Silence, No Longer A Refuge

Silence, No Longer A Refuge

Joseph Matt – Publisher, The Wanderer – September 8, 2018

Pope Francis’s characteristic tactic of running out the clock with his silence and evasion of critical issues of importance such as the Dubia have seemed to serve him well up to this point in his papacy. With support among the clergy increasing daily for the Vigano testimony and the latest news regarding legal investigations and the withholding of financial support for the Church, this strategy of evasion and silence will be more difficult to maintain and most likely start to crack in the days ahead.

The Associated Press reported Thursday,  “New York and New Jersey launched new investigations into the Roman Catholic Church’s handling of clergy sex abuse allegations Thursday as the number of similar inquiries around the country continues to grow.”

Government intrusion into the Catholic Church will now be the norm as the states’ attorney generals start tripping over each other each trying to out-prosecute the other in the Churches’ ongoing sexual abuse scandal.

Also Lifesitenews reported last Thursday, “The highly influential Catholic business association Legatus has put its annual Vatican tithe “in escrow,” citing the current crisis in the Church. The amount withheld is $820,000, according to a Legatus spokesperson. The association has donated $18 million to the Holy See in the 31 years it has been existence. . .”

This is no small matter. As more and more people and organizations withhold their financial support for the Church, we are likely to see some positive results.

The silence and stonewalling in response to Archbishop Vigano’s allegations by the hierarchy are starting to accrue some serious unwanted ramifications for the Catholic Church and Pope Francis.

It is unfortunate and ironic that after years of unanswered questions by faithful Catholic laity, the threat of handcuffs and financial ruin might finally force the hierarchy to administer to their flock as they were called to do by God.

It will become more apparent soon, that silence will no longer be a refuge, as prosecution and financial difficulties become a reality for some in the hierarchy.


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One comment on “Silence, No Longer A Refuge

  1. Paying as much attention since the 1990s to the Blunderer as I have to Mumbai-based mutual fund markets, two things popped out…
    1. When even the Neo-ist of NeoKathlyk agitproppers throws in the towel, Don Bergoglione is toast.
    2. If Joseph Matt is right, and one must admit the likelihood he is, and multiple state AGs are nursing sugarplum dreams of gubernatorial or senatorial thrones, Catholics at-large – Neos, “conservatives” (sic!) and Trads alike – may face serious difficulties in the not too distant future. The Ratzinger Prophecy may already be on its way to fulfillment.

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