Is The Hierarchy A Good ‘Ol Boys Club?

In light of some comments from members of the hierarchy regarding the sex-abuse crisis in the Church, it seems like they are more concerned with circling the wagons to defend the indefensible than in actually getting rid of the perpetrators. In other posts I’ve pointed out what I believe is the “good ‘Ol boys club” in Washington DC with respect to the government where it seems each person seems bent on defending his buddy or colleague than in actually pursuing justice. Is this the case in the newchurch? We shall see, folks, we shall see.

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One comment on “Is The Hierarchy A Good ‘Ol Boys Club?

  1. Blackmail and intimidation factors into this, according to some pundits. A list of victims already in the Great Beyond due to running their mouths, breaking the vow of Omerta, may have circulated and the stark choice between going along and sleeping with the fishes could be a strong deterrent – again, according to some pundits.
    On the other hand, psychiatric research into cerebral degeneration under the influence of NO toxins is incomplete.
    Also it’s too early to say if my own pet theory, that some NO bishops were selected on the basis of having been repeatedly dropped on their heads as infants, can be clinically proven. 😎

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