Senate fails to pass Paul amendment to defund Planned Parenthood

Senate fails to pass Paul amendment to defund Planned Parenthood

[With implications of (1) how pro-life is the Senate GOP leadership and (2) can the Senate approve President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh without one or both pro-abort GOP senators voting against him and/or with one or more Democrat senators (supposedly pro-life) voting for him (see comments below) – AQ Tom]

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The U.S. Senate voted 45-48 Thursday on Sen. Rand Paul’s latest amendment to defund Planned Parenthood, coming up short of the 60 needed to overcome current filibuster rules and pass.

The Kentucky Republican introduced an amendment last week to the Senate appropriations package funding the Departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education; which would forbid money appropriated for those departments from directly or indirectly going to any entity that performs or finances most abortions.

Despite the GOP holding its congressional majorities and winning the White House in 2016 by (among other issues) promising to defund the abortion giant, legislation to do so has stalled thus far and budgets have continued to subsidize Planned Parenthood. Yet GOP leaders such as Appropriations Committee Chair Sen. Richard Shelby complained that Paul’s amendment was a “spoiler” that could prevent the broader funding bill from passing.

Before Paul was able to add his proposal to the “amendment tree’s” limited slots, Senate GOP leaders filled the last slot with a placeholder amendment that added a single dollar to one program’s funding, the Washington Examiner reports. “Its only purpose was to block Paul,” an unnamed Senate insider told the Examiner.

Paul excoriated his party’s leadership on the Senate floor over the move, accusing them of “just giv[ing] lip service to pro-life issues” and being “more concerned” with “bloated government spending than saving lives.” His protest was successful in getting the vote and putting senators on the record, though the amendment ultimately failed to pass.

[AQ Tom: See LifeSiteNews’ Rand Paul blasts GOP leaders for trying to block amendment defunding Planned Parenthood for more details]

Senator Rand Paul


Big-spending Republicans fear that blocking funding for Planned Parenthood would derail their plans to greatly expand the welfare-warfare state.

While the House of Representatives has passed several pro-life bills, only the one letting states defund Planned Parenthood ever became law. The 20-week abortion ban and Obamacare repeal/Planned Parenthood defunding ultimately died in the Senate, where pro-abortion GOP Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have the power to block simple-majority votes, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is unwilling to revise the legislative filibuster.

President Donald Trump, who has pursued a robust pro-life agenda, says electing more Republican senators this fall is the key to passing pro-life legislation.

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8 comments on “Senate fails to pass Paul amendment to defund Planned Parenthood

  1. “Pro-Life” Democrats Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly Vote to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


    The national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) today slammed vulnerable Democratic Senators who voted against Sen. Rand Paul’s amendment #3967 to the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill that would have redirected taxpayer funding away from abortion businesses including Planned Parenthood. Key Democrats representing states carried by President Trump who voted against the amendment include: Sens. Doug Jones (AL), Bill Nelson (FL), Joe Donnelly (IN), Claire McCaskill (MO), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Jon Tester (MT), and Joe Manchin (WV). All but Sen. Jones are up for re-election this November.

    “Vulnerable Democratic Senators have betrayed their constituents yet again by voting to fund abortion giant Planned Parenthood, and will be held accountable at the ballot box,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Democrat Senators in states won by President Trump cannot get away with presenting themselves as moderates any longer, and self-proclaimed ‘pro-life’ senators like Donnelly and Manchin should be especially ashamed of caving to the abortion lobby and extremists in their party. They have betrayed their constituents and will be held accountable at the ballot box.”

    SBA List’s field team of more than 500 pro-life canvassers has visited more than 1.4 million homes in the battleground states of Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Montana as part of an historic effort to educate and mobilize voters for the 2018 midterm election. SBA List canvassers are on track to reach two million homes by Election Day.

    SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

    Polling commissioned by SBA List shows that a majority of voters in 2018 Senate battleground states oppose giving tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business:

    ~56% of voters in select Senate battleground states oppose taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood (47% strongly oppose)

    ~60% would be less likely to vote for their U.S. Senator if he or she voted to give money to Planned Parenthood instead of community health centers that provide comprehensive women’s healthcare (44% “much less likely”)

    Opposition to Planned Parenthood tax funding is high among voters in states with incumbent Democrat Senators facing re-election:

    ~N. Dakota – 70% oppose, 77% less likely to support Senator who votes in support of Planned Parenthood

    ~Montana – 61% oppose, 64% less likely to support Senator who votes in support of Planned Parenthood

    ~Ohio – 57% oppose, 60% less likely to support Senator who votes in support of Planned Parenthood

    ~Missouri – 54% oppose, 57% less likely to support Senator who votes in support of Planned Parenthood

    ~Wisconsin – 51% oppose, 58% less likely to support Senator who votes in support of Planned Parenthood

    ~Florida – 48% oppose, 53% less likely to support Senator who votes in support of Planned Parenthood

    Research shows that Planned Parenthood controls 35 percent of the national abortion market – more than 321,000 abortions every year – and is not a significant provider of medical care in the United States. They face federal investigation for their role in the trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts. Furthermore, community health care alternatives outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities at least 20 to one nationwide.

  2. [Is this supposedly pro-life Democrat senator trying to “play both sides against the middle” (i.e., to insure his re-election in the upcoming election)?]

    Senator Joe Manchin Breaks With Fellow Democrats: No Reason to Delay Kavanaugh Hearings


    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) broke with his fellow Democrats’ calls for a delay on confirmation hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in light of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s guilty plea.

    “We do our job. Let’s do our job,” Sen. Manchin told reporters Wednesday. “Delaying is not going to help anything.”

    He added that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has not reached out to him about delaying a vote on Kavanaugh.

    “No one has discussed this with me at all,” he said. “They know my feelings on this, you know? We’ve got a nominee that the president has put forward. We have an advise and consent job.”

    Sen. Manchin is a vulnerable red-state Democrat who is facing a lot of pressure to confirm Kavanaugh. He had a two hour meeting with Kavanaugh last month and officially remains undecided.

    Sen. Schumer called for Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings to be put off indefinitely on the Senate floor earlier Wednesday in light of Cohen’s plea and the verdict in the Paul Manafort trial.

    He was joined in these calls by a number of prominent Democrats, including Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) who cancelled her meeting with Kavanaugh and called President Trump an “unindicted co-conspirator.” Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) quickly adopted the term as well.

    SIGN THE PETITION: Vote to Confirm Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

  3. Population control is alive and well in Washington, DC.

    The timing of the Pennsylvania grand jury report on clergy sex abuse is suspicious. Given the upcoming congressional elections and with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh awaiting confirmation hearings, it looks as if the pro-abortion cabals needed to whip up anti-Catholic hysteria to try to turn voters against the leading pro-life institution. It is not a stretch that the Deep State has taken stock of Trump’s election win and crunched the numbers, finding that pro-life Catholic voters in key swing states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin) helped send pro-abortion Alinskyite maniac Hillary Clinton back to Chappaqua and Slick Willy. Solution: attack and discredit the Catholic Church.

    The anti-Catholic campaign follows the same model of banning Alex Jones from social media.
    They are using Alinskyite tactics to try to weaken Trump’s base. The Deep State needs to attack the sources of the pro-life movement which proved essential to Trump’s defeat of Comrade Hillary.

    Keep in mind those strange emails from Podesta and Hillary’s camp about the need for a “Catholic Spring” to liberalize and destabilize the Catholic Church. It is all connected.

    • Bingo — and not to diminish the content of the grand jury report. But those who imagine that the Deep State cares about molested kids, think again. There’s always a plan on the Left. Connivance.

      • Most of the cases reported are old cases. Why did the revelations about McCarrick come out now? Who made that call? Who decided that McCarrick should be outed now that he is retired and no longer useful to liberals to provide cover for abortion?

        It is unlikely that Deep State liberals and Illuminati puppets suddenly had a “come to Jesus” moment epiphany about homo sodomite corruption in the Catholic Church. No, this is an orchestrated operation of political theatre by the Deep State for their “Catholic Spring” project that Podesta and the Hillary camp were ruminating over, as exposed by WikiLeaks. They decided to launch the “Catholic Spring” in Summer 2018 after the abortion vote in Ireland have them inspiration. They want to flip enough Catholic voters away from Trump and pro-life voting.

  4. It seems like they saw the abortion referendum vote in Ireland, assessed the role of anti-clerical and anti-Catholic sentiment in getting abortion established in Ireland, and figured something similar could work in the U.S.

    There are many causes for the moral decadence, ignorance, and acceptance of Malthusian and eugenic population control ideology in the U.S. Certainly, dumbed-down liberal modernist “Catholic” politicians who support abortion rights and Planned Parenthood are part of that decadence. Their willingness to support Malthusian population control is one of the evils of the modern world that Vatican II miscalculated.

  5. At first glance, Howl has something, here. We can firm it up if there are dox implicating ex – Cd McKarakatoa that dribbled out of Sandy Berger’s Fruit of the Looms, lo, all those years ago.

  6. It seems strange that the McCarrick story was held up all those years while he provided cover for pro-abortion liberal politicians like John Kerry until now, as if all of the sudden it would be useful to out him.

    Justice calls, but the timing seems suspicious and not accidental. I don’t buy the line that secular liberal Attorney Generals and legal bureaucrats have suddenly experienced a “come to Jesus” moment of concern about homosexualist infiltration of the Catholic Church. That they tried to exaggerate the hetero cases in the political theatre in Pennsylvania indicates less than sincere concerns about getting to the truth.

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