Angry Catholics Are Being Played

Angry Catholics Are Being Played

[Donohue’s article backfires on himself, because it also begs the questions “Who else is playing us?  The likes of Donohue?” and “Why else?  For damage control?” – AQ Tom]

August 27, 2018

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on how some Catholics are reacting to news stories about clergy sexual abuse:

The twin scandals of the summer of 2018 have taken a toll on Catholics. First we learned of the alleged acts of sexual abuse by (former cardinal) Theodore McCarrick, and then we learned of old cases of alleged clergy abuse found in the Pennsylvania grand jury report (most of which were never substantiated). Catholics are understandably livid, but the white-heat reaction that is evident in some quarters has only added to the problem.

Conservative Catholics have been especially strident in their comments.  Unfortunately, they are being played. To be specific, their call for grand jury investigations in every state, and the wholesale release of priest personnel files, is playing into the hands of the enemies of the Catholic Church. So are their appeals to parishioners asking them to withhold contributions. Even worse are their demands for a mass purge of bishops.

Those who despise the Church are loving it: these Catholics are unwittingly carrying their water for them. Church-suing lawyers and Church-hating activists—there are many of them—are on a search and destroy mission to upend the Catholic Church. Angry Catholics are taking their bait by not insisting that every institution in society, public as well as private, be subjected to the same level of scrutiny.

All Catholics, beginning with the bishops, should resist calls for full disclosure that are not being demanded of every other institution, religious and secular. To do otherwise is to subvert the Church in the name of justice. Unless we insist on a level playing field—after all, we do not own this problem and have made great progress—there will be no justice for anyone, especially Catholics.

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6 comments on “Angry Catholics Are Being Played

  1. Yes. The Illuminati want a “Catholic Spring” (an anti-Catholic and anti-clerical uprising to neutralize Catholicism). Team Hillary, George Soros, and the Deep State are still steamed about Catholic voters in key swing states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin) turning out to deliver the Catholic pro-life vote for Trump and defeating Hillary Clinton. Solution? Neutralize the Catholic Church. They want to make enough voters hate the Catholic Church and abandon Catholic teachings on abortion and marriage. Hence, rehashing old charges as if there were something new.

    No one really believes that liberal Attorney Generals have had a “come to Jesus” moment, getting concerned about homo infiltration of the Catholic clergy. They want to teach kindergarteners how to do what McCarrick is alleged to have done to seminarians.

    Whatever happens, an Opus Dei panel discussion on John Rawls is not going to solve the problem of the modernist heresy and situation ethics out of control in Pope Bergoglio’s court.

  2. If McCarrick were a Democrat senator he would be getting high-fived and lionized on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night show, invited to Hollywood parties, and would be the darling of CNN and MSNBC.

  3. Angry comments? Being played? Hey, that’s my cue!

    Boisterous Bill, let me tell you something. I’ve taken the task of raising children in purity of faith and in their body. Do you have an inkling of what that entails? Can I just find a “conservative” parish and hope for the best? No way. The faith isn’t there, and it’s futile to argue with the priest, or worse, in front of my kids. So, I am forced to go outside the normal. On the “Fringe,” as Opie-Dopie priest Fr. Sal Ferigle of unhappy memory called it while chastising me, red-faced

    I learned how to fight from my dear mother who got me away from a perv priest 50+ years ago. The problems have been going on all my life. And who among the bishops stepped up to lend a hand? Hmmmm? No, I’m one of those angry traddie types. Disobedient, i.e., not letting bishops and their fem priests have at my children. And you, too, take this opportunity to spank me for raising my voice in protest yet again.

    Good luck to you, Bill. May you be happy in this life and the next. But if you want to care for the kids, please find another profession.

  4. Bill D. has been tucking a nice $500,000 a year into his pocket from the donations to his “non-profit” 501(3)(c) corporation set up for that purpose? Check it out? — the Bishops involved in these cover ups I understand — especially Wuerl who he goes way back with to college days and is extremely tight with — have enabled him in his “pursuits” and great financial accomplishments on the backs of donors most of which are clueless as to what he pockets every year? Large corporation Presidents don’t get this kind of loot very often and Bill does exactly what? –Bloviates in the media? Nice work if you can get it or figure out how to set it up enabled by your buddies in the Catholic Church who he now seeks to protect from criticism?

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