Cardinal Cupich Invites All Chicago Area Priests to an “Open Discussion” This Evening at Mundelein Seminary (Must Have Printed Invitation to Enter)


BREAKING: Cardinal Cupich Invites All Chicago Area Priests to an “Open Discussion” This Evening at Mundelein Seminary (Must Have Printed Invitation to Enter)

[An open meeting by invitation only!]

A source inside the archdiocese (not the Canons Regular of SJC) just alerted me to this.

It was apparently already planned and privately announced on August 30, but a reminder was just sent out yesterday.

And no, I’m not suggesting that any curious laypeople crash the party in clerical garb. But it will be interesting to read the reports tomorrow.

From: Vicar General
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2018 3:26 PM
Subject: Invitation to Conversation with Cardinal Cupich on Sep. 12
Dear Brothers,
Please see the attached letter from Cardinal Cupich inviting all priests of the Archdiocese to a conversation on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium at Mundelein Seminary.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Bishop-elect Ronald HicksVicar General
From: Arch Link
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 11:45 AM
Subject: Important Update: Conversation with Cardinal Cupich on Sep. 12

All priests are invited to join Cardinal Cupich for an open discussion this Wednesday, September 12 at 7 p.m. in the Mundelein Auditorium. To maintain an environment in which you feel free to discuss any issues or questions, all priests must present a copy of the attached invitation letter from the Cardinal in order to enter the USML campus, as well as the auditorium. You may present a copy of the letter on your cell phone or bring a printed copy.
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One comment on “Cardinal Cupich Invites All Chicago Area Priests to an “Open Discussion” This Evening at Mundelein Seminary (Must Have Printed Invitation to Enter)

  1. Mundelein, eh? From Steve Brady’s Fall 2003 AMDG newsletter,

    Joseph Bernardin: A Double Life Prince of the Church and “Lavender Mafia” Don
    By Joe Kellenyi

    Readers of this article may recall my name from Michael S. Rose’s book, Goodbye, Good Men. Having read my polygraph results in this issue of AMDG, one will of course realize that all the information attributed to me in Mr. Rose’s book is true. But this polygraph result has far greater significance than that. The polygraph results show that I discovered in 1999 that Cardinal Bernardin had fostered a network of gay priests and bishops who were covering up one another’s sexual indiscretions. The rector of Mundelein Seminary confirmed this fact.

    The most widely known and respected polygraph firm in England administered this test. The accuracy of the results was 100% and the polygraph administrator swore to this before a British magistrate.

    I have given RCF permission to make public the original copy of the above polygraph results because I did not want to go to my grave with my knowledge of the late Cardinal Bernardin’s homosexuality. Bernardin’s perverse sexuality has long been common knowledge among well-informed Catholics and often alluded to publicly. However, this polygraph result constitutes, in my opinion, the long sought ‘smoking gun’ that establishes for posterity the fact that the late Cardinal was in fact homosexual.

    In my own life, I have twice suffered from the consequences of Joe Bernardin’s homosexuality. When I was a seminarian at Mundelein, Bernardin had appointed the rectors (one of whom at least was certainly homosexual) who appointed the overwhelmingly gay formation faculty that discriminated against me because I was heterosexual. When I discovered a homosexual scandal at the American College of Louvain, the bishop responsible tried to cover it up. He is a homosexual with ties to Bernardin. (It is nearly certain that Bernardin played a role in this priest becoming a bishop).

    In addition, anyone who reads this polygraph result will realize that it helps prove, not just that Bernardin was homosexual, but it helps prove the existence of an organized network of homosexual priests and bishops, centered in Chicago with tentacles throughout the American hierarchy. Even before the Boston clerical scandals exploded, I discovered the fact that some bishops and priests mentored by Bernardin were covering up for one another’s ‘mistakes’ and promoted each other’s ecclesiastical careers. This polygraph result helps prove that the Bernardin network of priests and bishops actively discriminated against heterosexual seminarians and priests.

    The man who corroborated these facts is Rev. John Canary, rector of Mundelein Seminary. He was in a unique position to know. He was appointed by Bernardin to his current position, and (according to the New York Times) was chosen by Bernardin to handle the archdiocese’s response to the priestly sex abuse scandals that hit Chicago in the 1980’s. Rev. Canary belonged socially and professionally to Bernardin’s inner circle of friends.

    … Rev. Canary admitted that he had hired a formation faculty that was predominantly homosexual, and he admitted that these people were biased against heterosexual people. He admitted that he had given the gay clique (whom he hired) veto power over Chicago seminarians. Moreover, he socialized and vacationed with these gay priests.

    … When I confronted Rev. Canary about Bernardin’s gay clique, Rev. Canary did not ask me for a list of names. If he had, I was willing to name twenty-plus priests and bishops. When I approached Rev. Canary with my concerns, I had observed that, almost without exception, every priest and bishop that I knew had been mentored, befriended, favored, or promoted in any way by Bernardin was homosexual.

    [more at the link]

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