Pagan Symbol On Frankenpope’s Liturgical Vestments

Pagan Symbol On FrankenPope’s Liturgical Vestments

[Was the one on the right designed to be worn by Uncle Ted McCarrick (who will not be there) or by one of his “nephews” (Cardinal Wuerl or Farrell or Tobin)? – AQ Tom] – 8/16/18

The Mass vestments for Pope Francis’ upcoming Dublin World Meeting of Families (August 22-26) feature a triple spiral.

Father Damian McNeice, the master of ceremonies for the event confirmed on (August 15) that the symbolism draws from “Celtic imagery”. Spirals can be found on many ancient stones and monuments of Ireland’s past.

McNeice claims that the pre-Christian symbol also represents the Holy Trinity.

For the mass-distribution of Communion during Francis’ Mass, 4,000 ciboria and 200 chalices have been produced.

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4 comments on “Pagan Symbol On Frankenpope’s Liturgical Vestments

  1. Actually, they are Super Villain Costumes. Father Evil. Father heretic. Apostate Man [with no symbol on chest].

  2. [Fr. Z thinks the whole lot is degenerate!]

    Yeahhh… this is exactly the right time to dress our clergy in pastels.

    Posted on 16 August 2018 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    The Devil always tells us openly what he is up to. Italians are really good at this sort of pithy wisdom. Like…

    Il diavolo non può nascondere la coda.

    The Devil can’t hide his tail.

    I wonder how obtuse are the people organizing the World Family meeting in Ireland truly are.

    Frankly, the meeting ought to be rescheduled. At the very least, certain homosexualist activists should not be speaking there.

    Now I see the design for the designer vestments for the Masses there.




    I get the interlocking Celtic swirl thing. Fine.

    Unfortunately, I also think I get the colors.

    In front of the entire world – including Ireland, if anyone there still pays attention to the Church – let’s put our top shelf prelates in … what the hell color is that anyway?… breath mint green?

    Pastels? I thought pastels were sooooo twenty-seventeen.

    How tone deaf are these people?

    Or, is this an example of what I was talking about before.

  3. HIDEOUS about SYMBOL on pastel vestments for World Meeting of Families in Dublin @WMOF2018

    Posted on 18 August 2018 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    The other day I posted – [see above] – about the truly weird vestments designed for the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Dublin.

    At first, I objected to the impression given by the pastel colors chosen.

    It seems to me that, in Ireland and in this time of renewed clerical crisis, this is NOT the best choice. In fact, it is completely tone deaf.

    Or is it?

    Then the comments started coming in about the symbols on the vestments. “Maybe, so, maybe not,” I thought.

    But wait. There’s more.

    I got an email from a reader who said that the swirly symbol is quite like the – blech blech blech – symbol used on the flag – even they have a flag – of the BDSM types (Bondage Discipline Sado-Masochism).


    I had also posted about the Italian proverb that, “Il diavolo non può nascondere le corna… The Devil can’t hide his horns.”

    In fact, the Devil doesn’t want to hide them.

    The Devil always tells us what he is up to, if we are paying attention.

    Start adding up all the things going on.

    I have to ask…


  4. When I go deep into a wilderness area, I always bring Bear Spray, and a 10mm Glock or 44 magnum. I suggest bringing these items to the World Meeting of Families in case you meet anyone dressed in these druid outfits or have a Martin SJ sighting. Might bring extra Bear Spray for it looks like Trolls and Druids will be plentiful !

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