Cardinal Farrell Implicates John Paul II

Cardinal Farrell Implicates John Paul II – 9/7/18

Curia Cardinal Kevin Farrell has again made the unlikely claim that he never heard anything about the abuses of Washington Cardinal McCarrick and Father Marcial Maciel although he was the vicar general of the first and a member of the Legion of Christ founded by Maciel (Vatican Insider, September 5).

He implicated however John Paul II (+2005) in the scandals pointing out that McCarrick was named to Washington in 2001 by the late pope, “Why should I therefore have believed that there was something wrong in his ‘way of being’?”

Farrell added that McCarrick was bishop for many years “and, at least apparently, enjoyed a great reputation among the other [liberal] bishops.”

It is not likely that John Paul II was unaware of the allegations against McCarrick.

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