Pro-sodomite archbishop to investigate sodomite scandal in the US!?

Pro-sodomite archbishop to investigate sodomite scandal in the US[!?]

“The Vatican’s most respected sex crimes expert” (Associated Press) or the USCCCP’s preferred whitewasher? – AQ Tom]

De Profundis via Gloria.TV – 8/18/18

[That] Scicluna, a pro-sodomite marriage bishop from Malta, should look into the crisis[!?]
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2 comments on “Pro-sodomite archbishop to investigate sodomite scandal in the US!?

  1. The equivalent of appointing Count Dracula as Exec. VP of the Red Cross Blood Bank?

  2. Worrying Abuse Allegations in Scicluna’s Backyard

    Mark Lambert – August 18, 2018

    There are questions closer to home which should merit Scicluna’s careful attention:


    The prelate on the left with the cope is Monsignor Joseph Bezzina from the Diocese of Gozo, the man in the middle is the bishop of Gozo, Mario Grech.

    Bezzina has a string of accusations against him regarding predation on pubescent boys, allegations from which he has been shielded by Grech, indeed the dossier on the allegations has disappeared all together apparently.

    Grech has form, he failed to carry out the Vatican’s order to defrock Dominic Camilleri – who was found guilty by an administrative and penal tribunal within the Malta diocese in 2003. However as late as September 2015 he was reported to still be saying Mass in a private chapel and presenting himself as a priest.

    Bishop Grech’s lack of action in this worrying case has led to Gozitan clergy writing to Pope Francis calling for a Vatican investigation of Grech’s ‘professional misconduct’– and there can be no dount that the incident raises uncomfortable questions that need to be answered. So far the Gozo Curia has consistently deferred such questions citing “confidentiality”; but this has only flung open the floodgates of speculation, giving rise to rumours that Camilleri may be blackmailing the Gozo bishop with threats of incriminating revelations concerning other priests.

    This is a worrying pattern that is very familiar and, the present climate might afford us as a Church the clear-sightedness to look at such reports again with clearer vision and address these shortcomings sooner rather than later!

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