Beware Of Calls For Grand Jury Probes

Beware Of Calls For Grand Jury Probes

[Yes, many of those involved have a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda against the Catholic Church and in the case of many of the lawyers, the anti-Catholic equivalent of ambulance chasers.  Nonetheless some do not have such motives, and criticisms of them will have to be carefully examined –  such as Justice Anne Burke, a Dame of Malta as well as an early member and chairwoman of the US bishops’  National Review Board for the Protection of Children and Young People.  Battling Bill should also take heed of such a warning, because more than 90% of the Catholic League’s $35 million assets are invested in the Christian Brothers Investment Services, which holds stock in pro-abort and pro-sodomite organizations as well as corporations that produce and distribute pornography, and which could become the object of a legal investigation because of the latter (concerning that and more, see CATHOLIC LEAGUE, AMASSING A FORTUNE: Bill Donohue’s outfit has assets of $35 million, most of which is invested in a questionable firm)! – AQ Tom]

August 28, 2018 – Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on grand juries investigating sexual abuse: 

In the wake of the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation of the Catholic Church, many states are now weighing probes of their own. To cherry pick the Catholic Church is unjust: If the goal is to root out predators, then no institution, private or public, should be spared. But this is not the goal, which is why only the Church is under review.

Consider some of the leading players behind this “Let’s get the Church” effort. I know them well.

Let’s begin with the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation. What triggered it? A probe of wrongdoing allegedly committed by Brother Stephen Baker at Bishop McCort High School in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown in the 1990s. Guess who the lawyer was for the alleged victims? An attorney from Massachusetts, Mitchell Garabedian. How did he find his way to sue the Pennsylvania Catholic high school? He is no ordinary lawyer—he is an activist with a vendetta against the Catholic Church.

In 2006, Garabedian sued Father Charles Murphy of Boston for inappropriately touching a minor; the girl said the incident occurred 25 years earlier. On the eve of the trial, the woman dropped her suit. In 2010, Garabedian sued Father Murphy for allegedly fondling a man 40 years earlier. The accuser was deep in debt and his credibility was questioned even by his own family! After a six month probe by the archdiocese review board, the priest was exonerated.

When Father Murphy died in 2011, he was a broken man. Brian McGrory wrote about him in the Boston Globe saying that what Garabedian did was a “disgrace.” After reading the story, I called Garabedian to see if he had any regrets about pressing charges against Father Murphy. He went ballistic: He started screaming like a madman accusing the archdiocese of operating a “kangaroo court.” I asked him to calm down but he would not. Indeed, he made sweeping condemnations of all Boston priests.

A few weeks after my phone call, Garabedian spoke at a conference held by SNAP, a professional victims’ lobby that has been totally discredited. “This immoral entity,” he said, “the Catholic Church, should be defeated. We must stand up and defeat this evil.” This is not the voice of reason—it is the voice of a hater.

SNAP is leading the way calling for grand jury investigations in all the states. Its leadership has been devastated but it is now trying to resurrect itself. Here is what I wrote about it last year:

  • It accepts kickbacks from attorneys
  • It is motivated by a pathological hatred of the Catholic Church
  • It has no respect for the rights of accused priests
  • It lies about priests
  • It lies about survivors
  • It lies to judges
  • It lies to the media
  • It seeks to intimidate and silence its critics
  • It blindsides diocesan officials with leaked lawsuits
  • It abuses donations
  • It exploits survivors by offering unlicensed counseling services
  • It spends practically nothing on servicing survivors
  • It manipulates the media by staging events
  • It retaliates against employees who question its operations.

These are not baseless charges. To read more about it see my article, “SNAP Implodes.”

BishopAccountability is a website that is gleefully pushing grand jury investigations in the states. The media trust it as a reliable source. I don’t. Its director, Terry McKiernan, once accused Cardinal Timothy Dolan, behind closed doors at a SNAP meeting, of “keeping the lid on 55 names” of predator priests. That’s a lie. I have several times contacted McKiernan to give me the names, but he never does.

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke is also behind the grand jury investigations. She is not an impartial observer. She believes that priests should not have constitutional rights. In 2006, she said a priest should be removed from ministry on the basis of a single unsubstantiated accusation. “We understand that it is a violation of the priest’s due process—you’re innocent until proven guilty—but we’re talking about the most vulnerable people in our society and those are children.” She never said whether non-priests should also be denied their constitutional rights.

Rebecca Randles of Kansas City, Missouri is demanding a statewide investigation of Catholic priests. She is the same dishonest lawyer who sued me and lost in a trumped-up libel case against me. Her hatred of the Catholic Church is palpable.

Randles is best of buddies with Jeffrey Anderson, the most sue-happy lawyer in the nation. He has sued the Vatican several times and lost, and now he is leading the effort in Minnesota to launch a grand jury investigation of the dioceses. He once described himself as a “dedicated atheist.” His goal, he says, is to “sue the s*** out of them [the Catholic Church].”

These are the kinds of persons seeking grand jury investigations in the states. They are motivated by hate, not justice. It’s about time Catholics opened their eyes to this reality and not allow themselves to be played by these people.

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9 comments on “Beware Of Calls For Grand Jury Probes

  1. The point is made and it is hardly insignificant. Imagine what this would look like had Trump not won in 2016. Remember the “Catholic Spring” crowd?
    Despite his bluster, Donohue is entirely within bounds on this troubling issue. And, I expect, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet….
    And yes, full disclosure on the “Christian brothers” (sic!) portfolio should be forthcoming ASAP from BB. In this climate he can’t bluster his way out of that one!

  2. Just because there are real scandals among the modernist homo clergy does not mean that the motives behind the legal maneuvering of anti-Catholic, liberal, freemason, atheist, and pro-abortion Attorney Generals are pure, wholesome, unbiased. A crazy pro-abortion anti-Catholic liberal who wants to destroy the Catholic Church over its moral teachings on abortion or marriage is not exactly having a righteous “come to Jesus” moment of concern about homo infiltration of the modernist Catholic clergy. The crimes in the allegations are incidental to the real motives for these Stalinist show trials. They want to tear the Catholic Church apart and whip up as much anti-clerical and anti-Catholic hysteria as they can before the November elections and the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. This is the Deep State’s “Catholic Spring” that the Soros cabals, Team Hillary, and the Illuminati were cooking up, as exposed in the emails leaked by WikiLeaks. They maneuvered all of these homo prelates into place to be removed like pawns on a chessboard when needed for anti-Catholic propaganda. If they want to put Bergoglio on trial, he’s their puppet.

    They can’t say what McCarrick did was wrong when they want to teach kindergarteners how to do the same thing (i.e., to sodomize each other). Liberals putting homo clerics on trial for groping and molesting is a farce (while Bill Clinton still roams as a free man).

  3. I’m not sympathetic. Let the wolves have at them. The pusillanimous pansy bishops had their chance to clean this up in 2002. The didn’t because they had no intention of calling out their butt buddies. To Hell with them. Let the grand juries tear down these dioceses.

    Even worse than the homo thing is the destruction of the faith and worship since the Council. These apostate (evil, homo, etc.) bishops ran their newfangled games, some to make themselves feel more Christian than Christ Himself, i.e., the useful idiots, and some to bring about the destruction of the Church, be that possible. Well, just when do we reach the tipping point? The destroyers have pervaded every building, churches, chanceries, schools, with the cancer of modernism. How will that be cleaned out? Should we cry,”Oh, please, don’t let the enemies of the Church apply their hypocritical justice?” Might it be time to pray God, “Thy Will be done?”

  4. Cyprian , I am with you 100 % ! These perverts from the Pope on down, either committed or covered up the most despicable crimes which effected thousands of victims! They all belong in jail ! The Church will survive without these perverts ! Perp walk them all ! One would not invite any of these reprobates into ones home and does anyone want them running the Church with children present ? I do not feel sorry for any of them ! They need to experience “ prison justice “ not sympathy!

  5. It is in NO way “sympathetic” to the real perverts to point out that anti-Catholic activists and pro-abortion politicians are exploiting these scandals for an anti-Catholic and immoral agenda of neutralizing the Catholic Church through bankruptcy. When a Baptist freemason like Bill Clinton as president of the U.S. molests an intern or gropes a White House staffer are U.S. taxpayers held responsible to pay tens of millions in damages? No, they are not.

    Can you be sure that no innocent priests will be falsely accused by immoral and disturbed crazies seeking to hit the lottery with a false allegation? And aided and assisted by anti-Catholic lawyers, prosecutors, and judges? This is not at all what it claims to be. These anti-Catholic political forces support the homosexualization of the clergy and of ALL of American society, every institution from kindergarten to colleges to corporations and the state house.
    That’s why in Pennsylvania they wheeled out so many female victims when the VAST majority of cases involved homo pederasty against teenage boys. Bankrupting dioceses will not lead to justice. Does a public high school have to pay ten million dollars when a coach or Phys. Ed. teacher molests, gropes, or has sex with a student?

  6. I should have been more clear. It’s not sympathy for the pervs I’m talking about. It’s sympathy for the protestations of Bill and those wary of what the civil authorities will bring.

    Yes, innocents are going to get hurt. But wait … innocents are being hurt now, robbed of their chastity and their faith. And those are just the average students in “Catholic” schools today.

    The writing is on the wall. Are we not seeing the “abomination of desolation” in the holy place? It may happen again that no stone is left on a stone, as when the Romans worked God’s Will on the temple. Looking back on that, did the Good God overdo it?

    No, I don’t desire for our enemies to destroy everything. But I do desire for the whole Modernist and homosexual cabal to come to an abrupt end.

  7. If the perverts had never been ordained (which is the proper Catholic teaching and rule regarding homos) the Church could have avoided most of this mess. If the pervs had been executed by Catholic laymen, they would have saved the grand jury a lot of time. If there had been at least the threat of that, maybe there would have been fewer cases.

    But any adult male seminarian above the age of eighteen or twenty who willingly climbed into bed with a cardinal or bishop needs his head examined. He should have left the beach house immediately and headed straight to a bus station or car rental service. That is one CRAZY story. Who in his right mind climbs in bed with another man when so invited?

    As for where all the money should go, a group of traditional Catholic laymen should sue to have all church property returned from control by modernist heretics and homosexual perverts. That should happen EVERYWHERE. ALL of the property and assets of, for instance, the University of Notre Dame should be removed from control by modernist heretics, homo perverts, and anti-Catholics, and returned to an orthodox Catholic organization which does NOT ordain homo perverts or modernist heretics. So ALL of the fake Catholic institutions should be compelled by canon law to hand over their assets to orthodox, traditional, believing Catholics so we can end this charade of pretend priests and make-believe Catholic parishes and colleges, run by lunatic modernist heretics and homo perverts.

  8. Cyprian, I am no Donohue fan and what concerns me is just what Howl said. The prosecution will be Big Govt v, Joe Catholic, period. We’re talking about a huge subversive revolution here and the enemies of Christ are not going to stop with a few hundred guilty verdicts. They DO want to eliminate the Church and this scandal provides an easy path to just such an outright pogrom.

  9. Btw, Howl’s real estate idea is very sound.

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