Kwasniewski and White on the True Nature of the Crisis in the Church

Kwasniewski and White on the True Nature of the Crisis in the Church

August 22, 2018 – Posted by Tantumblogo 

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College normally writes in measured, scholarly tones, always providing insightful commentary but not usually with a lot of polemic.  But he let fly with both barrels in a recent post at One Peter Five, from which I excerpt extensively below (admittedly, he claims to be quoting another, but approvingly).  Hilary White has been waging a vitriolic war of words against the tyranny of the Bergoglian papacy, and rightly so, for years.  She continues her excellent work with another strong piece also at One Peter Five.  I tie the two together and try to add a few contributions of my own, paltry though they are.

First up, Dr. K – no matter how bad you think the corruption/rot/heresy/perversion in the Church is, it’s almost certainly much, much worse, and will get still more so:

Most commentators do not begin to understand the true nature of the problem.

The ring of criminal Nancy Boys is the same ring that has been sedulously working for decades to undermine the integrity of the doctrinal, moral, sacramental, liturgical Church. These men – McCarrick, McElroy, Wuerl, O’Malley, Mahony, Cupich, Tobin, Farrell, Lynch, Weakland, Paglia, Maradiaga, their lovable mouthpiece James Martin, Thomas Rosica, and far too many others, including ones who have passed on to their eternal fate, such as Lyons, Boland, Brom – are the same ones who have destabilized and adulterated catechesis, theology, liturgy, and most obviously the Church’s commitment to the unchanging moral law, as we saw in the Amoris Laetitia debacle and all that surrounded and succeeded it. We must connect the dots and not pretend to be shocked when we see, for example, attempts under way to “re-interpret” Humanae Vitae through a false teaching on conscience, or to do away with clerical celibacy, or to introduce female deacons.

To treat the sins of this ring of conspirators as nothing more than a recrudescence of the sex scandals of the past would be to lose sight of their real enormity. These are not just men of bad moral character; they are apostates, and they are trying to remake the Church in the image of their own apostasy. The Church has been smashed up in front of our eyes in slow motion for decades and few can even begin to admit that we are now faced with a Church in actual smithereens. The Nancy Boys have conducted their campaign of demolition with a kind of imperial sway. It is not this or that aspect of the Church that is corrupt; the rot is now everywhere. It is a rot on which the McCarrick Ring still sups, like maggots feasting on a corpse. For this reason, to hear well meaning people say Bergoglio must impanel some investigative body to set things right is Alice in Wonderland lunacy. It’s like putting Himmler in charge of Nuremberg.

We do not need bishops engaging in public penance (although it’s a good idea for their souls and long overdue); we do not need episcopal investigations; we do not need new procedures and new policies. These are all cries for exculpation. Bishops beating their breasts and then going back to doing nothing about the manifest apostasy at the very heart of the Church will not solve matters. We need the apostates [and those who have enabled and covered for them, and also all the sodomites] identified, denounced, and removed. [And so the Church in the US would probably lose 90+% of its clergy at a shot, if all the moral perverts and manifest heretics were, by some miracle, removed from office.  Are we prepared for that?  I can really only speak to the Church in the US, but I understand that in many Western countries, and Latin America, the problem is even worse.  There might not even be 1% of the active priests who are not heretical, addicted to horrifically immoral sin, or both]We need a reaffirmation of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. To clean up this mess, we have to clean up more than the scandal of homosexuality, with all of its attendant horrors. We have to denounce and reject the apostasy that powerful and influential homosexuals and their friends have insinuated into the Church over decades………

……….It is a package deal. This, above all, is what people need to see. The moral depravity, the doctrinal heresy, the liturgical devastation – all of it goes together. If you have the courage to follow each thread, you will find that any attack on one part of the Church, one aspect of her life, one component of her tradition, already is or will soon be bound up with an attack on the other parts, too. The real “seamless garment” is Catholicism taken in its totality. Either you have the whole or you can’t have any…….

……..The difference with the clerical sodomites is that they become professional apostates. It is not enough for them not to believe in the sacraments; they must make others not believe in them as well. They will not stop twisting and mutilating the Church until she blesses their sin, along with many other sins. To achieve their goals, they must wreak havoc on every last aspect of the Church. This is what the faithful must stop – forget about the contemptible bureaucracy of the USCCB with its well heeled lawyers and slick marketeers. We begin to stop the havoc by calling its source by its real name. McCarrick was not just a predatory sodomite, but an apostate, and all of his “brother bishops” who knew about the double life and still got their pictures taken with him [or concelebrated with him, because there is a school of theological thought that says that concelebration is a tacit admission of doctrinal conformity with the celebrant, which is one of many reasons why traditional priests abhor the practice and refuse to condone it], laughing away at the latest wool pulled over the people’s eyes – you know, the ones who are putting out videos about how unfortunate this is, what a mess, and, you know, it isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be – these are all apostates, too. They’re company men with company cars, driving in a long line to their own burials at the ecumenical cemetery…………

………The Catholic Church is being rocked to its foundations by a scandal of Modernist apostasy of staggering proportions. We are in “2+2 = 5” territory, and the “conservative” apologists have no real response to that, which is why they insist on treating the McCarrick business as a sex scandalThey are more concerned about a mendacious, ramshackle, unaccountable episcopate than they are about the deposit of the faith under daily assault, as it has been ever since the progressive European bishops maneuvered into control of the Second Vatican Council, strewing ambiguities and half-truths in its documents and dominating its implementation, particularly in the liturgical sphere – all of which has led us straight into the cesspool of iniquity and heresy in which we are stewing.

But where does this go? What do they ultimately want?  That is what Miss White tells us, and very clearly, almost prophetically, to extend her analogy:

What is the Bergoglian Paradigm about? It is about a new religion, and specifically a religion that falsifies, negates, contradicts, denies, and abominates the old religion. It is about the complete reversal of all that God has taught mankind, not only since the dawn of the Christian era, but from the beginning. If the Bergoglian Negation is true, then everything we have believed, not for 2,000 years, but since the time of Abraham, indeed since the time of the promise to Eve, is false. Every miracle, every promise, every covenant, every expression of love of God for us was all a lie……….

…….Why? Because the Bergoglians tell us not to repent, not to turn away from sin. They tell us that God will not save, will not lend you strength. They tell us even that sin is good. It is a counsel of despair; it tells you that you are helpless in your sins, that no God is coming to save you, that His grace is insufficient for you, that you are ensnared in depravity and can never escape, never hope for holiness, never hope for salvation.

And that only humanity, only their leftism, only the communist utopia, can “save” you, and that you may as well have as much “pleasure” in this life as possible, as this is the only one there is.  That is what these men have been telling themselves, every day and practically every minute, for decades now. Misery loves company.  They want to drag everyone down to their level, ESPECIALLY those who have, by some miracle, managed to maintain true Faith over the past several insanely painful decades.

But these kinds of men have come before, and God has defeated them.  The Catholic Church has appeared broken and defeated, only to experience miraculous turnarounds.  In the mid-11th century, the popes had been  under the thumb – to the point of being named/appointed and even in some sense “consecrated” by them – of the Roman “nobility” and “Holy” Roman Emperor for 250 years. This is the period when a 16 yo boy was appointed pope and proceeded to live a most scandalous and profligate life, dying of acute cirrhosis when he was only 24 or so. Most priests and bishops were 2nd, 3rd, or 5th sons of petty lords who only used their positions as clergy to enrich themselves while they married, fornicated, drank, engaged in piracy and brigandage, and left the people to starve, spiritually.  Only here and there were there isolated locations where the Faith was actually maintained and practiced, and those very few.  But it was enough.  God managed to get a man, Hildebrand, appointed as St. Gregory VII and the entire enterprise, the whole edifice, was turned around in just 2-3 decades.  Problems remained, but the Church of the 12th and 13th centuries – admitted by all as the most Catholic in history –  was created immediately after these periods of near total collapse and disaster.

I say that so people do not become hopeless, but at the same time, I feel, for a variety of reasons, that the current crisis/mass apostasy is the most dangerous, yet, because it is the most efficient, systematic, and organized the Church has yet faced.  I think it is far more organized than anyone knows.  And it is not done, yet.  Even should we, by some small stroke of God’s will, be freed of Bergoglio, his replacement may well be worse.  This may go on for many decades to come, until they believe they have sucked the Church dry of all benefit it could provide them, or some great saintly reformer comes along to start the process of setting things right.

I know these are not exactly huge revelations to this crowd.  Heretics took over the human aspect of the Church, including the clergy, perhaps as divine retribution for the Church’s institutional embrace of usury via the IOR/Vatican Bank*.  But keep the Faith.  Find the best Mass/priest  you can and cling to them with all your might.  As Bear says, nail your foot to the floor if you have to.  Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus still applies, even though the institutional Church has not only lost its mind but appears demonically possessed.  It is still Christ’s Church and that is still His Body in the Blessed Sacrament.  Plus, as they say, living good is the best revenge, well, staying holy and keeping faith is the best way to deny this evil cohort the victory they desire.

*-has anyone else seen/heard this claim, that Vatican Bank/IOR activities have constituted sin of usury since the concordat with Mussolini in 1929, which transformed the Holy See from debtor mini-state to extremely wealthy and influential state?  Didn’t Malachi Martin argue this, that the Vatican had prior to Pius XI always held aloof from global financial markets due to refusal to charge interest for money or accept interest on money (as these constituted grave sins of usury, even worse than murder) and was thus impoverished from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries, but that the concordat and subsequent creation of the Vatican Bank rendered the Vatican spectacularly wealthy but required they engage in usurious practices?  And this is where all the trouble really started, as it instantly caused rapidly spreading corruption?  Thoughts?  I read the theory in this book**, which seems to rely quite a bit on Malachi Martin.

**AmazonAmong the Ruins: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Catholic Church; by Paul L. Williams

This critical review of the Roman Catholic Church since the pivotal changes initiated in the 1960s by Vatican II paints a disturbing picture of decline and corruption. Dr. Paul L. Williams, a self-professed Tridentine or traditionalist Catholic, traces the various factors that have caused the Church to suffer cataclysmic losses in all aspects of its life and worship in recent decades. Williams illustrates the decline with telling statistics showing the stark difference between the robust number of clergy members, parishes, schools, and active church-going Catholics in 1965 versus the comparatively paltry number today.

The author is highly critical of Popes Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis for steering the church so far away from its traditional teachings and for a lack of oversight that allowed corruption to fester. Symptomatic of this failure of leadership are the recent pedophilia scandals, the ongoing financial corruption, a gay prostitution ring inside the Vatican, and criminal investigations of connections between the Holy See and organized crime.

This unflinching critique from a devoted, lifelong Catholic is a wakeup call to all Catholics to restore their church to its former levels of moral leadership and influence. –

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9 comments on “Kwasniewski and White on the True Nature of the Crisis in the Church

  1. If the Sodomite Heretics , Canonize. The Sodomite Heritic Alyinskite, Montini ,it is a sign the Good Lord has left The Building! This abomination flies in the Face of all that is Good and Holy ! It shows the depths of degradation that the Catholic Church has fallen to ! There is no way one can spin this travesty as something positive!

  2. Here is what should happen: it should be a goal in EVERY diocese to have 50% of the seminarian students in every seminary to be heterosexuals studying and preparing to become deacons, canon lawyers, theologians, and religion teachers for Catholic high schools and colleges. The person in charge of supervising seminarians should be a heterosexual married deacon with full authority and jurisdiction to dismiss any seminarian found guilty of sodomy. In every diocese there should be a married, heterosexual canon lawyer in charge of a review board which adjudicates allegations brought against priests. The auxiliary bishop in every archdiocese should be a married heterosexual canon lawyer and/or theologian. In any diocese where a qualified normal heterosexual priest cannot be found to be bishop, a heterosexual married theologian or canon lawyer should become the bishop of the diocese until this mess is cleaned up.

    There MUST be checks and balances within the leadership structure of the Church staffed by heterosexual, married laymen, deacons, or canon lawyers to prevent any resurgence of the Lavender mafia and their perverse criminal syndicalism dominating the Catholic Church ever again.

    • Bishops, auxiliary or otherwise, may not be married. They may be widowers but never married while serving as a bishop – such as Henry Edward Manning, a contemporary of John Henry Cardinal Newman and similar to him, a convert to the Catholic Church through the Oxford Movement; previous to that, he had been a married Anglican clergyman whose wife died, leaving him childless, and who subsequently became a Catholic and rose through the ranks of Holy Orders to become the second Primate Archbishop (and later Cardinal) of Westminster.

  3. “”Here is what should happen: it should be a goal in EVERY diocese to have 50% of the seminarian students in every seminary to be heterosexuals studying and preparing to become deacons, canon lawyers, theologians, and religion teachers for Catholic high schools and colleges. ” With all due respect I believe the goal should be 100% not 50. The question would be how is this determined?

  4. That should have read heterosexual laymen (either married, engaged, or planning to get married) studying to be married deacons, canon lawyers, or theologians. If it was certain that half of the students at a seminary were married heterosexual laymen that would put some pressure on any Lavender mafia types to either leave or keep their agenda in check. Something HAS to be done to end the homosexualization of the Church and hierarchy (which is at present destroying the Catholic Church and its credibility).

    Likewise, each bishop should be assigned an administrative assistant who is a married heterosexual deacon/canon lawyer with whom the bishop is required to work. That will end homo cabals controlling chanceries with an ability to cover up.

  5. All background check methods should be used, including polygraphs and medical tests for hepatitis or HIV. It has to be a rigorous system for weeding out perverts. Obviously, it won’t be 100% effective, just as the FBI and CIA are vulnerable to criminals and hostile agents infiltrating. But it must be tried. There has to be an appeal process in the event someone is falsely accused.

    There also has to be a method for keeping track of the whereabouts of priests on weekend nights to prevent clubbing at gay bars. There should be some kind of security surveillance of rectories with a check-in card, spot checks by security personnel, or assigning priests to attend diocesan meetings on weekend nights with a sign-in check list for verification. If there is a security system to prevent clubbing at gay bars on weekend nights, that will discourage perverts from infiltrating the priesthood. It may be tough at first, but the clergy scandals have cost the Church THREE BILLION DOLLARS and done a lot of personal damage to innocent victims.

    The faithful need to know and be sure that their priests are not perverts. If someone has a better idea how to do this, speak your mind.

    For a period of time during this reform and rebuilding of the Church it may be necessary to appoint married heterosexual deacons as bishops.

    • HowlinglyAbsurd says:

      [T]he clergy scandals have cost the Church THREE BILLION DOLLARS …

      IMHO closer to $4 billion when you include the legal fees for the Church’s lawyers (they don’t come cheap at $100-200 per hour but at the standard $500-1000) and increased premiums for insurance covering payment for settlements (the more you use it, the more you pay in premiums; and if you use it too much, you may lose it, in which case you have to make payments out of your own pocket – or rather, the pockets of your pewsitters)! Also IMHO $1 billion of that $3 billion has gone to those plaintiffs’ lawyers who take such cases on 1/3 to 1/2 contingency fee of any cash settlement!

  6. The real cost in spiritual terms and cultural capital is incalculable. A few years back a Catholic high school (around 90 years old) in our diocese was closed for a deficit of around $650K by one of the clerical modernists since implicated in covering up clergy sex abuse. Two or three families’ vacation homes could have kept that high school open. So three to four billion dollars…How much was lost in Catholic school scholarship funds? How many parishes had to be closed (or were never opened)? How many Catholic school teachers went on welfare or had to seek employment elsewhere? For what? Sodomy. Same-sex anal sex. And some pervy feels and gropes. Pathetic.

    These perverts are pathetic.

  7. I always thought it was very suspicious why the archdiocese did very little to try to save a storied Catholic high school almost a century old. Now we have some hints why:

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