McElroy fudges with parish bulletins

McElroy fudges with parish bulletins

Will the laity ask about the Vigano letter? 

[From the combox: Joel Fago: “hatred for Pope Francis.” Another example of when you don’t like the message, attack the messenger.]


Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego is now famous for being mentioned in context of the special treatment of sexual predator Cardinal Theodore McCarrick by former papal nuncio Carlo Maria Vigano,

“The appointment of McElroy in San Diego was also orchestrated from above, with an encrypted peremptory order to me as Nuncio, by Cardinal Parolin: “Reserve the See of San Diego for McElroy.”

“McElroy was also well aware of McCarrick’s abuses….”

Bishop McElroy has responded to the charges with an August 27 statement on the diocese website characterizing Archbishop Vigano’s letter as “a distortion of the truth” and characterized by “hatred for Pope Francis.”

The San Diego bishop has another statement on the website regarding abuses in Pennsylvania and healing, in which McElroy’s role with Cardinal McCarrick was not mentioned nor any other word of the Vigano testimony.

Guess which statement made it into the bulletins of all parishes Labor Day weekend.

And guess which one is going to be discussed at eight meetings in the diocese in October.

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