Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

AQ’s crack Retro Cinema Productions Unit is racing into production its forthcoming release, “The Don Busters,” a vivid, heart-racing thriller based on a true story still unfolding in sunny Nuovo Roma, featuring the volcanic Don Bergolione and a cast of thousands confronted by, first, one valiant Italian Archbishop and, then, an entire intrepid squadron of hierarchs who finally come to the realization…  “It’s time!”  Don’t miss it!


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One comment on “Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

  1. We can do a coordinated strike using Predators with Hellfire missiles , appropriate name, on Wuerl’s Penthouse, Papa Francis’ Balcony during a speech, Dolan’s Homoerotic bed chambers , Tobin during a gay pride parade , Cupich during a clericalism speech, and last but not least, McElroy at a Global Warming/ LGBTQ+++ speech and march ! We need Friday and Gannon and other operatives to laser the targets for us.

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