[Two down (Cardinals O’Malley and Wuerl) and five to go (three cardinals – Madariaga, Tobin and Farrell – and two Jesuits – James Martin and Jorge Bergoglio a.k.a. FrankenPope)! – AQ Tom]


[“Bye, bye, Dublin”]
by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •  •  August 18, 2018

Follows news that publisher has canceled publication of Wuerl’s book [See LaDonna Cardinal’s book (with foreword by USCCCP Cardinal-President DiNardo) that will never see the light of day – AQ Tom]

DUBLIN ( – Cardinal Donald Wuerl has withdrawn from the World Meeting of Families in Dublin.The Irish Times has confirmed that the embattled cardinal-archbishop of Washington, D.C., who was scheduled to give a keynote talk Wednesday titled “The Welfare of the Family is Decisive for the Future of the World,” will not be attending the event, where Pope Francis will make a visit. The archdiocese offered no reason for his withdrawal.

The news comes one day after his publisher announced it was cancelling its plans to publish the cardinal’s forthcoming book, What Do You Want to Know?

Wuerl has come under withering criticism after the Pennsylvania grand jury report, released Tuesday, exposed Wuerl’s practice of reassigning and transferring homosexual predator priests when he was bishop of Pittsburgh from 1988–2006.

One priest, Fr. George Zirwas, who was involved in a child porn ring that involved sadomasochistic acts performed on teen altar boys plied with drugs and alcohol and passed around among four Pittsburgh priests for sex, was given hush money by Wuerl in 1996 in exchange for his silence on priestly criminal sex abuse.

At his death in 2001 (Zirwas was murdered in Havana, Cuba by a gay prostitute he had picked up the night before), Wuerl gave him a priest’s funeral, with another bishop and 21 priests attending, where he praised Zirwas for his “kindness” and assured those in attendance that the priest was in Heaven.

Church Militant reported Thursday that the archdiocese has secured Jones Day, an elite Washington law firm that costs $50,000–$70,000 on retainer per month, to defend Wuerl in the face of public attacks. The archdiocese is not answering Church Militant’s questions as to where it is getting the money to pay for the costly representation.

In light of the damning Pennsylvania grand jury report, which exposed 301 predator priests and religious in six dioceses, the New York attorney general, Barbara Underwood, is also outlining plans to launch her own grand jury investigation into Catholic dioceses in New York. The Nebraska attorney general, in direct response to concerns about homosexual predation at a seminary in the diocese of Lincoln, has also put out public calls for individuals harassed by Catholic clerics to come forward.

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  1. Wonder: Do these investigations also investgate the Eastern Rite parishes? In a Greek Melkite church I met an openly gay “altar” boy last month. In a “Byzantine Albanian” community some years back, I met a gay organist [no pun intended]. In a diocesan synod in 2008, I met many dissident supporters of Women’s ordination – and a bishop who believed all religions were equal and loved John Paul IIs Ecumenism, saying that JP2 was much better than the “teaching of Benedict XVI”. At the same synod, a priest challenged me when I argued that helping others needs to be in the name of Christ and the Church.

    • In view of grand juries convened by AGs in various states, presumably yes for Eastern Catholic churches that have dioceses or archdioceses in those states that convene such juries.

      What about a jury in one state finding records of clerical abuse and/or episcopal coverup solely in another state, because some Eastern Catholic (arch)dioceses cover more than one state of the entire country? Presumably as a matter of courtesy, a grand jury in one state would turn such records over to the grand juries in other states or AGs in those states that have no juries investigating that matter.

      I have heard rumors (some very credible) and seen testimony (including self admission) of such activity in Eastern Catholic churches. The major source is AbuseTracker/Bishop Accountability, which includes all religions but especially Catholicism because (as the largest religion in America) of the great number of such incidents and the large amount of publicity of such by a predominantly anti-Catholic media. Another source is “a resource for survivors of abuse in the Eastern Rite churches, both Orthodox and Catholic.”

  2. [He is withdrawing more and more (no pun intended): When will he withdraw from Washington and the cardinalate?]

    From Second Cardinal (Wuerl) Withdraws From World Meeting of Families ( – 8/19/18):

    On August 18 Wuerl withdrew from presiding the installation mass for Father Kevin Regan, the new parish-priest at St John Neumann parish in Gaithersburg (August 19).

    This is the parish where in February 2012 Wuerl fired Father Marcel Guarnizo, then parochial vicar at St John Neumann, because Guarnizo quietly denied communion to a woman who had introduced him to her female lover before a funeral mass.

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