Wherein Fr. Z offers one of the hardest posts he has ever written

Wherein Fr. Z offers one of the hardest posts he has ever written

This foreword was written after I wrote the rest, as forewords usually are.  This is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written.  It was physically uncomfortable to hack this out, and I had to stop several times and walk around before taking up the sword again.  I suppose I will hesitate a few times and pray a bit before I hit that PUBLISH button.

One of our comments, under another post, mentions the website of a priest, Fr. Edwin Palka, who explains why some priests have not blown the whistle on homosexual priests and homosexual priest predators.  Frankly, his post put some steel into my fingers.

Priests can set discouraging examples for their brethren.  They can also set good example for encouragement.

What he wrote is grisly.  It is also true.   He opens the Ugly Box to let a little purifying sunshine in.  I will do the same, and in the same vein.

Folks, I know that you are really angry.  The depth of ugly you see in the news is often not nearly as deep as the ugly that some priests see.  You are surely and rightly angry.  Do you think that we priests are not?

I have to remind myself that when Our Lord cursed the fig tree before His Passion, that wasn’t the model that we priests should employ when it comes to homosexual predator priests.

And let’s be clear.  This scandal is about HOMOSEXUALITY.

Some of these homosexual predators are, I think, possessed.   Think about it.  If you know anything about demonic activity, and this is something that lay people should not get too involved with, then you know that certain demons specialize in certain kinds of sins.  They will attach themselves like spiritual lampreys to the souls of people who commit them and also to the places where the sins were committed.  Once a demon gets hold, they claim the right to be there, until the layers of their connection are broken one by one.  That’s what exorcism rites do: they break the legalistic claims of the Enemy to be there.

Homosexual sins are particularly grave and their demonic force is concomitantly vile.  And these sins also involve the young or those who are subject to the authority or power of the predator.  Millstones are not enough.   If you wonder about the Lord and capital punishment, HE spoke of the millstone before the Church did.

That’s the supernatural side.  There is also the natural side.  It seems to me that men with these strong disordered inclinations don’t… how to put this… act like other men.  They think differently, they work out differences differently.  I know, I know.  But that’s my sense of things.  It’s hard to articulate.

To explain another issue, I have a couple of anecdotes.

First, way back when, as a seminarian, I remember the pastor of my parish telling us young guys not to write our name in our breviaries or prayer books.  He explained that were we to lose the book, someone could claim that it was found in a “house of assignation”.   Some of the guys thought that was funny.  I didn’t.  My folks were cops.  I grew up hearing about and seeing photos of the ugliest human circumstances imaginable. I figured out “blackmail” and “compromise” waaaaay back.   Also, if you talk to cops who have been on the job for a while, they will confirm that male on male “violence” is among the worst that they see.  Ask cops if you know any pretty well.  Ask ER docs and nurses what they see come in and how it was inflicted.   Here’s a not so little factoid for you: In Italian, a derogatory term for a homosexual male is “froccio”, which etymologically comes from Latin ferox, “savage”.  Are all that way?  No.  Of course not.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who are.

Next, still as a seminarian, over breakfast a then-auxiliary bishop told me that when he reported on something to the archbishop, he was shut down: “If I know about it, I might have to do something about it!”  Then the auxiliary said, “Remember, John, there are old women of both sexes.”  That would be confirmed countless times in the next years.  When I went to the seminary rector to complain about the things I was hearing through the walls, their treatment of me only worsened and I got thrown out the second time.  That’s how I got to Rome.

In Rome, because I was in the unusual position of curial work and seminary, because of my youth, etc., I was subtly warned of certain well-placed people who would offer this or that, to open this door, to invite into that circle, to climb more quickly, to gain some favors, etc.  I was being warned, mainly, about two groups, the Mafia and homosexuals.  Both groups – along with Masons, but I think they were in both these other tribes – wanted insiders, and I was perceived at the time as having the potential to be advanced.  Sure enough, every once in a while I would get an invitation, a gift out of the blue, a strong suggestion that X might be a good choice to get ahead.  Years later I read of one of them, a gentiluomo di Sua Santità, found tied up with his head bashed in and homosexual porno video in the VCR.  I had met him at the Lateran University, where he for some reason was taking courses along with the seminarians.  My “gaydar” is strong, so this guy didn’t get far with me.  But some of my classmates….

As a priest, I quickly figured out that, if you were on the wrong side of things, you would be subtly and not so subtly targeted for persecution, of course, but also for compromise, be it homosexual, heterosexual, money, drugs, ambition, whatever your weakness might be.  They would set honey traps for you.

If you think about it, if you try to think like the Enemy, doesn’t that make sense?  If you can’t get someone to join you in your slime, but you suspect he has your number, you try to get something on him.  Many years ago now, a woman told me about a meeting she went to of some pro-choice feminist organization or other.  She said that one of the things they talked about, after the more public meeting was over, was figuring out which one of them could target for seduction certain priests in the diocese who were overtly preaching against contraception and abortion.  One of them would do it or they could hire hookers and set honey traps.

It’s classic spycraft, really.  Compromise the guy to shut him up.

The problem is, most priests are compassionate guys who, when faced with a woman in distress, might let their guard down.   Face facts.  Women, who are wired in certain ways, think differently than men.  They can wrap guys around their lipstick case if they aren’t wary, and men often are not wary enough.   Some tears and a little GBH can work wonders on the naive.  That technique goes for the “gay” predators as well. This is one reason why I think that homosexual predators of young men think differently, apart from the help of the demons in their heads.

Also, as a priest, there are the truly sacrilegious ways that some of these agents of Hell will work to shut up priests who don’t and won’t putt from the ruff.  They use the Seal of the confessional against the solid non-queer priest confessor.  They go to confession to a good confessor to bind him by the Seal.  Of course that is pretty underhanded, satanic even.  It is a horrible sacrilege.  A lot of good priests know that if they hear something in the confessional they must never ever talk about it.  They don’t know what to do, and, in prudence, they clam up about their brethren.  This is one reason why the Church’s law discourages a superior of hearing the confessions of those under his authority.

I know guys who simply couldn’t take it anymore and quit.   There have been moments when I’ve thought about it myself.  But then my cold Prussian fury and stubbornness flares and, I’m sure, the grace to stick it out for whatever I am destined to do or endure.

Dear readers… this is all out war.   It is war on every level, human and supernatural.   The Enemy of the soul is a really good general, a relentless and malevolent tactician of destruction of souls and long view strategist   The Enemy preys on human weakness.  War is horrible, vicious and seriously ugly.  Spiritual war is worse than material.

Even now, I was texting with a friend about this new wave of dreck.  He wrote:

These bastards have not only violated countless innocents and stained the Catholic name. They have set in motion the process that will lead good men to suffer greatly to defend celibacy and the seal of confession. It would be so easy to feed a few certified perverts to the secular justice and gain time to ascertain the facts on all others. Because, make no mistake, innocents will be accused and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to talk about burden of the proof without accusations of cover up. Innocents will have again to pay the price of reform the hard way.

They will show good will by targeting the good guys. They’ll find a degenerate in an otherwise sound group and, there, fixed!

The media, and of course bishops, are downplaying the distinctive tract of all these stories, the vice of most offenders. CNN even presents it with a pic of a woman crying.

It will be again a case of white heterosexual Christian men raping women and even when boys are involved it will be only because of a) power b) celibacy 3) culture of secrecy protecting power via seal of confession.

Which is in fact what happened, only it’s the sodomite modus operandi to protect themselves and strengthen their grip over power positions within the Church.

As I have written before, I do not buy the claims that a high number of priests are homosexual.  But I do indeed buy that that percentage is higher among those who have power.  The Boys Club perpetuated itself by grooming with preferential treatment of certain likely fellows.  They made sure that they went to Rome, which could help a future career, or they got the chance at higher studies, the key role in the chancery, the roles that would be good on the CV when it was time to submit a terna.   Mind you, that wasn’t all bishops or seminarians or priests.  Don’t look cross-eyed at a guy sent to Rome.  These days, I am sure that in the vast majority of cases, its because the guy has potential to serve the Church well and that’s the best place to realize the potential.

Do not.. do NOT.. slip into the trap that I see in news stories and fuming posts with sloppy language about how, “These bishops and priests!  They all failed us!”   No.  They did not all fail you.  Some did.  They’re failures were galactic and all priests are suffering the fallout.  But don’t turn your wrath and blame on every priest and bishop.  That would surely make the Devil grin.  That’s the objective, after all.  Through some attack them all.

Tables are turning on Satan’s plans.  However, when you wonder about all this stuff going on, remember that the Enemy plays the long game.

Your calls for short term retribution or for instant action etc. will have their own repercussions down the road.  For example, even as many people call for the resignation and removal of this or that bishop, cardinal, etc., keep in mind that there is only one guy, in the human sphere, who signs off on the new bishops and cardinals.  Try to picture the results over time if you get what you ask for.

Finally, please take this to heart. 

This is a primarily a supernatural battle that is being fought right now.  The bloody trenches and killing alleys are directly through the ranks of the Church’s priests, and they directly involve matters intimately tied into the very center of the Church’s core, priesthood and sacraments like Penance.

No priest, no Eucharist, no Church.

This war involves human weakness, identity perversion, and also demonic possession.  Hence, our response has to involve all of these dimensions.

Priests and bishops….  

Please start saying Masses and having devotions for reparation and for deliverance from the assaults of the Enemy.  We have tried and true spiritual weapons, if only we would dust them off, polish them up, and use them.   Enough of this mealy-mouthed excuse making and temporizing.  Enough of this rubbish about all the really important things that fill the clerical day, like committees and meetings.   If you are going to have a meeting, meet about how we have to do reparation, who will be unlocking the church for Exposition and Rosaries and Novena and CONFESSIONS.

Priests and bishops, for the love of all that is Holy, use your mighty spiritual weapons given by Orders and Holy Church’s own authoritative, tried and true Tradition.

And, I’ll say it again and again and again… the Devil HATES LATIN.   Let’s stop fooling around.  Put the .22 long rifle away and start with the .50 cal already.  The time for the MaDeuce of our sacred liturgical worship is NOW.  Extraordinary Form, brothers.  Stop fooling around.  If you Latins out there don’t know and can’t use your whole Latin Rite, then.. who the hell are you, anyway?  C’mon guys!

Meanwhile, I am implementing the personal plan I’ve been cobbling together from my convictions, experiences, resolves.  I have to be willing to stay on the Cross.  Please pray for me that I will stay up there.  In spite of my weakness, as a sinner among sinners, I will do my best to adapt, improvise and overcome the obstacles that I am sure will now hammer on me for this post.

You can send me email about this and I might post some of it.  But the combox is CLOSED.

Mary, Queen of the Clergy, protect me and my brethren.  If the hour of the Chalice is upon us, ask your Son the High Priest to make our wristbones strong for the nail, our footbones strong for the spike.  As crowned Queen of Angels, bid for us mighty helpers from the celestial choirs, who know God’s will for us even as they contemplate God’s face.  As Virgin Theotokos, tell Joseph your most chaste spouse which priests need his most urgent aid.  How can he refuse your request to show himself, their Terror, to those demons who beset your sons, your priests and bishops?  New Eve Queen, place your foot over the feet of your priests that they will trample the nahash in the vineyard and in their lonely oilpress gardens. Put your maternal hand on their shoulder as they unworthily stumble along, sinners, in their daily calvaries. Mary, Queen of the Clergy, protect me and my brethren.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary…

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5 comments on “Wherein Fr. Z offers one of the hardest posts he has ever written

  1. Explication de texte: Fr. Z says:

    I do not buy the claims that a high number of priests are homosexual. But I do indeed buy that that percentage is higher among those who have power. The Boys Club perpetuated itself by grooming with preferential treatment of certain likely fellows [and handsomely covering up those who get exposed (excuse the puns)! – AQ Tom].

    Cover-up by Bishops was Exposed in the Diocese of Orlando…and what did they do? … they brazenly dedicated a chapel to him!

    Posted by Susan Matthiesen on THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 2018

    Mr. Tony Maione as he was known in the Diocese of Orlando, FL

    Fr. Tony Maione as he was known in the Diocese of Albany, NY

    Rev Anthony J Maione was a priest in Albany, NY, where he was known as Father Tony Maione, yet in the Diocese of Orlando he was called Mr Tony Maione because no one here knew he was a priest (except the bishop and the DDRE) and where, after his death, Orlando’s own diocesan priests were astonished to learn that Mr Tony Maione had also been a priest, Fr Tony Maione from Albany, NY. Mr Tony Maione was hired by Orlando’s Bishop Norbert Dorsey (d 2013) and Sr Linda Gaupin, DDRE, as Associate Director of Religious Education in charge of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in 2001.

    In 2010, 4 years after his death in 2006, never mentioning that at the time of his death he was known as MR Tony Maione and had been living undercover in the Diocese of Orlando, Bishop Howard Hubbard (retired 2014) of Albany, NY dedicated the new chapel at Saratoga Central Catholic High School to Rev Anthony “Tony” J Maione, “a former campus minister at the school who died in 2006.” Note that Bishop Hubbard does not mention that Fr Tony Maione had died in Orlando known as Mr Tony Maione.

    Below is the article from the 2006 July/August issue #49 of The Orlando Truth exposing the cover-up and lies of both the Albany Diocese and the Orlando Diocese who were complicit in shuttling a possible predator priest and lying about his history – a prime example of the homosexual network(s) currently running the American Catholic Church of which the now disgraced ex-Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick is a member (no pun intended) destroying the faith of the laity and integrity of the Catholic Church.

    SECRECY and COVER-UP: Business as Usual for the Chancery in the Catholic Diocese of Orlando

    The Diocese of Orlando once again proved itself unworthy of being a vehicle for transmitting the Word of God to Central Florida. Against Vatican directives on the Rescript of Laicization (that is if he was laicized), the Diocese willfully hired Fr. Anthony (Tony) Maione for the position of Associate Director of Religious Education in charge of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. In Orlando where Fr Maione was known as and referred to as Mr Tony Maione, he served as chief assistant to Sr. Linda Gaupin, the Diocesan Director of Religious Education at the Orlando Chancery. He also taught at Bishop Moore High School in Orlando. (As a result of faulty doctrinal teaching, a young friend of Fr/Mr Tony’s referred to Jesus Christ as “HIM/HER”.)

    Yet his personal credentials were seriously flawed and shrouded with mystery and secrecy. These disqualifying personal credentials of Tony Maione were obviously known to Bishop Norbert Dorsey (Bishop of Orlando 1990-2004, d. 2013) who initially employed him, and to Bishop Thomas Wenski (Coadjutor Bishop of Orlando 2003-2004, Bishop of Orlando 2004-2010, currently Archbishop of Miami) who continued Maione’s services, which became clear when their cover-up was exposed at Tony Maione’s untimely death on May 23rd (2006) at age 48.

    The glowing obituaries of Fr/Mr Tony Maione that appeared both on the Diocese of Orlando’s website and in the Florida Catholic newspaper, as well as Bishop Wenski’s homily at Tony’s Memorial Mass (also on the Diocesan website), consistently referred to the deceased as Mr Tony Maione, never as Fr Tony Maione, a priest or ex-priest. This important information about his background was omitted, hidden from view, and never mentioned even once in any of the formal Orlando Diocesan notices surrounding his death.

    This Diocesan cover-up was exposed, when other obituaries in leading publications specifically referred to the fact that Maione had been ordained as a priest and served in that capacity for at least 15 years in the Bishop Hubbard’s Diocese of Albany, New York, since his ordination in 1985. Consider that:

    ~The Orlando Sentinel newspaper published an obituary that printed obituary emails referring to the deceased as Fr Tony, yet the Orlando Diocesan obituary did not print any emails referring to the deceased as Fr Tony until AFTER The Orlando Truth notified Bishop Wenski that we knew that Mr Tony Maione was actually Fr Tony Maione who was an ex-priest or still was a priest at the time of his death. The fact that no Orlando Catholics referred to Tony as FATHER Tony proves that the cover-up by the Orlando Chancery was successful.

    ~The Evangelist, Bishop Howard Hubbard’s official publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York, titled its obituary in bold letters as: Rev Anthony Maione, (age) 48. This obituary stated: “Father Maione once wrote an opinion piece…Father Maione died May 23rd at the age of 48…Father Maione had begun his ministry working with youth…(Father Maione) served at several parishes in the Albany Diocese…Father Maione also faced challenges…Father Maione believed that his life was an adventure…”

    However, the Diocese of Orlando is persisting, even after Maione’s death, in making no reference to his priesthood. On page 6 of the Florida Catholic newspaper’s June 9 (2006) issue, a detailed list of Maione’s educational record was presented, along with various religious programs Mr Maione initiated in the Diocese of Albany and in the Diocese of Orlando. The Orlando Chancery had to know that he was a priest. They KNEW and they HID that fact. WHY? Was it because they did not want his Church-financed education to go to waste? Or was it because Maione was a staunch dissenting progressive Catholic active on the gay scene and very much in tune with the religious educational policies of his immediate supervisor, Sr Linda Gaupin, and the bishops for whom she worked?

    This is how the sex scandals started. The American bishops moved sex abusers around, hid the facts, lied to the people, then turned around and blamed it on the laity so that the laity have mandatory fingerprinting to secure employment within the Diocese to protect their own children! It is impossible to believe that the Diocese of Orlando either did not request a background check on Maione or was unaware that Maione was a priest.

    How did FATHER Tony Maione leave Albany, NY in 1999 and, after a brief layover of 2 years in the Diocese of St. Augustine, end up as MISTER Tony Maione in Orlando in 2001, just before the sex abuse scandals broke in 2002? The highlights of his official priestly background are readily available, and summarized below. Since anyone can easily obtain this information from printed sources, it’s deceptive that the Orlando Diocese continues to pretend ignorance of these crystal clear facts.

    Bishop Howard James Hubbard,
    of the Roman Catholic Diocese
    of Albany, makes his way to
    Saratoga Central Catholic High
    School after Mass Thursday
    afternoon before blessing a new
    chapel in honor of the
    Rev. Anthony “Tony” J. Maione,
    a former campus minister
    at the school who died in 2006.
    (ERICA MILLER, The Saratogian)


    1957 – Born on Long Island, NY

    1985 – Ordained at age 27, after completing the seminary in Washington, D.C.

    1986 through 1992 (age 28 through 35) – specific assignments within the Diocese of Albany, NY, including associate pastor in various parishes, and also member of the faculty of Saratoga Central High School.

    1993 through 1998 (ages 36 through 41) – removed from specific pastoral assignments, and placed on “Special Assignment” with no specifics. This part of his career becomes increasingly clouded with a significant lack of information. Was Maione involved in a sexual scandal? Credible allegations to that effect have been made.

    According to John A. Aretakis, a prominent Albany, NY attorney, a boy whom Aretakis represents has made a legal claim against Father Anthony Maione. Aretakis claims the boy knew Father Anthony Maione died of HIV and is petrified to have that stigma. Aretakis further claims that other priests, one who died at age 52, are among several Albany diocesan priests who have the disease in Bishop Hubbard’s troubled diocese.

    As a result, it is not unreasonable to suggest that Father Anthony Maione also died of AIDS, considering his young age at death, and his previous association with several similarly diseased priests. (For further reading on the Diocese of Albany’s problems with Bishop Hubbard, his priests, and the vast homosexual network in the American Catholic Church, order Agony in Albany from Roman Catholic Faithful, rcf.org.) The Diocese of Albany printed that Father Tony had a “rare neurological condition known as Ramsay-Hunt syndrome” but not that he had necessarily died from it, since, unfortunately for that theory, practically no one dies from Ramsay- Hunt Syndrome. The Orlando Diocesan newspaper does not mention how he died.

    1999 through 2001 (ages 42 through 44) — at St. Peter’s Parish in Saratoga Springs, Sacramental Minister at Skidmore College, and Chaplain at Samaritan Hospital in Albany.

    2001 through 2006 (ages 44 through 48) — on official leave of absence from Albany Diocese. Then assisting in the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida in an unspecified capacity for about 2 years, before being employed by the Diocese of Orlando.

    The numerous shifting assignments, and long periods of unidentified assignments do not instill confidence in the personal record of Fr/Mr Maione. Rather it is logical to infer that the reverse is true, namely, that there was a serious problem with the background of Maione, which disqualified him from employment within our Diocese. If this were not the case, there would have been no reason to have secretly hidden the fact of Maione’s ordination to the priesthood in his obituary on Orlando’s Diocesan website and in the Florida Catholic newspaper.

    Moreover, he may well have been an ex-priest, having been formally laicized for serious personal infractions during his priestly career. Interestingly, Bishop Wenski, during his homily at Maione’s Memorial Mass, said “Tony never betrayed the trust that Bishop Dorsey placed in him.” In other words, this means they knew the facts, but nevertheless placed their trust in him anyway. Indeed, he did not cause a scandal here – at least until he died when it came to light that the Orlando Diocese had hired a credibly accused sex abuser from Albany, NY, and placed him in charge of Orlando’s Youth Ministries to guide our children and young adults.

    Their glorification of Maione does not pass the smell test. The homosexual network sees him as a martyr for dying of AIDS. They adjust the words as needed, but they must honor him – and they did so by dedicating Saratoga Central Catholic High School’s new chapel to him in 2010.

  2. First, my sincere apologies to Father John Zuhlsdorf for everything I have, over the past 11 years, expressed online that was derisive, offensive to respect due him as a priest and as a consequence of my merely “intellectual disagreements” with certain statements he made in his posts.
    I won’t bother trying to explain away whatever I posted. I can be a real brat at times and there are countless times others who have read my lame “humorous” remarks who can readily attest to that self-description.
    Second, I promise to try to make some small reparation for those and countless other offenses, not a few of which were far more serious than engaging in unfair characterizations, by praying on behalf of Father and ALL of God’s dedicated and selfless, heroic priests to Notre Dame du Clerge with as much fervor as I hope to offer as penance for every last sin I have ever commited, and for the divine assistance to ever be with Father Zuhlsdorf and his brother priests.
    I am deeply touched by Father’s words and take every word he wrote to heart. May Almighty God strengthen him and all good priests and may He forgive me all my sins.

  3. Quote: “Some of these homosexual predators are, I think, possessed. Think about it. If you know anything about demonic activity, and this is something that lay people should not get too involved with, then you know that certain demons specialize in certain kinds of sins. They will attach themselves like spiritual lampreys to the souls of people who commit them and also to the places where the sins were committed. Once a demon gets hold, they claim the right to be there…”

    Yes. The phenomenon is demonic and diabolical (the infiltration of the Church by homosexualist predators and their modernist heretic and anti-Catholic secret society enablers and handlers). Keep in mind, liberal homosexuals who pretend to be priests are enablers of liberal pro-abortion politicians, with whom they are in a political alliance.

    A sex pervert who participates in a sacrilegious ordination ceremony to impersonate a Catholic priest for the purposes of concealing a life of perversion and sex crimes or to advance the anti-Catholic political agenda of LGBT ideology and lifestyle, who repeatedly engages in sexual perversion, and who persists in the sacrilege of pretending to be a Catholic priest and using the office of the priesthood sacrilegiously to advance the homosexual lifestyle and to steal church funds to live in luxury, runs the risk of becoming possessed, since they have already enslaved themselves to being a pawn of the Devil.

    Now that just concerns the role of homosexual sex perverts. But they work in concert with modernist heretics promoting situation ethics, liberal pro-abortion politicians, and occult
    anti-Catholic secret societies engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church to make way for the totalitarian dictatorship of global Malthusian socialism and coercive population control. Behind all of this is Satan himself. He uses each of the prongs of his pitchfork – homosexual modernist heretics, Communists, and anti-Catholic secret societies to carve up the Church and humanity.

    This is real. It is a real conspiracy which has infiltrated the Church, including cardinals in the hierarchy. The current pope is a useful idiot and puppet of this. A modernist clown, buffoonish, slightly deranged, crazy, and senile, but still a dangerous modernist heretic, given over entirely to dissembling modernist situation ethics. Modernist clowns can do a LOT of damage to the Church. Just look at McCarrick and the Weakland types. Look at how much this scandal will cost Wuerl and the Washington archdiocese, playing legal defense and PR games, instead of naming and confronting the elephant in the room (which everyone can see now, except complete idiots and morons).

    The Illuminati want the Church weakened to remove it as any kind of opponent to their Orwellian agenda – totalitarian global socialism and coercive Malthusian population control.
    Will Pennsylvania’s Attorney General launch a dragnet to go after NAMBLA? No.

  4. It is worse though. The timing of the release of the report (in Pa.) during Lammastide of the occult/pagan calendar, during the season of Lammas, is itself a ritual. It is designed to trigger despair and is targeted at Catholics. There are still two weeks left for this pagan harvest ritual fest. Watch for more weirdness.

  5. Hang in there Fr. Z and remember that we are all under attack but those who trust in God will never be disappointed. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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