Inquisition Edition! (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Inquisition Edition!

Your Catholic Week in Review – 8/17/18

Coincidence, perhaps?The Holy Office was disbanded and reformed in 1965, just about the same time as these homosexual priests were being ordained in the West.

For all the chit-chat about the expense of such operations as the Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference, wouldn’t it be nice if — rather than dispensing contraceptives and abortifacients around the world in direct opposition to the Magisterium — the Vatican chose to take the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and restore it to its former mission as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office?

That was the title that Pope Saint Pius X gave to what was supposed to be a refocused and re-energized Inquisition in 1908, one forged to tackle the presence of modernism inside the Church.

A mere 50 years after the abandonment of the Holy Office and in the wake of the “spirit of Vatican II,” how have faithful lay Catholics been rewarded?

  • Vocations down in the United States, Latin America, and Western Europe,
  • Seminaries closing,
  • Parishes shuttered,
  • Schools consolidated or closed in once thriving parishes,
  • Cafeteria-style Catholicism imposed,
  • The liturgy debased and driving folks away from the Church,
  • Homosexual priests running rampant,
  • Homosexual bishops appointing and defending homosexual priests,
  • Homosexual spiritual directors driving out good priestly formation,
  • The USCCB unwilling to stand firm against abortion, but more than happy to protect trees,
  • The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) subsidizing the likes of Saul Alinsky — the man who fostered the likes of Barack Obama,
  • Our very own Catholic Relief Services (CRS) taking men like Cardinal Theodore “Teddy” McCarrick on junkets while allowing him to serve 18 years on their board,
  • Appointing the same McCarrick to “clean up” the mess of homosexual priests preying on teenage boys in 2002,
  • …and then promoting the very same Velvet Mafia to positions of power as a reward for helping in the cover up.

Meanwhile, faithful Catholics have to travel for miles in order to find a Mass that is offered in a spirit of reverence.  Holiness takes a second seat to inclusiveness.  Catholics who have been taught to live the Gospel fearlessly are now told that doing so can be construed as a hate crime.

Defending the Magisterium becomes — in the words of Fr. James Martin SJ — an exercise in “anti-sodomite bigotry” (his words).

Part of the problem is this.

These bad bishops come to be appointed when the Vatican is given a list of proposed candidates by the USCCB themselves — pre-investigated and certainly OK’d by prelates such as Dolan, O’Malley, Cupich, Wuerl, and McCarrick.

The papal nuncio transmits these names to the Vatican and a perfunctory investigation is done, and no small wonder why nothing is ever uncovered. McCarrick and his cabal of hand-picked bishops and bureaucrats have already covered their tracks.  Any “dirty hands” are washed clean, those who helped with the cover up are rewarded with preferment.

One has to ask how was Pope John Paul II to know otherwise?  Pope Benedict XVI?  Even Francis would have been blind… or at the very least, had the plausible deniability to say that the Vatican never knew.

Yet as we learned with the homosexual priest scandal in Chile, of course the Vatican knows.  Just before Pope Benedict XVI resigned, he was handed the dossier on the Velvet Mafia — a term the homosexual bishops themselves use to define their own ranks!

Thousands upon thousands of lay Catholics and faithful priests, bishops, seminarians, and those turned away from the priesthood for their “rigidity” and fidelity to the Magisterium have been warning those in positions of influence for decades.

…and protecting homosexual clergy was more important than defending the Catholic Faith.

I’m sure you are reading the news regarding the Mueller investigation of possible collusion with the Russian government.

Consider for a moment that CRS itself spends billions of dollars within its budget… and consider that with just a mere fraction of that money, we could hire the Mueller investigators 10 times over to root out the corruption and rot within the USCCB — bishops, seminaries, colleges, charities and bureaucrats alike!

There has been a lot of talk about “lay run investigations” into the homosexual priest crisis, but one has to worry that this effort will simply become another means for the current set of enablers to whitewash the past in hopes of capturing the future.

My suggestion?  Bring back the Holy Office and start doing some inquisitive research into what is actually going on.  Start demanding answers, and hold the US bishops accountable by demanding the same solutions implemented in Chile — resignations.

Hiring public relations firms, holding “Masses of Atonement” (for whom? the laity doesn’t need to atone… the bishops and bureaucrats do!) and hoping this will all be prayed away is the wrong solution.

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus said it best.  The cure for the crisis is simple: fidelity, fidelity, fidelity. If there is to be an investigation, let’s return to the wisdom of what Pope Saint Pius X offered and do some serious introspection and housecleaning… not the same veneer used in 2002.

You may have noticed that you are seeing a lot more of me on the Catholic media circuit, and there’s a good reason why.  I have been asked to be the spokesman for an effort to push those responsible for the homosexual clergy crisis to step down and resign called Complicit Clergy.

Visit their website by clicking here and take a look at just a handful of the research we have gathered over the last few weeks.

This week, Lepanto staff started combing through Cardinal McCarrick’s relationships with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the stories we are focused on at the moment are disturbing to say the least.

CRS partners such as Oxfam were mired in illicit behavior and caught back in 2015.  One is forced to raise the question as to what McCarrick’s travel itinerary consisted of, who traveled with him, whom did McCarrick interact with while overseas, and whether the opportunity to interact with children or teenagers (supervised or otherwise) existed?

The fact is that well over a dozen Catholic prelates personally knew about McCarrick’s predilections yet did nothing.  CRS knew about McCarrick’s appetite for young men as well — most everyone close to McCarrick did, but were either shamed or bullied into saying nothing.

…and now we know why.

How are we to trust CRS when it issues denials about these relationships with the culture of death when it is run by bishops who promote and protect their abusive and deviant brothers?  There is a culture of corruption that is becoming evident and this MUST be addressed before true reform can take place and trust can be reestablished.

Don’t tell us.  Show us how the problem is being fixed.

Until then, we have words… and then we have actions.  The actions CRS and other so-called Catholic organizations continues to smack of a silent war waged against the Magisterium, but a very active one against the victims of behavior that is both a moral crime and a pernicious sort of scandal that wounds the Body of Christ.  In fact, it is worse — it is a form of sacrilege that deeply offends and grievously wounds the Church.

We are done with excuses.  The Body of Christ deserves charity, not lukewarm complacency.

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