Neumayr: Wuerl Working With Obamaites

George Neumayr has been tailed and harassed for several days in DC while attempting to report on Abp. Wuerl’s travels foreign and in-town travels.  He just posted on Twitter and Facebook that the former top Secret Service agent for Obama reportedly is coordinating security for the Abp.


George Neumayr @george_neumayr –  6 Sep 2018

Hello, anyone out there? Is anybody in the establishment media, Catholic/secular, going to report that Wuerl is using Obama’s tarnished Secret Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan as HIS SECRET SERVICE? If you don’t think this is newsworthy, you should get out of the business.

Here is a story about Wuerl security coordinator (I saw him in action at the Little Flower Priestly Confab) Mark Sullivan and his scandal-marked tenure under Obama:


Neumayr is trying to seek assistance from federal authorities so he can do no more than any leftist journalist has the freedom to do in reporting.

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