Remnant: LaVoris’ “Flip” Flops Miserably

“The Hair” just can’t get beyond himself, can he?

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2 comments on “Remnant: LaVoris’ “Flip” Flops Miserably

  1. Yes, but in all of his flip flopping, I am not sure it is a matter of principle. He may be just personally irate for now, so he may just flip flop again tomorrow. Who knows, with these neo-cons. It comes down to how they feel.

  2. [To quote the end of The Remnant article]

    In a past video, Michael Voris lectured us that only Saints have the authority to publicly admonish the pope. Apparently Francis must have canonized Michael Voris in a secret ceremony. Though at this point I’m not sure even Voris would recognize its validity.


    To be clear, Michael Voris and CMTV should be commended for their work exposing the sex abuse crisis in the Church. Especially their exposing of corrupt bishops and in their recent condemnation of Francis, asking for his resignation. We at the Remnant fully support all of these actions.

    The problem is that after years of smearing The Remnant, Catholic Family News, and other good Catholic publications as “spiritual” and “ecclesiastical” pornography for merely telling the faithful the truth about Francis, neither Voris nor CMTV can bring themselves to admit that their previous policy was wrongheaded and helped the enemies of the Church. Instead, their viewers are fed a completely untenable rationalization of their contradictory and hypocritical behavior that now claims the theological sins of Francis are forbidden to be publicly commented on, while only moral failings are.

    Perhaps Michael Voris can one day muster the moral courage of Dr. Taylor Marshall who recently tweeted the following regarding his own about face on Francis:


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