Cd. Burke: Abp. Vigano’s Charges Demand Action!

Cardinal Burke responds to former US nuncio’s explosive letter about FrankenPope

ROME, August 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — “The corruption and filth which have entered into the life of the Church must be purified at their roots,” said Vatican Cardinal Raymond Burke in response to a LifeSite request for comment on the release of Archbishop Carlo Viganò’s testimony. The 11-page letter issued by the former papal representative in the United States released to LifeSiteNews and a few other outlets is filled with revelations of scandals within the hierarchy.

“The declarations made by a prelate of the authority of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò must be totally taken to heart by those responsible in the Church,” said Burke. “Each declaration must be subject to investigation, according to the Church’s time-tried procedural law.”

Read the full text of Archbishop Viganò’s explosive letter here.

In addition to the main charges that Pope Francis knew of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s abuse and nevertheless lifted sanctions that Pope Benedict had secretly imposed on McCarrick, some of the other explosive declarations include:

  • Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State under Pope Benedict XVI, “notoriously favored promoting homosexuals into positions of responsibility.”
  • Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the current Secretary of State and thought to be the top contender to replace Francis, “was also complicit in covering up the misdeeds of McCarrick.”
  • Cardinal Parolin ordered the reservation of the Diocese of San Diego for the notoriously left-wing Bishop Robert McElroy
  • Pope Francis warned Viganò as nuncio that he did not want bishops in the United States like Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput: “They must not be right-wing like the Archbishop of Philadelphia,” he quotes the Pope as telling him.

“After the truth of each declaration has been established, then the appropriate sanctions must be applied both for the healing of the horrible wounds inflicted upon the Church and her members, and for the reparation of the grave scandal caused,” says Cardinal Burke.

Cardinal Burke called on “all good Catholics” to “insist upon knowing the truth” and added that they “must pray and sacrifice for the Church at this tumultous time.”

A purification, he said, “Such purification can only take place with the full and uncompromised respect for the truth.”

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8 comments on “Cd. Burke: Abp. Vigano’s Charges Demand Action!

  1. A great priest friend has begun circulating the Bishop of Tyler, TX’s remarks to priests in Canada and the NE United States. With Cd. Burke now calling for a “full court press” the perverts are about to learn the real meaning of the expression, “Nowhere left to hide.”
    Naturally, the EWTN groupies and assorted other NeoKathlyk cliques are busy posting all sorts of Pollyanna claptrap, calling the Vigano testimony “fake news,” etc. all over social media outlets. Trads are not suffering their idiocy lightly!
    The days ahead should prove highly interesting and chock full of gold nuggets for both deadly serious Catholics paying close attention as well as for those more humorously-inclined. I suspect, despite all that’s transpired in just the past 24 hours, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet….

  2. I am gratified that His Eminence can see plain facts in this case, but I’m not going to get interested until he actually DOES something about it rather than sitting back and bellyaching as he has done through the past 5+ years. Also, I’m not going to forget this for a while:

  3. The Pope just stated when asked about the Letter , in true Mafia Lingo ” Fagettabout it” Lets see who makes the next move ! Or if there is any move to be made ! Anybody see any Tanks yet or Swiss Guard Pikes or maybe a go cart with a flashing red light ? How about the White Monk from the Di Vinci Code ? Stay Tuned !!!

  4. Tom, I failed to distinguish! Mea culpa. I had in mind a few comments I saw amid scores of them in which members of the blue-haired bloody Mary bridge set were getting a case of the vapors after seeing criticism of their hero, Pope Elmer Fudd.
    Thus, I merely presumed they were EWTN groupies…
    So yes, you are correct. The Pravda-lite EWTN Empire’s media IS covering the Vigano story. Audience members are still as papalotrous as ever, however.

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