Bishop Against FrankenPope: “Conscience” Cannot Excuse Sin

Bishop Against FrankenPope: “Conscience” Cannot Excuse Sin – 8/25/18

Madison Bishop Robert Morlino has criticises the idea [advocated by Pope Francis] that “conscience” can dispense from following Church teaching.

Talking to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo (August 23), he said, “Too often people have excused themselves from sinful behaviours by saying, ‘I’m following my conscience and that’s the highest law.”

For Morlino a contraposition of the objective law and the subjective understanding of it is “the linchpin of so many problems since the [Second] Vatican Council”.

Morlino further accuses “a desire to keep abuses away from homosexuality and move it towards paedophilia”.

He points out that over 80% of the victims of clerical abuse have been postpubescent males.

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2 comments on “Bishop Against FrankenPope: “Conscience” Cannot Excuse Sin

  1. These are good points by the courageous bishop. However, I was disappointed that he used the word, “unwittingly,” to describe the attitude of those who are responsible for producing ecclesiastical documents that lead to confusion and dissent in what otherwise should be clear Church teaching.

  2. The bishop speaks well. It takes courage to call out the homo subculture. He makes clear that the abuse problem is a homo problem. But he and Raymond can’t seem to get to all the possible solutions.

    If you’ve identified a persistent vermin infestation of your home, what would you do? Call an exterminator, of course. +Morlino identifies a persistent homo infestation in the Church. But he doesn’t seem to be calling the exterminator. He says it’s beyond him to identify who should resign. He says he has a problem-free seminary. But he doesn’t take the bull by the horns and give prescriptions on how to eliminate the problem.

    Near the end of the interview, Arroyo asks about the issues of “recruitment, retention, and advancement” of priests. OK, but the real questions are:
    * How do you screen out homos? Background checks?
    * Where do you set the bar? E.g., Pope Benedict wrote that you can ordain homos who aren’t too deep in the seat with it.
    * Is the bar set too low? Should all homo-tendency men be rejected? Should effeminate men be rejected, too?

    Unless and until a NO FAGS and NO FEMS policy is instituted, you will not begin to decimate the subculture. There also needs to be a Mueller-like inquiry instituted in each diocese to root out homos. This can be done quietly, but it must be effective enough so that homos start leaving of their own accord.

    Bottom line: +Morlino and Arroyo are beating around the bush, as is the entire hierarchy of the Church. If Morlino is serious about hatred of sin, then he must take strong measures to eliminate all those who are soft on this vice. While he may have a clean seminary – but we know he has a queer-friendly parish on the UW campus – he needs to take the next step to say exactly how hatred of this sin that “cries to Heaven for vengeance” (Morlino said that!) should be resolved into action.

    To all parents: keep your kids away from the Novus Ordo. Do not give the parishes a dime. And don’t let your sons serve the Traditional Mass unless you know exactly how priests and instructors avoid any impropriety. Put your “gaydar” on. Your sons deserve nothing less.

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