[Hat-tip to De Profundis via Gloria.TV: McCarrick’s guy? “Yet, it is not helpful to have so many people blogging about these affairs, and who are jumping to imprudent conclusions. We do not benefit from so much drama.”]

Many who are older might remember the TV show ‘Dragnet’ with Sgt. Joe Friday who interviewed people by saying, “Just the facts.”  That line has come to my mind as I have read the torrent of commentary on clergy sexual abuse.  So many writers are so poorly informed.  Much of what has been written is far from the facts, and some are positing conclusions which are ridiculous.  Maintaining a sane perspective through accurate analysis is needed more than ever.

On the one hand, the news about Archbishop McCarrick is horrendous; the Pennsylvania grand jury report is disturbing; and the letter by Archbishop Viganò was shocking.  Yet, it is not helpful to have so many people blogging about these affairs, and who are jumping to imprudent conclusions.  We do not benefit from so much drama.

In the recent article of the Wyoming Catholic Register, I offered my perspective on the situation.  See page two of the WCR (www.dioceseofcheyenne.org/register.html).

Also, there is an excellent article by Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., ABPP which is titled “Separating Facts About Clergy Abuse From Fiction” (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/do-the-right-thing/201808/separating-facts-about-clergy-abuse-fiction).  He offers a rationale for four facts:

  1. No empirical data exists that suggests that Catholic clerics sexually abuse minors at a level higher than clerics from other religious traditions or from other groups of men who have ready access and power over children (e.g., school teachers, coaches).
  2. Clerical celibacy doesn’t cause pedophilia and sexual crimes against minors.
  3. Homosexual clerics aren’t the cause of pedophilia in the Church.
  4. The Church has used best practices to deal with this issue since 2002.

I encourage you to take the time to read that article.  It offers a sane perspective in the midst of so much turbulence.  Undoubtedly, these are challenging days, but the sky is not falling.  We need to stay the course, and keep a sane perspective.

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7 comments on “JUST THE FACTS

  1. Another pitiful fail. Another fag-favoring bishop.
    Points 1 & 2, granted.
    Points 3 & 4, total BS.
    The “expert” that Biegler invokes, Thomas Plante, was “educated” in totally secular institutions, and currently teaches at Santa Clara U. in California, a Jesuit university, which therefore by definition is even more corrupted than secular ones.
    In this article: www.scu.edu/media/college-of-arts-and-sciences/psychology/documents/Plante-homosexual-clergy-paper.pdf, Plante says that, in one study of 63 seminarions, 22% admitted they were homos. Plante claims that, nevertheless, other than a tendency to display more feminine characteristics, the homos tested out as being psychologically normal, and similar to the heterosexuals.
    It’s *obvious* to any normal person that homosexuality is abnormal. Therefore, those concocting and administering tests that show homos as normal are themselves abnormal.
    Plante sneakily implies that, since there are so many fags in our seminaries, if we boot them all out, the vocation crisis will get worse. Absolute insanity.
    Interestingly, in the same article I linked to (written in 2007, two years after BXVI forbade the acceptation of homos into seminaries), Plante says this:
    “Furthermore, many have suggested that homosexual priests are often the scapegoat for the clergy sexual abuse problem (Plante, 2005). Sex-offending clergy frequently report
    that they victimize boys (even if they report being heterosexual) because boys are a victim of
    convenience (Plante, 2004).
    Notice anything here?
    The “authoritative” references for these “findings”, to wit, that homos are being unjustly blamed for male-on-male abuse, and that heterosexuals are often rather responsible for it, are taken from “studies” by Plante himself!
    How friggin’ convenient. Remind anybody of the tactics of the perv-pope Francis’ ?
    Try a reality check.
    The DEFINITION of a homosexual is someone who has same-sex attraction.
    Contrariwise, a heterosexual is someone who has opposite-sex attraction.
    Let’s spell it out for you, Mr. Vegetable: IF your supposed heterosexuals had sex with males, they were, by that very fact, NOT heterosexuals, but either homosexuals or bisexuals.
    Got it?
    I didn’t think so.
    Oh, BTW, that fag-favoring “study” of Plante’s was done in 2007. Biegler’s fourth “fact” is that the Church hierarchy has used best practices to deal with this issue since 2002. Yet five years after that time we have a random sample of seminarians of which 22% actually publicly identify as homo (and there probably were a few from the “heterosexual” contingent who were actually homos, but decided to stay in the closet, by lying on the questionnaire). That is a hell of a high percentage of homos.
    So “best practices” includes ordaining homos. These Novus Ordites are hopeless.
    Stop playing the “expert scientific opinion” card, Bishop Biegler.
    Any clued Catholic knows that the secular public brainwashing system can’t produce experts in anything except maybe accounting or software engineering.
    Bishop Biegler is an enabler; is part of the problem, and needs to go. Plante is an enabler, and part of the problem, and needs to go.

  2. … (written in 2007, two years after BXVI forbade the acceptation of homos into seminaries),

    Just to be clear, what Benedict said was they can be ordained unless it’s “deep rooted” or deep seated. That might require a proctology exam. I think Howl was addressing proctology in another comment.

    The USCCCP made clear this was no impediment. Here’s a snip from an article I wrote long ago referencing the great champion fighting the homo cabal, Steve Brady.

    It’s worth recalling the 2005 Instruction on ordination of queers, mentioned above. Here’s a description from Steve Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF), a man who has been fighting the lavender mafia for more than a decade. The following is taken from his spring 2006 newsletter:

    In the section marked “II. Homosexuality and ordained ministry” the document states:
    “the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, may not admit to the seminary and Holy Orders those who practice homosexuality, show profoundly deep-rooted homosexual tendencies, or support the so-called gay culture… If, however, one is dealing with homosexual tendencies that may be simply the expression of a transitory problem, such as for example an adolescence not yet complete, such tendencies must be overcome at least three years before ordination to the diaconate.”

    If any of you mistakenly believe that this document has not opened the door for the ordination of homosexuals, the current president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops will clarify it for you in the news blurb below. You cannot forget the fact that the same Bishops who protected the sodomites who abused children still control the seminaries. These same Bishops, many who are sodomites themselves, have constantly refused to address this issue.

    Bishop Says Edict Allows Some Gay Priests (Washington Post, Nov. 30, 2005):

    “[Bishop William S. Skylstad] The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said yesterday that under a new Vatican directive on homosexuality, men with a lasting attraction to members of the same sex can still be ordained as priests, as long as they are not `consumed by’ their sexual orientation.”

    “…Several prelates, including Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, indicated that they will continue to ordain seminarians regardless of sexual orientation,… “

  3. Dorothy Cummings

    Wyoming bishop downplays homosexual nature of most abuse in Church

    CHEYENNE, Wyoming, September 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The Bishop of Cheyenne has released a statement playing down the fact that the majority of victims of clerical sexual crimes against minors in the Catholic Church have been teenage boys.

    In a blogpost called “Just the Facts”, Bishop Steven Biegler complained that many of the people writing about clerical sexual abuse are “poorly informed.”

    “Much of what has been written is far from the facts, and some are positing conclusions which are ridiculous,” Biegler wrote. “Maintaining a sane perspective through accurate analysis is needed more than ever.”

    While admitting that the news about Cardinal McCarrick is “horrendous” and that Archbishop Viganò’s letter is “shocking,” the bishop stated that it was “not helpful” to have “so many people blogging” on the stories. He said that they were “jumping to imprudent conclusions.”

    Bishop Biegler, nominated to the See of Cheyenne by Pope Francis in 2017, did not give examples of these conclusions. Instead he recommended his own thoughts on the topic, which are published in his diocesan newspaper, and an article about clergy abuse in “Psychology Today” by Thomas G. Plante.

    Biegler listed four of Plante’s findings, namely that Catholic priests are no more likely to sexually abuse minors than clergymen of other denominations or other men with access to, and power over, children; that clerical celibacy doesn’t cause pedophilia and sexual crimes against minors; that homosexual clerics aren’t the cause of pedophilia in the Church; and that the Church has “used best practises” in dealing with “the issue” since 2002.

    The bishop also recommended calm.

    “Undoubtedly, these are challenging days, but the sky is not falling,” he said. “We need to stay the course, and keep a sane perspective.”

    The remarks of the Bishop of Cheyenne – and his tone – are in contrast to those of bishops who have admitted that homosexuality has played a role in the abuse crisis. Bishop Marian Eleganti, the Auxiliary Bishop of Chur, Switzerland, told EWTN Germany that among the abuse cases presented by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report, “90% are in direct connection with a homosexual inclination.”

    Among the victims were sixteen and seventeen year old boys, Eleganti said, and seminarians.

    “It would be blind to deny that we do have here a problem in the Church with homosexuality and that homosexuality plays here a role,” he concluded.

    In his blogpost, Bishop Biegler of Cheyenne did not address the fact that Archbishop McCarrick is alleged to have abused priests and seminarians as well as boys as young as eleven, and it is with these crimes with vulnerable adult men, and their cover-up, that Archbishop Viganò’s statement is concerned.

    In a fiery letter, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison said he was tired of “the obfuscation of truth” and of sin. In his opinion, the root of the sex abuse crisis was a “certain comfort level with sin.”

    “For the Church, the crisis we face is not limited to the McCarrick affair, or the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, or anything else that may come. The deeper crisis that must be addressed is the license for sin to have a home in individuals at every level of the Church. There is a certain comfort level with sin that has come to pervade our teaching, our preaching, our decision making, and our very way of living.”

    Morlino did not soft-pedal the fact that most sexual abuse that has come to light has been of males by males.

    “…in the specific situations at hand, we are talking about deviant sexual – almost exclusively homosexual – acts by clerics,” he wrote. “We’re also talking about homosexual propositions and abuses against seminarians and young priests by powerful priests, bishops, and cardinals.”

    “We are talking about acts and actions which are not only in violation of the sacred promises made by some, in short, sacrilege, but also are in violation of the natural moral law for all,” he continued.

    “To call it anything else would be deceitful and would only ignore the problem further.”

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