“Canonists have long known that American tribunals have become a ‘dumping ground’ for bishops to place ‘problem’ priests” [Another example being the recently-sentenced Saginaw, Michigan, priest who was the judicial vicar or chief judge of that diocese (see below for more details) – AQ Tom]

By Rev. Michael X., J.C.L  •  •  September 5, 2018

Arrest of Fr. Diego Berrio corroborates Viganò’s claims against Cupich

Two priests in active ministry of the archdiocese of Chicago were arrested on Labor Day by police as they were caught engaged in gay sex in a car parked “in full view of the public passing by” along the most popular tourist avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. One of the priests, 39-year-old Rev. Diego Berrío Barrera, S.T.L., J.C.L. was just confirmed in his office as a judge of the Metropolitan Tribunal of the archdiocese of Chicago by Cdl. Blase Cupich.

Both men were charged with misdemeanor counts of lewd conduct, while Rev. Edwin Cortez, an extern priest of the diocese of Soacha in Columbia, with whom Berrío was cavorting, was also charged with one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure.

Berrío held the high canonical office of judge in addition to those of pastor of the Misión San Juan Diego of Arlington Heights, Illinois, spiritual director and coordinator of the Office for Externs and International Priests ad interim for the archdiocese of Chicago. That is a total of four canonical offices, with each customarily providing a separate salary to the office holder.

Hailing from Columbia, Berrío came to Chicago via the scandal-ridden Casa Jesus, shut down in 2016 over multiple incidents of homosexual misconduct, including its own longtime rector, Octavio Munoz, busted for male teen porn found on his laptop. Church Militant reported that Casa Jesus was set up in 1987 under Cdl. Joseph Bernardin with the specific aim of funneling gay seminarians from Latin America to the United States.

Berrío studied philosophy at the Pontifical Bolivarian University of Medellín, obtained a Master of Divinity and a licentiate in sacramental theology and liturgy from the University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary of Chicago, followed by a licentiate in canon law from the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome.

The fact that Cdl. Cupich appointed a homosexual just this past July as a judge of his Metropolitan Tribunal, not to mention appointed one as pastor of Misión San Juan Diego and spiritual director to Hispanic youth, corroborates the claims of Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò set forth in his testimony. The former Vatican ambassador to the United States asserted that Cdl. Cupich of Chicago is “blinded by his pro-gay ideology.” Blinded indeed, for would Cdl. Cupich state that he knowingly had a sodomite among his priests judging marriage nullity cases?

The additional circumstances, according to Miami Beach Police, of Berrío engaging in oral sex in “broad daylight” with “no tints on the window,” “in full view of the public passing by on Ocean Drive and the sidewalk,” with police officers having “had to tap on the window to get their attention,” embarrassingly destroys Cupich’s claim that “the main problem in the crisis of sexual abuse by clergy is not homosexuality, and that affirming this is only a way of diverting attention from the real problem which is clericalism.”

Even worse, according to Miami Beach Police, “Our trouble with this is that this is in broad daylight, for anyone to see including children.” A children’s playground was located at the nearest intersection of where the homosexual activity of the priests was taking place.

While news of deviant clerics being apprehended in flagrante delicto is shockingly becoming more and more common, these two news items highlight, however, just how many dangerous perverts in the priesthood have been appointed by bishops to judge the most confidential and delicate of all Church matters: the marriage nullity cases of laity.

Berrío’s arrest is hot on the heels of news that Rev. Robert J. DeLand, J.C.L., 71, a priest of the diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, pleaded no contest to six felony counts, including criminal sexual misconduct, one day before he was set to begin trial for sexual abuse crimes involving three male teenagers.

Until his arrest, DeLand was judicial vicar, or chief judge, of the diocesan tribunal of the diocese of Saginaw, principally deciding marriage nullity cases on behalf of Bp. Joseph Cistone. DeLand will be jailed for one year and will be registered as a sex offender.

Canon 1421, § 3 of the Code of Canon Law states: “Judges are to be of unimpaired reputation and doctors or at least licensed in canon law.”

Sodomy is and always has been a canonical crime in the 2,000-year history of canon law. It has always been a disqualifying factor, not only in the selection and appointment of canonical judges, but equally to the office of pastor and any other exercise of public ministry for that matter.

Canonists have long known that American tribunals have become a “dumping ground” for bishops to place “problem” priests whom they are obliged to care for, but cannot place elsewhere in full-time public ministry in parishes. Worse, however, is the choice of a bishop, like Cdl. Cupich of Chicago, to appoint, knowingly or even unwittingly a deviant and disordered priest to the canonical office of judge in a diocesan tribunal to decide marriage nullity cases.

The time has come for America’s bishops to see the writing on the wall — the clear and present threat of homosexuals among the clergy under their official responsibility — and act against it.

Cardinal Cupich has spectacularly failed in protecting adult and minor faithful of his archdiocese and that of Miami from the likes of Berrío and Cortez. He owes both Abp. Viganò and the faithful of his archdiocese an apology.

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  1. And that apology will follow immediately upon the day Hillary “Bluto”Clinton appears at the door of a contemplative monastery in the high Andes to beg to be admitted as a floor-scrubbing penitent for the rest of her life…

  2. Archie Bunker: Hey, Meathead, another pinko fruitcake liberal cardinal in the Church is in trouble. What do you think of that?

    The Meathead: There you do again, Arch’. Picking on the progressives in the Church.

    Archie: Don’t you go lecturing to me about them pinko Commies in the Church.

    Meathead: Arch’, Cardinal Cupich is just trying to bring a more tolerant and progressive point of view to the Church in the Spirit of Vatican II.

    Archie: Listen, Meathead…Cupich’s head is so far up McCarrick’s and that flamboyant Father Martin’s a _ _ that he’ll need to have it surgically removed by a team of gerbil extraction specialists from Harvard Medical School in order to be able to give his next sermon.

    Meathead: Microaggression! Microaggression!

  3. LOLOLOLOL!!!!! I can actually “hear” Archie in those lines! Very well done, Howl. A tad rough but such are the times….

    • Church Militant just unloaded on Buffalo ! You may know some of the players !

      Buffalo Bishop Restores Alleged Homosexual Predator to Ministry

      by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th. • • September 6, 2018

      Reports of priest preying on boys date back to 1992

      A priest with multiple allegations of sexual abuse dating back decades has returned to active ministry, even though a legal case against him is now in court.

      The diocese of Buffalo, which reinstated Fr. Dennis Riter this June to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Dunkirk, has now been sued by one of Riter’s alleged victims, Matthew Golden. The diocese maintains that decades-old allegations against Riter were unsubstantiated, but Golden’s lawsuit filed Aug. 30 cites one case, which was documented in 1992.

      The lawsuit says the diocese received in May 1992 “a letter from a student at Christ the King Seminary reporting that he witnessed Fr. Riter sexually abusing a 6-year-old boy at Queen of All Saints Church” where Riter was pastor.

      Church Militant has a copy of this letter by the “student,” Wieslaw Walawender, who was assigned to Riter’s parish for pastoral ministry at the time of the incident. The letter recounts the incident and asks that a meeting be set up to discuss the allegations in greater detail.

      Riter’s alleged 6-year-old victim, who was mentioned in the lawsuit, told his story Aug. 22 to Church Militant on camera. Walawender — at the time — was a 26-year-old third-year seminarian from Poland studying to be a priest for the diocese of Buffalo. After Walawender blew the whistle on Riter, his vocation to the priesthood was derailed by the diocese.

      This is but one more case that has helped push New York’s attorney general to open its own Pennsylvania-style grand jury probe into the cover-up of clerical sex abuse in the state’s eight dioceses. The announcement came Thursday that New York and New Jersey would both be launching similar investigations. New Mexico announced Wednesday that it’s now investigating the Catholic dioceses within its borders. This brings the number of states having attorney generals investigating clerical sex abuse to eight.

      Watch the panel discuss one of New York’s worst scandal-ridden dioceses in The Download—Trouble in Buffalo.

  4. Skipper, I never heard of those mentioned but a few others named in other local news stories, yes. Only two or three were clerics I had ever seen. Most of the priests I knew were very solid and none have been named. I’ve also been out of the diocese for a number of years, now.

  5. Mansell may have questions to answer.
    Malone had a decent-pretty good rep from Trad friends of mine in Maine, whence he came to Bflo and inherited a mess.

    • Er, ah, not really, gpm. Malone the “mal one” wasn’t very trad friendly. Check out this 2008 article from our fearless leader:
      Latin Mass Community to be charged $72,000 for Mass

      In a first (a first not only in anti-TLM hubris, but quite possibly a first in the history of Holy Church) the TLM community in the diocese of Portland Maine billed for their Mass. They are to be charged $72,000 per year, with an initial $18,000 down payment being due on or before July 1st, only a little over 2 1/2 months from the time this is being written.

      The 72-grand will go toward the priest’s salary and benefits, office supplies and, astoundingly, rental of the church. Should anyone think this a joke or simply too outrageous to be believed, the following is presented:
      [more at the link]

  6. Thanks for the info, Cyprian. I just sent it to two friends in ME to ask if they recalled the shakedown. Mallone came to Bflo. after my move out here and I have no experience with him.
    He apparently gave a clean bill of health to a Bflo. cleric with a known record when said cleric needed a letter of recommendation for a gig as chaplain on a luxury cruise liner. I saw the local media photos of the letter. He’s toast, it appears. Bflo locals are already making a noise, demanding Mallone resign.

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