FRANKENPOPE’S “EMERGENCY”! Plastic littering!

FRANKENPOPE’S “EMERGENCY”! Plastic littering!

[More of an emergency than clerical pederasty/sodomy and coverups of such – as well as a real environmental emergency of an excess of female hormones from contraceptives (the anovulant pill) and abortifacients (the “morning after” pill) flushed away, entering the water table and also the food chain. and emasculating many male species along that route!? – AQ Tom]

Jungerheld via Gloria.TV – 9/1/18

In the past week, I have seen many people who have always insisted they and we should support Pope Francis suddenly changing their tune and speaking out.
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4 comments on “FRANKENPOPE’S “EMERGENCY”! Plastic littering!

  1. Hell is freezing over. We must be getting close to the Apocalypse.

    Now, if the Holy Father would just get as interested in cleaning up sodomy and perversion from the priesthood and hierarchy as he is about plastic debris in the earth’s oceans, maybe he could get back to focusing on actually saving souls and preaching the true Catholic faith.

  2. The Pope refuses to comment on the extremely serious allegations made against him- yet is happy to spout off about litter!!!!
    To say this Pope is a disaster is an understatement.

  3. I only see two possibilities here.
    1) The pope and his Modernist minions *truly* think that litter, and the plight of illegal aliens, is more important than that the souls of innocent children are being permanently damaged or destroyed by faggot ecclesiastics, which fact in turn is an unspeakable scandal that drives many tens of thousands of others away from the Church and salvation.
    2) This is simply a(nother!) distraction tactic, so that, after the storm blows over (again!), they can go back to business as usual (again!), which business is obviously participating in or enabling the said destruction of souls.
    Either way, the conclusion is the same.
    We are dealing with the most deeply, deeply perverted, evil, vile, LYING scum imaginable.
    May God reward them.

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