What I predicted, 25+ years ago

What I predicted, 25+ years ago

By Phil Lawler  | Aug 30, 2018

Yesterday I spoke at length with Al Kresta about the sex-abuse scandal in general and the Vigano testimony in particular. The whole interview is available here. Al is thoughtful, faithful, and literate; I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, and I think you will, too.

During the interview Al, who’s an old friend, recalled the first time that he had spoken to me on-air about sexual abuse. It was sometime around 1992—that’s right: more than 25 years ago!—long before the eruptions of 2002. During that first interview, Al asked me whether the sex-abuse complaints would be a serious problem for the Church. I replied, to his amazement, that the sex-abuse scandal would be the greatest crisis for the Catholic Church since the Reformation.

At the time, Al admits, he thought my answer was a bit wild.

Not now.

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2 comments on “What I predicted, 25+ years ago

  1. “…the greatest crisis for the Catholic Church since the Reformation.”


    This is not a crisis for the Church. This is a crisis for the current gang of miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, and perverts who currently hold the titles to the churches. If this “crisis” ends up bringing everything they hold dear (power, money, human pride) down around their ears, the Church will still be there. One might even postulate that it would be better for it.

    • Al Kresta and Phil are both very, very nice, very, very polite and very, very well known conciliartists.
      Al’s radio show is on EWTN’s network and remains eminently forgettable.
      Phil wears pink ties on occasion and went to Harvard.
      ECS220, on the other hand, is an actual Catholic and not fooled by hysterically funny conciliarist poster boys posing for holy cards.

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