Time for Another Cardinal to Resign: O’Malley’s Double Standard

Time for Another Cardinal to Resign: O’Malley’s Double Standard

en.news – 8/21/18

Boston Cardinal O’Malley who presents himself as the big abuse inquisitor, admitted on Monday that he ignored a letter detailing abuses committed by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

This came more than a month after it became known that in 2015, New York Father Boniface Ramsey had written a letter to him about Cardinal McCarrick’s homosexual abuses.

The Boston Cardinal denied having known anything about these abuses or about the Ramsey letter which was “handled by a staff member”. At the time, McCarrick was an influential liberal who had the support of Pope Francis and the anti-Church media.

Now O’Malley apologised to Ramsey “for not having responded to him in an appropriate way”.

But O’Malley’s apology is senseless because Francis claimed on August 20 that “no effort to beg pardon and to seek to repair the harm done will ever be sufficient”.

For similar failures, O’Malley has been a vocal supporter for the resignation of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Archbishop John Niensted or for Kansas-Saint Joseph Bishop Robert Finn.

Now, it is time for him to follow his own principles and to resign.

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