Weigel on Abp. Vigano’s Integrity (2016)


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6 comments on “Weigel on Abp. Vigano’s Integrity (2016)

  1. Whoever has any contact resources with EWTN or Donohue’s CL empire should make sure Arroyo and Blusterin’ Bill see this ASAP! The irony is exquisite!

  2. Game. Set. And Match.

    Good to see him up and at it again after the horse whipping from Dreher, whose anti-Catholic hysteria has never been more energized and giddy with anti-Catholic ecstasy.

  3. Background story on the “gay” Left’s reaction to Abp. Vigano helping Kim Davis to meet with Francis during a pontifical visit to the US, mentioned in the Weigel article (above.)

  4. The anti-Catholic jeering and gloating from the recent scandals is bringing them out of the woodwork. As Catholicism is tried and convicted for the sins of modernist heretics (neo-Protestants).


  5. Apparently, Protestants are not getting any better at argumentation. When it is asserted that “Catholics” lack virtue, therefore Catholicism must be false, it would help if the villains identified were actually believing and practicing Catholics rather than modernist heretics (neo-Protestant liberals). Most Protestants have trouble with the Sixth Commandment, does that prove that Protestant is wrong and evil? Will the Final Apostasy, the Great Falling away, “prove” that Christianity was a sham all along?

    Where do you begin?

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