Roman Catholic Faithful back in business

Roman Catholic Faithful back in business

A Petersburg group that long charged a former bishop from the Springfield Catholic Diocese of sexual impropriety is back in business.

A recent press release announced that Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF), fronted by Stephen Brady, is jumping back into the fray, spurred on by last month’s Pennsylvania grand jury report that cited decades of clerical abuse allegations.

“It has become impossible for us to read (the) report and stand idle,” the press release stated.

RCF’s stated mission is “to expose the network of sexual immorality among the Catholic clergy in the United States, and to most especially to expose the bishops and cardinals who have enabled their crimes.”

Bishop Daniel Ryan resigned in 1999 after 15 years of leading the Springfield diocese, and a 2006 report charged that he “engaged in sexual misconduct with adults and used his authority to conceal this misconduct.” Ryan died in 2015.

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6 comments on “Roman Catholic Faithful back in business

  1. Interesting development, but there’s no evidence of it at Steve’s website, . There is a link to an undated letter describing how Steve will be helping the Truth Alliance Foundation located in Schaumburg, IL. But there are no details of current activity.

    I highly recommend Brady’s site to anyone who wants more details of our corrupt faggot bishops and their minions, Steve Brady will one day be regarded as a confessor for the excellent work he did in helping expose all this, and more for helping wayward sheep to keep their faith. He decided to retire RCF in 2009, and posted a letter online, . Exerpts are provided below. It is a combination of his 2008 letter and his final 2009 letter [emphasis added]:

    (Brady, 2008) While bishops and priests in union with Rome have been destroying the Faith – good Holy Priests have been stripped of their faculties for simply defending the faith. Most of you know of a priest who falls into this category.

    Fr. John Hardon, S.J. (RIP) was one of the first priests to offer his help to RCF (No one could doubt Father’s orthodoxy). In 1996 Fr. Hardon arranged for me to speak at a Detroit parish and helped RCF raise funds. At the time he was telling anyone who would listen that, according to his Vatican superiors “one diocese after another would be lost unless the laity did something.” Fr. Hardon was making it very clear that the Bishops were corrupt and destroying the Church.

    I believed that one thing RCF could do was publicly expose this corruption, prick the conscience of the once faithful and maybe then things would change. I was wrong.

    It was Fr. Hardon who suggested I use the canonical services of Fr. Alfred Kunz of Dane, Wisconsin. While Fr. Kunz was glad to help RCF, he made it clear that “you will find no justice in the Church today.” Father’s comments added to those of Hardon’s painted a very dismal picture. But I still had hope that the “system” might work. Fr. Alfred Kunz was brutally murdered in 1998 while he was helping RCF with the case of predatory homosexual Bishop Daniel Ryan. Father’s killer has never been found.

    One of the disturbing aspects of my work has been to learn that most “Catholics,” because of corrupt bishops and clergy, have no sense of sin or scandal, or the Sacred. They speak of abortion and homosexual activity as if it harmed no one.

    For these reasons I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer, in good conscience, recommend to Catholics in distress that they in any way return to their Novus Ordo parish with essentially band-aid solutions to what is a much deeper problem. In a word, I now believe that the so-called Traditionalist Catholics are right. That is, the present post-Conciliar ecclesial establishment has, in large part, lost the Catholic Faith. That being said, where do we turn?

    Fortunately, that Faith is now being valiantly preserved in numerous Traditional chapels, Oratories and Mass centers throughout the world. As Christ promised, the Gates of Hell would never prevail against the Church even though the light of faith may be dimmed in many or even most places, as occurred in the Arian Heresy during the Fourth Century. While my family still attends a diocesan parish to fulfill our Sunday obligation, we are in search of a new home.

    (2009 letter)
    Today I am even more convinced of what I wrote back then. The recent horror of watching Notre Dame University honor America’s Abortionist in Chief Barack Obama, and the accompanying silence from the Vatican, demonstrates convincingly that the Conciliar Church is corrupt from top to bottom. I cannot in good conscience commit financial resources to “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” in the Conciliar Church. For this reason, I have decided to dissolve RCF.

    Pray the Rosary every day.
    Attend the Traditional Latin Mass.
    Receive the Sacraments frequently.
    Wear Our Lady’s scapular.
    God bless you all, and Viva Cristo Rey!

  2. Wow. “Good” Bishop Paprocki has been bishop of Springfield since 2010, but he’s only now getting around to the case of Fr. Harmon?? That perv was on Brady’s radar in 2005: see p. 23, a long letter from a parish council member. There were red flags all over the place. This guy absconded with AT LEAST $40K, but the details (of what the council could see) were scandalous:

    I questioned and checked out several of Fr. Barry’s purchases – and I was in shock. Why would the church need to buy on August 24, 2004 Waterford Crystal, a pig platter – a pig cookie jar – and pig salt and pepper shakers – in the amount of $275.01, when we had taken $147,000.00 out of savings – to pay bills?

    … The financial council was unaware that St. Thomas had a Wall-Mart and a Sam’s Charge Card. In the past this has not been the case. Fr. Barry got them without asking anyone. We found that he had a personal American Express card – that many times he uses this card for church purchases – but there is never a receipt to back up what materials/purchases the church receives. Many of the charges to the church are even amounts. There was a charge in July of $900 for food and restaurant and also charge in August for $900 for food and restaurant. Both of those charges were to his personal American Express but paid for by the church. No receipts were available.

    Bishop Lucas, the bishop of Springfield, covered for Harmon. Lucas is now in Omaha; we’ll see what the Nebraska AG turns up.

    Is Paprocki inept, too busy to look into his priests, or what? This perv kept deceiving the faithful for 12 years, 7 of those on Paprocki’s watch. Hmmmm.

  3. Catholic watchdog group returns with revamped mission

    By Matt C. Abbott – RenewAmerica – September 9, 2018

    The following is an edited news release, dated Sept. 7, 2018, issued by Stephen Brady, president of Roman Catholic Faithful:

    In July 2009, the board members of Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) elected to suspend operations after 12 years of fighting corruption in the Church. Our organization began after we learned the bishop of Springfield, Ill., the late Daniel Ryan, was paying young male prostitutes for sex. Soon afterward, calls for our assistance came from around the United States. We sponsored a number of symposia in cities across the country – and picketed the USCCB on at least two occasions.

    We were privileged to receive the sage advice of holy priests such as Fathers John Hardon, Charles Fiore, Malachi Martin, Alfred Kunz, John Minkler and Peter Mascari.

    Yet, we closed our doors after we became convinced that clerical corruption could not be fought simply on a piecemeal basis on a local level; rather, it became clear that the greater part of the post- conciliar Church had lost the Faith. We urged our supporters to attend the Traditional Mass whenever possible, to recite the daily Rosary, to live the life of grace and to pray very hard for the reform of the Church.

    However, the events that have unfolded during the last several months, particularly the report of the grand jury that investigated the sexual molestation of children in Pennsylvania, have led us to believe that we must once more jump into the fray. It has become impossible for us to read the grand jury report and stand idle.

    The various committees and commissions proposed by several bishops are a complete waste of time and money. This amounts to the wolves investigating the wolves.

    In the past, RCF not only addressed immorality among the clergy, but also fought diocesan heterodox teaching and liturgical abuses. These things, while important, will no longer be included in our mission. We have one mission now: to expose the network of sexual immorality among the Catholic clergy in the United States, and to most especially to expose the bishops and cardinals who have enabled their crimes. If we work on this project for 10 years and spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and save only one child from being molested, we will have considered our work a success. But, frankly, we anticipate doing much better.

    And now a word to the bishops and cardinals in the United States:

    We are going to put your diocese and episcopal sees under a microscope. We are willing to crawl into the darkest dens of depravity where children are molested and expose this entire network and enterprise to the public. To those of you willing to assist us and cooperate, we thank you in advance. For those of you who will oppose our crusade, let me make this clear: We are going to name names and take whatever remedial action we find necessary, including picketing, urging boycotts of financial contributions by parishioners and … well, let’s just say we have a few other ideas as well.

    For assistance in this fight we ask for the help of Almighty God and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Viva Cristo Rey! Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!

    • Yippee! I’ll be first to donate to help as I see it unfold. It’s nice having all the latest iPhone and other surveillance equipment to help advance this. Take a clue from James O’Keefe.

  4. Steve’s website, , has a new home page announcing the latest effort. It has links to the letter Tom posted immediately above, and has the following appeal to Chicago priests, ;


    We need the help of Holy Priests in Chicago!

    20 years ago, I had a phone conversation with the Chicago Cardinal. I was told by the Cardinal:
    1. If you keep your mouth shut, you can have a relationship with the Catholic hierarchy. I refused his offer.
    2. I was also told that if I did not keep quiet, we Catholics in our diocese would be stuck with our predatory homosexual Bishop, Daniel Ryan. I was told that the Vatican would not work through the press. Once again, we at The Roman Catholic Faithful organization refused his offer and we shouted from the rooftops. Bishop Ryan was removed!

    Much of the sexual perversion that has found its way into the hierarchy is centered in Chicago. I learned this when we exposed the homosexual clerical website, “Saint Sebastian’s Angels.”

    Some clergy have already stepped forward to help us. Give us the information we need regarding the homosexual clergy in Chicago and, God willing, RCF will again kick down the doors.

    To the laity: I need to meet with a core group of Chicago Catholics to organize to set up a public meeting for RCF. Please contact RCF President, Stephen Brady if you can help.

    Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.
    PO Box 251
    Petersburg, IL 62675
    Phone: 217-632-7054

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