elitist,’ ‘clericalist’ Church

  1. So does letting in a bunch of perverts and degenerates ! The Pope is really quite Mad ! He has lost all sense of reality ! As far as lack of Jesuits ! That is the only good news I have seen for a while !

  2. If he thinks changing the subject will make the scandals go away, the pope needs to get some new PR consultants. While there may well be problems with clericalism and authoritarianism in various parts of the Church, or even elitism, whatever he means by that, they are NOT the main problems causing these scandals. The sins of sodomy and homoerotic molestation and groping are not in themselves clericalism, elitism, or authoritarianism. A Marxist People’s Church modernist is fully capable of misconduct while supposedly avoiding elitism.

    As for the decline in vocations in the Society of Jesus, perhaps the very unattractive and dissembling errors of the modernist heresy, situation ethics, and Marxist Liberation theology have more than a little to do with that.

    If the Holy Father cannot bring himself to confront the very real problems of homosexualism and homosexual rape in the priesthood, preferring to offer sermonizing on clericalism, elitism, or authoritarianism as a dodge, a new pope is needed to replace the one with his head in the sand.

  3. If Bergoglio was so concerned about elitist clericalism, why was he so eager to extend mercy to Cardinal McCarrick after allegations that he had clericalized seminarians in an authoritarian and elitist manner in his beach house bedroom? Is he ready to split modernist situational ethics hairs distinguishing between genital clericalism and non-genital clericalism?

    • “Genital clericalism” LOL

      Oh, he’ll push the distinction. Why not? For years now they’ve distinguished between genital homosexuality and non-genital homosexuality. The latter can be ordained. Hey, it keeps the neocats distracted. Maybe the next distraction can be how many modernist situational ethics hairs can fit atop Anita Hill’s Coke can?

      • While modernists are busy splitting hairs to prop up the Bergoglian pontificate of situation ethics, you realize that the same liberals who were outraged that a conservative African-American judge told an off-color joke about a pubic hair on a Coke can in front of Anita Hill had absolutely no problem with Bill Clinton raping a woman and taking advantage of an emotionally-vulnerable intern (which would make an interesting case study in a seminar on Legal Ethics at Harvard Law School for any Opus Dei friends brooding over John Rawls).

  4. re: “clericalism” (for sodomy)

    When a modernist cardinal invites a seminarian into his bed at his beach house and proceeds to grope, fondle, and wrap his legs around the seminarian and tries to flip him over, Pope Francis calls this “clericalism” (which takes the word games of neo-Kantian modernism to extreme levels of absurdity we weren’t even sure were possible in satire up to now). These words games will become Clintonian before this is over because if “clericalism” is going to be the operative, clinical term for homoerotic groping, fondling, or anal intercourse, then at some point canonical sanctions will have to distinguish between genital clericalism and non-genital clericalism (or…ahem…penetrational clericalism vs. non-penetrational clericalism to spell things out clearly for the Catholic League).

  5. Or: How many neo-Kantian situational ethics hairs can a modernist Jesuit split on the head of a fondling, clericalist cardinal? (in the New Evangelization).

    Try saying that ten times fast and you have some sense of where the modernist Spirit of Vatican II has brought the Church.

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