Who’s laughing now?

Who’s laughing now?

Fatima Perspectives #1231

As this column goes to press, the news has leaked that New York Attorney General Barbara Dale Underwood “has subpoenaed all New York Roman Catholic dioceses as part of a state-wide investigation into sex crimes committed by the church…”.

I wonder if Cardinal Dolan, the endlessly amused Archbishop of New York, is laughing now — just as he belly-laughed when confronted by a staffer of The Fatima Center on the Borgo Pio in Rome, who reminded him of the manner in which he had disgraced the Church by leading a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade knowing full well that it included a “gay pride” contingent.

Of course, it is not “the church” that has committed sex crimes but rather innumerable homosexual clerics who should never have been admitted to the seminaries that serve the New York Archdiocese, which is undoubtedly now deeply corrupted by “gay” priests whose “consensual” activities are conspicuously overlooked — as if the only problem were unnatural acts committed against males under the age of 18.

Indeed, the intolerable Father James Martin, fully supported by the Friends of Francis elevated to the College of Cardinals — Cupich, Farrell and Tobin — is now openly urging all the “gay priests” to “come out,” including all those ordained since a corrupted hierarchy supposedly acted decisively in 2002 to end the “abuse of minors.” The deceptive focus on minors, rather than active homosexuals who should never have been ordained, followed the “pedophile summit” in Rome presided over by — if this were a movie, no one would believe it — the most notorious abuser of minors of them all: ex-Cardinal McCarrick.

So now the Archdiocese of New York is under scrutiny by the New York Attorney General’s office, an avowed enemy of the Church and of the right to life of unborn children.  And Dolan will probably have hell to pay for his role in turning a blind eye to the homosexual corruption of the archdiocese that is his responsibility before God.  But then, this was a corruption he himself had favored with his oh-so-politically-correct groveling before the demands of militant homosexualism.  Who can forget that it was Dolan who declared as follows on national television concerning the “coming out” of the failed “gay” footballer Michael Sam:

“Good for him. I would have no sense of judgment on him. God bless ya…. [T]he same Bible that tells us, that teaches us about the virtues of chastity and the virtue of fidelity and marriage also tells us not to judge people. So, I would say, ‘Bravo.’”

That outrageous remark was made in the aftermath of Pope Francis’ far more infamous “who am I to judge?” concerning the flagrantly homosexual prelate he had put in charge of his very household and who remains in that position of power to this day.

Who am I to judge?  That question will not trouble the New York Attorney General as she judges the corruption which Dolan has either presided over or covered up.   And so, it has come to this:  the prelates who have hidden immense sins against the Bride of Christ by those who should be her first protectors will now be submitted to the judgment of civil authorities, perhaps not even excluding the Pope himself.  It is a fate they have brought upon themselves by their own cowardly submission to the evil spirit of the age that now threatens to devour them.

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8 comments on “Who’s laughing now?

  1. Once again, refer to the scene from Jurassic Park when Japanese tourists exit a viewing of Godzilla, only to find a huge T Rex out on the town, looking for munchies… 😎

  2. It’s time for Jorge Bergoglio to be supoenaed as well, as a co-conspirator in the crimes of his subordinates.

  3. Colonel, as a non-lawyer, all I can suggest is that there is speculation that exactly what you state is already being eyed, if interstate violations emerge sufficient to trigger RICO. Human trafficking is something the feds are looking at, which ties to the USCCCP and its $ billion illegal alien scams, in which both narcotics and sex slavery are issues.
    If so, US v. Bergoglio et al may become one of the most infamous moments in all Western history. This could be, if it ever develops, much, much larger than scores of hundreds of poofster clerics and a tyrannical Peronista papacy.

  4. SPECULATION: It is not news that certain dioceses in Mexico, Central and South America exist in a political environment literally governed by narco-terrorism and human trafficking. That the USCCCP’s “blindness” to the potential, and I suspect all too real, infiltration of American culture by illegal aliens involved with traffickers is potentially as culturally suicidal as the sodomite coverup scandal itself.
    We may be literally only at the starting line of global criminal conspiracies that involve harboring globalized criminal behavior in which high-profile Church officials, perhaps unwittingly – AND ONLY IN SOME CASES, NOT ALL! – played some role. Considering vetted reports of top Bergoglio appointees taking in enormous sums under suspicious circumstances in Central and South America since the current pope took office, who knew what and when may just end up being questions asked by federal investigators from a number of countries.
    Again, this is merely personal speculation intended to stir probative discussion. It could easily be wildly off-base. Obviously, I hope so. And yet… given the pro-socialist bent of the Bergoglio papacy, its embrace of commie dictatorships and the Omerta policies of this pope’s administration, especially given the true historical involvement of socialist states in fomenting revolution by persistent infiltration, bribery and severe intimidation, none of these speculations are without grounds and may justify serious investigation.

    George Neumayr reports on ties between Obama’s disgraced chief Secret Security agent and Cd. Wuerl, who now has the same man on his payroll.
    The “Catholic Spring” gambit involving Podesta and Hillary’s 2016 campaign. along with the presence of Soros, are briefly discussed.


  6. While we’re talking about clerics south of the border, I need to point out that not all of them are notorious for their misdeeds. For example, our priests who waited in some cases 25 years to be ordained in the Traditional Rite had to wait until a Bishop from Honduras of all places in communion with the Holy See traveled to the US, stayed with the then-seminarians, listened to their plight and ordained them secretly in the Traditional Rite himself. One can read the details on my website, phaley.faithweb.com the story of which, by the way. has been refuted by the local bishop in the form of a Declaration against them. The kicker is that the ordaining bishop was a Franciscan missionary from, get this, Watertown, MA, a stone’s throw from my boyhood home in Cambridge/Brighton MA. We are indebted to this bishop for doing the right thing for us and all those attached to the servi.org apostolate. As for the preposterous Declaration we believe it will never stand the test of being adjudicated by the, Church’s juridical forums.

  7. Colonel, I referred to “certain” (not all) environments regarding narcotics and human trafficking. I absolutely believe there are numerous laity, clerics and prelates in Central and South America who are both moral and spiritual heroes in spite of surrounding circumstances. My friends of Mexican heritage attest to that day in and day out. They deplore the civil and ecclesiastical corruption I referred to with the same intensity as I.

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