Louie V. & Engel vs. Abp. Vigano???


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7 comments on “Louie V. & Engel vs. Abp. Vigano???

  1. If Abp. Vigano’s explanation is vetted, I expect it will trump the Engel thesis. What troubles me in the matter is that Randy Engel and the Abp. each have wide public acclamation for their integrity. This could be just a case of missed information at the time Mrs. Engel wrote her report. If so, stuff like that happens.

  2. Thanks, Tom. Louie’s new venture has reportedly linked up with at least two Trads-who-went-BLEEP! and he was attracting BLEEPS! in the combox part of his blog. It got so uncontrolled he just announced all comments are now over and done. Fini.
    I hope Mrs. Engel double checks her sources and this kerfuffle doesn’t turn into a sideshow. I defer to her out of my respect for John Vennari (RIP) who told me of his respect for her journalism.

  3. That’s quite an article. Regardless of Viganò’s explanation — of which I’m more skeptical now — Nienstedt got a pass and went out roaming freely with a “he’s a good boy” letter from the current bishop. All this after two bishops and a priest engaged two law firms and found sworn testimony from lay and clergy and patterns of behavior to be “compelling” and “credible.” Nienstedt might on a slim chance be innocent (Randy won’t have it), but he never had to face the charges in any sort of a trial. Were it not for another scandal bringing criminal charges for negligence, Nienstedt might still be bishop!

    So now, Nienstedt is at something called the Napa Institute which is clearly an Opus Dei front. That’s very strange because OD has no need to take on any hint of scandal. Other bishops who are affiliated there are Chaput and Morlino. Oh, yes, bishop Morlino. So, he’s got OD connections. That’s why he chose to call all Catholics to recognize that they’re sinners, rather than to call for expulsion of all fags and fems. Don’t expect any real help from him.

    Finding out why Nienstedt got the welcome mat at Napa will be interesting. Did his old pal Viganò have something to do with it? Certainly Viganò is conversant with the OD structure because OD is everywhere among movers and shakers. Sugar daddy might be an appropriate term. Is Viganò OD? If that comes out, then all bets are off on any hope of solving the faggot problem. It would then be the case that OD is sending a message to Francis of who’s in charge, garnished with enough scandalous accusations (no doubt true) to put real teeth in it. The funny thing is, with JPII all they had to do was wave greenbacks. (That worked for Maciel, too.) Maybe that wasn’t enough for Francis.

  4. Cyprian, of course I have no idea BUT…. if it all plays out that way in the public light, we all need to chip in and buy you a few cases of your favorite brew. THAT, Sir, is quite a scenario. It sure looked plausible to me as I read it.

    • Heh. Call me Alex Jones. Not that traddies are strangers to conspiracy theories!

      Shaving today with Mr. Occam, though, I suspect Viganò is above board. Maybe with Steve Brady back in the fray, we’ll learn more about Nienstedt.

  5. Having been surprised more than once in the past two weeks, I’m trying to become more circumspect. It has been cathartic to rip all kinds of NO garbage to shreds after 60 years of living in a liberal gulag, so to speak. But now, making clear and integral distinctions is paramount.

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