Benedict XVI Accuses Church of Complicity With Nazi Crimes

Benedict XVI Accuses Church of Complicity With Nazi Crimes – 9/13/18

The former Benedict XVI corresponded this summer with the Viennese Rabbi Arie Folger about a confusing article Benedict wrote in July about “the Jews”.

According to (September 12), the former pope unilaterally accused “the Christians” of allegedly not having disputed “with due respect” for “the Jews” over different interpretations, for instance, of the Old Testament.

Emeritus Benedict XVI even repeated the historical lie that a “sad history of Christian anti-Judaism led to the anti-Christian anti-Judaism of the Nazis”, although the Nazis were anti-Catholic closing all monasteries, removed the crucifixes and incarcerating thousands of priests whereas the Church fought them and saved hundred thousands of Jews.

About the creation of the secular state of Israel, founded by atheists who expelled over a million local Palestinians, a state repudiated by faithful orthodox Jews, Benedict XVI said that this expresses “the fidelity of God to Israel revealed in a mysterious way”.

Finally, Benedict XVI claims that there is “much greater unity between Israel and the Church than ever before” although the Vatican has contact only with a small fringe of mainly liberal Jews with weak religious convictions.

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