After FrankenPope “Developed” Church Teaching on Capital Punishment, Is He Now Trying to Do the Same on Abortion?

After FrankenPope “Developed” Church Teaching on Capital Punishment,
Is He Now Trying to Do the Same on Abortion?

“The problem of abortion is not religious” but must be left up to anthropologists for judgment, FrankenPope said during his in-flight news conference when leaving Dublin after the 2018 World Meeting of Families. Is he now preaching that abortion is not a religious issue?

When Bergoglio had just left Dublin, Ireland, where the 2018 World Meeting of Families drew controversy but a much lower-than-expected attendance, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut but gave another one of his frenzied in-flight news conferences. In that August 26, 2018, interview, did he indicate the next heresy that he is going to pursue – namely, that the question of abortion is not a religious or moral issue but a sociological one?  This is how he put it in a quotation overlooked by commentators in the media, both Catholic and secular:

The problem of abortion is not religious. We are not against abortion for religion, no! It’s a human problem, and it should be studied anthropologically. To study abortion, beginning with the religious fact is to skip over thought. The problem of abortion should be studied anthropologically. There is always the anthropological problem of the ethics of eliminating a human being to resolve a problem. But this is already to enter into the discussion. I just want to underscore this: I will never allow that the discussion on abortion begins on the religious fact. No, it’s an anthropological problem; it’s a human problem. This is my thinking.

In other words, those who think that abortion is against the divine natural law are not thinking and that it is not in the sphere of religion to consider it but in the sphere of anthropology (whatever that means). He had remained mute on the referendum to amend the Irish constitution to permit abortion in that country, which was Irish voters passed by a majority of 66 to 34%.

Is FrankenPope softening up Church teaching on abortion just as he has already done so on homosexuality, Holy Communion for adulterers and fornicators, and most recently, capital punishment?  It seems that his heresies are cumulating at the same rate as his acts of complicity in clerical pederasty and sodomy as well as episcopal coverup of such! 

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