John Paul II’s biographer [nay, more than that: JP2’s hagiogapher] praises Vatican whistleblower Viganò: ‘courageous, honest, loyal’

John Paul II’s biographer [nay, more than that: JP2’s hagiogapher] praises Vatican whistleblower Viganò: ‘courageous, honest, loyal’

[Gorgeous George praises Abp. Vigaro for his integrity, knowledge, etc., but he does not say if he agrees with His Excellency’s conclusion that FrankenPope must resign, nor does he say anything about his patron saint in this matter (nor for that matter does the Archbishop – except that JP2 was “seriously ill” when McCarrick’s appointment as Archbishop of Washington and then a cardinal was the work of then Secretary of State Angelo Cardinal Angelo Sodano)! – AQ Tom]

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NEW YORK, August 30, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – St. John Paul II’s biographer and respected U.S. Catholic thinker George Weigel has given Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano a stellar character reference.

Weigel, author of several biographies of St. John Paul II and other books about the Catholic Church, published an essay in First Things magazine yesterday reflecting on the prolonged scandal of cover-up in the Church and praising Viganò unreservedly for his courage, honesty, and loyalty to the institution of the papacy.

“First, Archbishop Viganò is a courageous reformer, who was moved out of the Vatican by his immediate superiors because he was determined to confront financial corruption in the Governatorato, the administration of Vatican City State,” Weigel wrote.

“Second, Archbishop Viganò is, in my experience, an honest man,” he continued. “We spoke often about many things, large and small, and I never had the impression that I was being given anything other than what he believed in his conscience to be the truth.”

“Third, Archbishop Viganò is a loyal churchman of a certain generation and formation, bred to a genuine piety about the papacy,” Weigel stated. “His training in the papal diplomatic service would instinctively lead him to make the defense of the pope his first, second, third, and hundredth priority. If he believes that what he has now said is true, and that the Church needs to learn that truth in order to cleanse itself of what is impeding its evangelical mission, then he is overriding his ingrained instincts for the gravest of reasons.”

In terms of his grasp of the truth, Weigel said that Viganò may not have gotten “everything right” but also that the former Nuncio, being “a man of humility and prayer,” would concede that.

Viganò’s habitual honesty makes accusations that he is making false accusations “unpersuasive,” Weigel concluded.

“When he writes in his Testimony that he is ‘ready to affirm [these allegations] on oath calling on God as my witness,’ he means it,” Weigel wrote. “And he means it absolutely. Archbishop Viganò knows that, in swearing such an oath, he would be taking his soul into his hands; which means he knows that if he were to speak falsely, he would be unlikely to find his soul again.”

Weigel, who made his name writing about John Paul II’s papacy, stated that he knew Viganò well during his service as papal nuncio in Washington. Viganò worked in this capacity from 2011 until he retired in 2016 …

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10 comments on “John Paul II’s biographer [nay, more than that: JP2’s hagiogapher] praises Vatican whistleblower Viganò: ‘courageous, honest, loyal’

  1. Church Militant just announced they uncovered a plot to get Wuerl out of the Country ! Wuerl’s phone is disconnected, whereabouts unknown , and he has not been heard from for a couple of days. The perverts at the Vatican are deathly afraid he will spill the beans on the whole cabal, if Wuerl is arrested, so they have to get him out of the US as soon as possible. Does not sound like the Argentinian is not guilty to me. Plot Thickens ! Stand By !

    • George Neumayr has been staking out DC for days and Wuerl’s palace and the nuncio’s offices in DC are apparently shut down.

      • Makes sense to try and get him out on a holiday weekend ! The question is can they get a warrant for his arrest fast enough where Interpol might be able to get involved. Another question is will Italy let him land as a fugitive ! A Gulfstream can make it nonstop to Rome or another private airstrip in Italy , so getting there is not a problem, but being able to leave the US legally may be a problem. We may need Friday and Gannon to arrest him on sight and wait for the paper work to catch up. Or use the old tip of the umbrella trick ! Hell may be full up for priests, but I am sure there is room for a pervert Cardinal trying to escape justice !

    • My choice exactly ! Be glad to help !

  2. Who knows what twists, spins, dodges, lateral arabesques and howlers might yet develop as NuChurch Int’l., Inc. goes to the mattresses? Or, who among the NeoKathlyk glitterati will be frantically packing his own golden parachute as their careerist flagship, the Hindenburg II, continues on its inevitable landing in Lakehurst, NJ?
    Btw, anyone heard anything from the ol’ Robby/Bobby Hobby Lobby lately? 😎

    • Princeton professor asks: Is it time for Pope Francis to resign?

      Catholic World News – 8/31/18

      Robert George, who is known for his defense of Catholic teaching on life and marriage, called on the Pope “to order Church officials in any office containing pertinent documents to release them. Then we will know the truth.”

      Source: Wall Street Journal

  3. Suggestion for visitors to Rome and the Vatican: whenever you are near or see the Pope say prayers of exorcism, especially the Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel, and direct these prayers at and on the Pope. Groups of believing Catholics should say this prayer of exorcism (mentally) at the Pope’s Angelus in St. Peter’s Square and at his audiences in the Paul VI auditorium.

    There has been a lot of anger and some giddiness in light of the allegations made in Bishop Vigano’s published testimony. But this is a time for prayer, fasting, and exorcism. Priests should say a special prayer of exorcism and for the pope’s penitence and conversion. Great evils have been allowed to infiltrate into the heart of the Church. They need to be exorcized.

  4. A timely suggestion, Howl. “Auxilium Christianorum” is a website created in conjunction with Fr. Chad Ripperger, a renowned exorcist. It has prayers for laity to use daily and it has a very solid following, especially among Trads, on social media.

  5. Prayers of exorcism and the Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel should be directed at Pope Francis, his homo advisers and assistants, all perverts, predatory homo rapists, modernist heretics, and anti-Catholic masonic puppets who have infiltrated the Church, the priesthood, and the hierarchy. Pray for their penitence and conversion so that, with God’s grace and mercy, they may avoid the speedy damnation which awaits them for their crimes, sacrilege, and abominations.

  6. If the Vatican tries any shenanigans with respect to Wuerl, those responsible will indicate to the entire world their complicity in his crimes and, therefore, their own lack of standing in the Church – ah, er, ahem if they haven’t already done so.

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