Fulton Sheen Edition (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Your Catholic Week in Review (Fulton Sheen Edition!)

Michael Hichborn – 8/25/18

In a now infamous passing of ships at the Vatican, it was Bishop Fulton J. Sheen who had won a contest against his arch-rival, Cardinal Spellman of New York.  Spellman had attempted to be “reimbursed” $1 million for a donation of powdered milk to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith — which came freely from the government, incidentally.  Sheen refused the extortionary request.

Such was Spellman’s wrath, he took the complaint to Pope Pius XII in Rome.  Sheen won, and while passing in the corridors of the Vatican, Cardinal Spellman exploded, “I will get even with you. It may take six months or ten years, but everyone will know what you are like!”  Sheen took the barrage and returned fire with the now-immortal line:

“Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius!”

Of course, Spellman never forgot or forgave the remark. Spellman would die in his bed in 1967; Sheen in front of the Blessed Sacrament in 1979.

Upon Sheen’s death, his body was entombed at St. Patrick Cathedral in New York, and despite the pleas of the Diocese of Peoria, the Archdiocese of New York has refused to allow Sheen’s body to go home — in a way, Cardinal Timothy Dolan is fulfilling the promise Spellman made to Sheen after all those years.

…which probably explains why Dolan has been so reluctant to pursue the truth.

Make no mistake: Cdl. Dolan is part of the problem, which is why the Lepanto Institute is airing this radio spot throughout the city of New York.

The crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States doesn’t stop with Cardinal McCarrick or Cardinal Wuerl.

In fact, the legacy of covering up for homosexual clergy goes back to Cardinal Spellman himself — a notorious homosexual clergyman whose reign began first by grooming young men for his own tastes before controlling every single dime that flowed through the Church… and threatening to ruin the reputation of good men such as Bishop Sheen.

Is Dolan merely following in the footsteps of his predecessor?  Only a full and open investigation will settle the question, and it is long overdue.  Dolan is the one who is leveraging men like Bill Donohue of the Catholic League to defend Wuerl’s actions.  Dolan is the one who allows homosexuals to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Dolan is the one who shelters heterodox priests like Fr. James Martin S.J.

…and it is Dolan who enjoys such a close fraternal relationship with men like McCarrick.  Is it any small wonder why Dolan would go to such lengths to protect such a man?  To protect the rot introduced by homosexual clergy in the mold of Spellman?

Either way, the laity have had enough.  Expect more — soon.

George Weigel isn’t exactly the world’s greatest thinker.  In truth, Weigel’s sole claim to fame is as the biographer of Pope John Paul II.  Beyond that?  Well… it’s safe to say that without his subject, Weigel’s opinions probably wouldn’t have much consideration among the laity.

In truth, most of the laity have no idea who Weigel is apart from those who read his musings from time to time in the wine-and-cheese section of Catholic opinion journals.

Weigel’s unbridled sneering towards those dirty and unwashed pewsitters — Catholics like us — came unglued this week:

Responding responsibly to today’s crisis also means not fouling our own nest by denying all the good things that are underway in U.S. Catholicism, the living parts of which have embraced the New Evangelization and rejected Catholic Lite as an evangelical strategy. Shrill voices venting ideological spleen by decrying the entire American Catholic scene are demoralizing; they may unwittingly give the Evil One cheap victories. Truly righteous anger is focused anger, not online click-bait.

It’s appalling that Weigel would be more concerned with “clickbait” than “jailbait.”  The wineskin is old — throw it out.  There is no merit in protecting homosexual priests from the consequences of their acts, nor is there any hope in taking this nest (as Weigel calls it) and insisting that we can undo it straw by straw in an effort to weed out bad actors. If he was truly concerned about those “fouling the nest,” perhaps he should draw his attention to the homosexual clergymen as opposed to those pointing them out.

Weigel missed the point not only because he truly fails to empathize with the victims, but because he is plainly ignoring the absolute lengths the Lavender Mafia is willing to engage in order to protect their own backsides:

Cardinal Wuerl, for instance, not only actively assisted in covering up several cases of abuse in Pittsburgh, but he has done nothing but lie about it to the public ever since. He even hired a law firm that specializes in reputation repair for $50,000–$75,000 per month (at the expense of the archdiocese, of course), before the Pennsylvania grand jury report was published, in order to obfuscate his involvement. Is Weigel really going to stand by Cdl. Wuerl’s pay-for-silence cover-up of an abusive priest who went off to Cuba, suggesting that Wuerl was merely “less-than-effective”? Is Weigel honestly going to suggest that Wuerl’s hiring of a PR firm merely renders him “less-than-honest?”

You can read my article (and my challenge) to George Weigel over at Church Militant.

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