Please Don’t Vote for the Baby-Killers

My apologies to those with a queasy stomach but this needs to be said. The mid-term elections are coming up in November in the USA. Don’t fall for the lies of those who claim they are for the rights of women. They are complicit in the killing of babies, folks. whether in the womb or, God help us, in the birth canal. Can you believe it? They are called by other names, of course, primarily Democrats, but they are like “Dr.” Edward “Scissor-Hands” standing over a woman and getting ready to slice up her baby with his gruesome “tools”, including what might be likened to a vacuum cleaner to suck up what remains of the human being since murdered by his vicious hands.

Are you sickened enough now to have nothing whatsoever to do with them – the likes of Obama, Petosi, Biden, Durbin. Booker, Harris, Bluementhal and so many, many others – some of whom even claim to be Catholic. In the past I have cautioned you to “keep your powder dry” and not let your intentions be known to the fake news media poll-takers out there, I renew that call today. Vote only for those with a pro-Life record. May God be with you.

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One comment on “Please Don’t Vote for the Baby-Killers

  1. Please add Ms. Steinem’s name to the list above in light of her stance for Abortion.

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