BIshop Bransfield Out Amid Sex Abuse Accusations!


BREAKING NEWS: BIshop Bransfield Out Amid Sex Abuse Accusations!

I received this e-mail at 7:04 this morning: “Miss Bransfield removed today less than five days after reaching 75! Archbishop Lori now in charge. The Archbishop also investigating sexual harrasment of adults ( Males?) by the former Bishop. Your article  on him (follow-up here) was divinely inspired!!”
“Archbishop Lori will meet with clergy and lay leaders of the Diocese Thursday and Friday. He will celebrate Mass in Wheeling on Saturday at the Cathedral of St. Joseph.” (Source)
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  1. Fairy Lori gets to be an investigator? I got an earful about him from the Mothers’ Watch moms back in the 90’s. The fox is investigating the hen house!

    • Archbishop Lori Untrustworthy


      by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th. • • September 13, 2018

      Can tainted bishops faithfully investigate fellow bishops?

      An allegedly corrupt low-level bishop is getting tossed to the media hounds while a not so faithful hire-up is being sent in to investigate the bishop’s reported homosexual predation of vulnerable adults.

      Such is the case with Abp. William Lori of Baltimore, the newly appointed apostolic administrator of the diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia. Lori is replacing Bp. Michael Bransfield currently under investigation for his alleged roll in the sexual abuse of young adults.

      Announcing on Thursday his lead role in the investigation, Abp. Lori said, “I further pledge to conduct a thorough investigation in search of the truth into the troubling allegations against Bishop Bransfield and to work closely with the clergy, religious and lay leaders of the diocese until the appointment of a new bishop.”

      The problem is that Lori, who Rome chose to investigate his fellow bishop for clerical sex abuse, was instrumental in exempting bishops from provisions of the 2002 Dallas Charter for the Protection of Young People.

      Archbishop Elden Curtis of Omaha spoke up at the meeting in 2002 asking why a revision of the document replaced the term “clerics” with the words “priests and deacons.” Curtis pointed out, “Bishops are also clerics.” Bishop Lori, then the ordinary of Bridgeport, explained the switch in terminology. The drafting committee, said Lori, “decided we would limit it to priests and deacons, as the discipline of bishops is beyond the purview of this document. ‘Cleric’ would cover all three, so we decided not to use the word ‘cleric.'”

      These changes to the Dallas Charter that resulted in protecting bishops guilty of committing or covering up clerical sex abuse were designed by the former cardinal and known homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick. With the recent avalanche of revelations concerning the common knowledge of McCarrick’s past homosexual activity, it’s widely speculated that “many, if not most of the bishops who convened in the 2002 Dallas meeting, knew that McCarrick had abused seminarians and young priests.” Yet they, along with Lori, “said nothing.”

      Many bishops are finally admitting what has already been proven by statistics, namely, that the clerical sex abuse crisis is homosexual in nature. Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin last month stated this most succinctly: “It is time to admit that there is a homosexual subculture within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that is wreaking great devastation in the vineyard of the Lord.”

      Archbishop Lori, however, who is now investigating Bp. Bransfield’s alleged homosexual abuse of seminarians and young adults, has allowed this homosexual subculture to grow in his own archdiocese. The archbishop permits the homosexual activist group called LEAD, LGBT Educating and Affirming Diversity, to work in his diocese. The group dates back to the former archbishop of Baltimore, Cdl. Edwin O’Brien, who Abp. Carlo Viganò named last month in his testimony as part of the “homosexual current in favor of subverting Catholic doctrine on homosexuality.”

      Lori, in addition, allows LEAD to carry the banner of St. Mathew’s parish every year while marching in Baltimore’s gay pride parade. Saint Mathew’s parish in Baltimore hosts the openly homosexual group, which sports actively gay couples at Mass and promotes the normalization of the gay lifestyle. “I was a nun for eight years,” remarks Vania Christian Dos Passos. The former nun, who is now a member of the dissident group added, “LEAD is a place where you can be yourself, where I celebrate my identity.”

      “People think it’s incompatible to be gay and Catholic,” her partner Rachel comments. “There’s a lot of Catholics out there that do support gay marriage and LGBT equality, and when they find out about St. Matthew’s, they are drawn to it.”

      Faithful Catholics find it hard to understand how Lori, who helped exempt bishops from the charter on sex abuse some 16 years ago and who does nothing about the dissident gay group in his own diocese, can be tapped to authentically investigate alleged homosexual predation in the diocese of his fellow bishop.

    • Archbishop Lori Threw Whistleblower Priest Under the Bus

      by David Nussman • • September 14, 2018

      Made Fr. Michael Madden apologize for using private investigator to track pastor’s embezzlement

      BRIDGEPORT, Conn. ( – Archbishop William Lori once made a whistleblower priest deliver a public apology for helping bust another priest’s embezzlement.

      Archbishop Lori, currently heading the archdiocese of Baltimore, is Pope Francis’ new pick to replace Bp. Michael Bransfield in the diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia. For the time being, Lori is acting as apostolic administrator.

      Back when Abp. Lori was head of the diocese of Bridgeport in Connecticut, Fr. Michael Jude Fay, then the pastor of St. John parish in the diocese, was caught embezzling over $1 million in parish money. Taken to court, Fay pled guilty in 2007 to transporting money obtained fraudulently across state lines. Father Fay died in prison in 2009.

      Another priest, Fr. Michael Madden, helped expose Fr. Fay’s misdeeds by hiring private investigators. But Lori chastised Fr. Madden for doing so, claiming the priest was overstepping his bounds.

      Lori even made Fr. Madden give a public apology during Mass for hiring the private investigators instead of relying on the diocese. A parish secretary was also in on the plan to track Fr. Fay’s embezzlement.

      Father Madden chose to retire from active ministry in August 2006. News stories from the time noted it was an abrupt departure.

      Reporters had a hard time getting hold of Madden after he left priestly ministry. He did give an interview shortly before he left which was published after the fact. In that interview, he said, “My conscience has always been clear as far as my actions go, because I know that I have tried to do right by the people the bishop entrusted to my care. And as the evidence clearly shows, nobody else was looking out for them, or Fay wouldn’t have been able to have carried on for all these years.”

      Father Fay was spending the parish’s money on a life of opulence, buying designer clothes, fine dining, expensive furniture and other luxury items. Over the years, he cost the parish a total of about $1.4 million.

      Father Madden and parish bookkeeper Bethany D’Erario had brought Fr. Fay’s decadent lifestyle to the diocese’s attention under Lori. But they went to private investigators because they were frustrated with how slow the diocese was to move on the information.

      Lori was instrumental in 2002 in creating the Dallas Charter, a document from the U.S. bishops on how to handle the clerical sex abuse crisis.

      During the meeting in Dallas, Lori defended now-disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s decision to alter the language in early drafts of the document that would have held bishops responsible.

      For instance, a phrase in the Dallas Charter where early drafts used the word “clerics” was changed to specify “priests and deacons” — thus excusing bishops from being investigated and held accountable.

  2. And a shoutout: to Mary Ann Kreitzer, faithful Catholic

    I’ve been following your coverage of Fr. Haley since the beginning. (Latest post covered on AQ) May the Good God smile upon you and your family. Good work.

  3. Sadly, Archbishop Lori has a homosexualist parish in his diocese and an LGBTQ activist priest homosexualizing another parish. How is he supposed to “investigate” a bishop in another diocese when he refuses to police his own archdiocese and the institutions in it? Who will “investigate” his archdiocese to ensure that the Catholic faith is properly taught?

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